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Quality assurance and surveillance plan qasp

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USAID Zambia – Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems (ANHS)
March 1, 2019 (DRAFT)
Submission Date: March 1, 2019
Task Order AID-OAA-I-15-00051; Award No: 72061119F00001
Submitted by: Angela O’Byrne, FAIA, Acting Chief of Party
Perez, APC
2525 Burgundy St

New Orleans, LA 70117
Tel: +1 (504) 584-5100
[email protected]
This document was produced for review by the United States Agency for International
Development Zambia. It was prepared by Perez for the USAID Zambia Advancing Newborn
Healthcare Systems Activity, Task Order number AID-OAA-I-15-00051/72061119F00001 under
the USAID Global Architect-Engineer Services II, IDIQ (A&E II IDIQ)

Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 1
March 1, 2019
Ms. Musonda Musonda
Contracting Officer’s Representative
USAID / Zambia
P. O. Box 320065
Lusaka, Zambia
Re: USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems (ANHS), Contract No. AID-OAA-
Dear Ms. Musonda,
Perez APC is pleased to submit the attached draft Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan for the
referenced Task Order under the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Global
Architecture and Engineering II Infrastructure Services Contract No. AID-OAA-I-15-

This ANHS-specific plan is submitted to assist USAID with better understanding of the Perez APC
internal monitoring systems that will ensure high quality deliverables and performance under this Task

We look forward to your review and approval of this document

Perez, A Professional Corporation
Angela O’Byrne, President
Acting COP
cc: Jessica Faber, Contracting Officer
Kayt Erdahl, Deputy Health Office Chief
Masuka Musumali, ACOR
Schachibonde Kasanda, A&A Specialist
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
PLAN (Draft)
Contract No. AID-OAA-I-15-00051/72061119F00001
March 1, 2019
This report was made possible by the United States Agency for International Development, and the
generous support of the American People through USAID Contract No. AID-OAA-I-15-
00051/FRTOP 72061119f00001, USAID| Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems (ANHS)
Principal Contacts:
Angela O’Byrne, FAIA Satish Menon, PE
President ANHS Chief of Party
Perez, APC Perez APC
New Orleans, LA Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +1 (504) 584-5100, x1002 Tel: +260 961 873 575
[email protected]
Mark Clayton
Sr. Project Manager
Perez, APC
New Orleans, LA
Tel: +1 (504) 584 5100, x1016
[email protected]
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 i
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
1.0 INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................ 1
2.0 PURPOSE OF THE QUALITY ASSURANCE SURVEILLANCE PLAN.................................. 1
3.0 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES .................................................................................................... 2
4.0 PERFORMANCE METRICS ............................................................................................................. 2
5.1 Quality Assurance Plan and Construction Oversight Manual............................................ 4
6.0 MONITORING AND EVALUATION .......................................................................................... 5
7.0 ASSESSMENT OF TASK ORDER RISK ........................................................................................ 5
8.0 APPENDIX .......................................................................................................................................... 5
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 ii
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
ANHS Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
A&E Architectural and Engineering
CD Calendar Day
COP Chief of Party
CO Contracting Officer
COR Contracting Officer’s Representative
HC Health Center
HO Home Office (Perez APC, New Orleans, Louisiana)
IDIQ Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (Contract)
MCR Minor Change Request
NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
TO Task Order
PBWS Performance Based Work Statement
QASP Quality Assurance and Surveillance Plan
WD Work Day
RFI Request for Information
SAC Surveillance Activity Checklists
USAID United States Agency for International Development
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 iii
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Advancing Newborn Healthcare
Systems (ANHS) activity, Contract No. AID-OAA-I-15-00051/72061119F00001 Task Order Number
72061119R00001 supports USAID/Zambia with its implementation of infrastructure projects by providing
services spanning the full lifecycle of infrastructure projects including management services, assessment
and feasibility, design services, pre-construction services, and construction phase services. ANHS is
intended to improve the quality of USAID/Zambia health infrastructure projects while controlling for costs
and schedules

This Performance-Based Quality Assurance and Surveillance Plan (QASP) has been developed pursuant to
the requirements of the Task Order, Section F – Reports and Deliverables or Outputs. This plan sets
forth procedures and guidelines that both USAID and Perez APC will use in monitoring timeliness and
quality of deliverables and will encourage maximum performance, efficiencies and cost effectiveness by
Perez APC. Table A provides a listing of the Task Order Performance Metrics to be employed during the
performance of this Activity and includes the methods that Perez will use when monitoring our
performance under this contract

