Questionnaire Participant Information Sheet

Questionnaire participant information sheet

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Questionnaire Participant Information Sheet
Who can take part?
If you are a female stoma bag wearer, and you are 18 years of age or over, then you
can complete this questionnaire

Why take part?
The aim of the research is to collect opinions on swimming and swimwear from
female stoma bag wearers. The reason for this is so that the researcher can develop
a swimsuit to cater for the needs of female stoma bag wearer. This will hopefully
improve the swimwear options available to female stoma bag wearers in the future

How long will the questionnaire take?
The time spent to complete the questionnaire is up to you. There are some very
quick short questions and some which take a little more time and thought to
complete. Please answer all questions applicable to you, however if there are any
questions you do not wish to answer just leave them blank

What happens after I’ve agreed to complete a questionnaire?
After reading this information sheet you can accept the question “do you consent to
this questionnaire?” at the beginning of the questionnaire and continue to complete

What about my privacy and confidentiality?
All questionnaires will be completed anonymously; the researcher will not know who
has completed each questionnaire. The research will only be seen by the researcher
and her project tutors

The responses you provide may be used in the researchers final year dissertation,
direct quotes may be taken from the material but will remain completely anonymous

All information collected from you will be destroyed within 18 months of the research
taking place, with the exception of the facts printed

At the end of the questionnaire there is a question that asks whether you would mind
the researcher following-up the responses you provide. This would be done by
asking further questions sent by email. If you don’t mind me doing this, please tick
the box and add your name and email address. Otherwise, just leave it blank

If I agree to complete a questionnaire now, can I change my mind?
Yes you are able to withdraw from the questionnaire at any time throughout
completion. Simply do not submit the questionnaire and shut down your web
browser. You free to return and complete the questionnaire at any time

Who developed this questionnaire?
This questionnaire has been developed by Michelle Dobson, a final year Fashion
Technology BSc student from De Montfort University, Leicester. The questionnaire
has been developed to provide background and scope for her dissertation project

Who has reviewed the questionnaire?
The questionnaire has been reviewed by De Montfort University’s Ethics Committee

How will I be able to get in touch with the researcher?
The researcher is contactable via email at [email protected]
If you have any further questions about anything to do with the questionnaire please
feel free to contact the researcher

Date: 30th November 2012

After reading this information sheet you can accept the question “do you consent to this questionnaire?” at the beginning of the questionnaire and continue to complete it. What about …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a participant information sheet and consent form?

The participant information sheet is the document that explains the research project to potential participants and invites their participation. It is a key mechanism for ensuring that consent is active, informed and voluntary. The consent form is the document on which participants give their written consent to take part in the research.

What is the purpose of the participant information sheet?

The participant Information Sheet gives potential participants the necessary understanding for the motivation and procedures of the study and sources of information to answer any further questions to allow them to give informed consent.

How do institutions approach the creation of participation information sheets?

To make sure that no doubts exist in the minds of participants, institutions approach the creation of the information sheet by explaining the purpose of the research and go on to explain the implications that the research may have on the participants. A traditional participation information sheet usually covers the following sections:

What are participation sheets in qualitative research?

Usually, qualitative research is conducted on adults who belong to the non-vulnerable populations are comfortable in dealing with non-sensitive topics. And the participation sheets are fashioned in a manner to suit such needs.