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Payment Processing CBT
Lesson: Quick Reference Guide to Forms
Forms used in payment processing
The tables show a quick view of forms and processes applicable to student payment processing
and the purpose of each. The forms are categorized as Setup, Processing, Review and Query,
and Reports and Processes

Setup forms
Use this table as a guide to the setup forms

Form Purpose
Student Billing Control determine the flow of information and the operation of
(TSACTRL) Student Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Billing enter the parameters for the operation and process control of
Control (TGACTRL) Accounts Receivable at your institution
Detail Code Control - Student define detail codes used throughout Accounts Receivable
Term-Based Designator establish the relationship between term codes and term-based
Rules (TSATBDS) designators
Deposit Detail Control establish the detail codes which may be used as deposit detail
(TGADEPC) codes on the Account Detail Form (TSADETL) and the
Billing Mass Data Entry Form (TSAMASS)
Contract Authorization establish third party contract authorizations for student
(TSACONT) accounts
Exemption Authorization establish exemption authorizations for student accounts
Installment Plan Code define the characteristics and default entry information for
Control (TSAISTC) loans and time payments for the institution
Automated Installment Plan create rules that automatically assign a student to an
Assignment Rules installment plan for a given term
Automated Installment Plan define variables used to calculate the installment principal
Rules (TSAISTR) amount
Returned Check Code define the detail charge codes used to reinstate a charge paid
Control (TGARETC) by a returned check, and define whether a penalty charge
should be assessed for a returned check
Payment Processing CBT
Lesson: Quick Reference Guide to Forms
Processing forms
Use this table as a guide to the processing forms

Form Purpose
Student Payment • record payments
(TSASPAY) • determine the current status of a student’s account
• indicate that the student will be attending by accepting
Account Detail Review - • enter and review transactions such as adding charges
Student (TSAAREV) and/or payments
• see a one-line view of each transaction (but less detail than
• process returned checks
Billing Mass Data Entry - enter charges and payments en masse
Student (TSAMASS)
Application Distribution of distribute a payment to multiple charges either as a single or a
Single Payment (TSAADSP) split payment
Student Account Detail • enter charges, payments, deposits, and memo items
(TSADETL) • see more detail on a transaction
• perform supervisor adjustments
• research detail items and enter information for an account
• process returned checks
Installment Plan - Student • add installment plans manually to a student’s account
(TSAISTL) • delete assignment of automated installment plans
Installment Plan Payment • assign a student to an installment plan based on rules
Amount (TSAISTP) defined on the Automated Installment Plan Assignment
Rules Form (TSAISTA)
• calculate installment plan transactions based on rules
defined on the Automated Installment Plan Assignment
Rules Form (TSAISTA)
• view installment plan payments based on rules defined on
the Installment Plan Payment Rules Form (TSAISTR)
Student Unapplication of unapply payment(s) for a specific transaction number, term, or
Payment (TSAUNAP) effective date
Mass Unapplication -Student • view a list of records pending unapplication for students
(TSAMUNA) with records in the collector table (TBRRQST) after the
Unapplication of Payment Process (TGRUNAP) has been
run in Select mode
• add records or remove records without unapplying them
Payment Processing CBT
Lesson: Quick Reference Guide to Forms
Review and query forms
Use the table as a guide to the review and query forms

Form Purpose
Account Detail Review view detail information about the account transactions in a
(TSAAREV) one-line format
Student Account Detail see additional information displayed, such as transaction text,
(TSADETL) billing date, due date, invoice number, and cross-reference
information from third-party billing and exemptions
Customer Service Inquiry access, in a centralized location, Student-related and Accounts
(TSICSRV) Receivable-related information
Application of Payment view results for each account after running the Application of
Query (TSIAPPL) Payment Batch Process (TGRAPPL)
Student Payment Detail review the transactions on a student's account by term
Account Review - Student review and maintain information about a specified account
Account Detail Query query all records in the Account Charge/Payment Detail Table
Payment Processing CBT
Lesson: Quick Reference Guide to Forms
Reports and processes
Use the table as a guide to the reports and processes

Process or Report Purpose
Assign Installment Plans assign students to an installment plan in batch
Create Installment create the installment plan transactions for a number of
Transaction (TSPISTT) students
Student Statement Billing • calculate and apply credits for contracts, exemptions, and
(TSRCBIL) deposits
• print the student's charges and payments without updating
the account
• update the account with billed and due dates, apply
credits, and begin the aging process
• disburse non-Banner financial aid to accounts
Third Party Billing Statement • release credits (contracts and exemptions) to a student's
(TSRTBIL) account
• apply deposits to third parties’ accounts
• bill third parties
Application of Payment • apply payments to charges based on system and user-
(TGRAPPL) defined priorities
• determine which payments apply to which charges
• decide the order in which payments should be used and
charges should be paid
Unapplication of Payment unapply previously applied payments

Lesson: Quick Reference Guide to Forms Forms used in payment processing The tables show a quick view of forms and processes applicable to student payment processing and the purpose …

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