This QASP aligns with the Task Order Performance Based Work Statement (PBWS) and is intended to
identify the acceptable level of quality for each deliverable identified in Table B. It will demonstrate how
Perez APC will manage our performance and risk throughout the life of the Task Order. More specifically,
the QASP is intended to accomplish the following:
 Define the roles and responsibilities of Perez APC management and staff;
 Define the required deliverables along with acceptable quality level (as approved by USAID);
 Document the evaluation methods that will be employed by Perez APC in assessing our
 Describe the process of performance documentation;
 Define how risk will be identified monitored and addressed; and
 Outline quality assurance procedures to be employed by the Perez APC during performance of
this task order

Perez APC acknowledges the overall roles of the Contracting Officer and the Contracting Officer’s
Representative however, this QASP is based on the premise that Perez APC is taking responsibility for
managing and ensuring that quality controls meet the terms of the Task Order. We understand that
USAID will regularly oversee quality management and Perez APC will regularly follow-up with the COR
to review progress and outcome. This plan is a living document and may be modified during the life of the
Task Order and, at a minimum, will be reviewed for needed update annually

Appendix A provides an overview of the Perez APC organization supporting this Task Order, both in the
corporate office and in the Lusaka project office. Key roles in implementation of this QASP are as follows:
Chief of Party – Overall Task Order Management in Zambia including client communications,
reporting, cost, scope, schedule and quality

 The COP will submit all deliverables to USAID and will report the actual submittal date of
each deliverable in the quarterly report to USAID

Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 1
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
Project Manager – The Perez Home Office liaison for technical, financial and administrative support
to the Chief of Party in the field. Also the PM is the A&E technical lead for Objective 1 design work
performed by the Home Office

 The PM will regularly review all deliverables to verify content, timeliness and the acceptable
level of quality. The PM will consult regularly with the COP regarding overall compliance with
reporting processes

IDIQ Manager – The Perez Home Office Program Manager responsible for overall performance of
work under the A&E IDIQ Contact

 The IDIQ Program Manager, or their designate who is not otherwise directly involved in
management of this Task Order, will confirm implementation of this QASP

Table A provides general guidelines for measuring the effectiveness of submittal and services quality and
timeliness. Table B summarizes the timing requirements for most deliverables - dates not specified in
advance will be as agreed with the COR during implementation. The Table A Performance Metrics are
intended to provide a qualitative means of reasonably judging overall attention to Task Order quality
management and is not intended to direct attention to any specific deliverable or to minor variance due
to reasonably unforeseen circumstances. The metrics provided in Table A cannot predict or include every
circumstance to be measured or judged from the outset of the Task Order. The guidelines may be
augmented or adjusted in consultation with the COR as the work progresses. “Major” submittals are
generally those described in the Task Order Contract. “Minor” submittals are generally those requested
during performance by USAID, Contractors or Partners

Table A – Performance Metrics
Measurement Performance Standard Quality Assurance Level Method of
Reports Submitted on or before No missed submittals during 100% Inspection
the contract or agreed the performance year
due date
Report Accuracy Rejection of Submittal No more than 2 rejected 100% Inspection
documents during the
performance year
A&E Timeliness Major -Submitted Major - No more than 2 late 100% Inspection
within 5 calendar days submittals during the
of the contract or performance year

agreed due date. Minor – No more than 3 late
*Minor – Submitted on submittals during the
or before the agreed performance year

due date

A&E Accuracy Written Modifications; A&E Standard of Care <5% 100% Inspection
Cost or Time cost increase; <10% time
Service RFIs <10wd Less than 5 complaints per 100% Inspection
MCR<10wd performance year
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 2
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
*Minor reports or A&E submittals to be determined when requested by the COR

Table B – List of Deliverables
Type Deliverable Description Date Due or Activity Timing
Report Annual Work Plan Submitted on February 11, 2017
Report Life of Project Work Plan To be submitted March 7, 2019; approved NLT
April 7, 2019
Report Quality Assurance Surveillance To be submitted April 7, 2019
Plan (QASP)
A&E/Major Concept Design: Planning and 30% concept design submitted on May 7, 2019;
Pre-Design Report approved NLT June 7, 2019
A&E/Major Design Packages - TBD Due at 60%, 90%, 100% design progress
A&E /Major Concept Design for Alternative 30% concept design submitted on May 7, 2019;
Energy Systems Planning Report approved NLT June 7, 2019
A&E/Major Design Packages for Alternative Due at 60%, 90%, 100% design progress
Energy Systems
Service Provide Procurement Support Needed after 100% design, until award of
construction contract
Service Provided Quality Assurance and Needed after award of construction contract,
Construction Management until end of POP
Report Weekly Oversight Reports Due weekly during life of construction at each
site at time to be agreed with COR
Report Construction Risks within Health Ongoing for Life of Project
Team Managed and Mitigated
Periodic Progress Reports
Report Quarterly Progress Reports Within 15 days after end of quarter, 4th quarter
reports will be annexed within the annual
Report Annual Progress Reports Within 15 days after end of year
Report Quarterly Financial Reports Within 30 days after end of quarter
Report Quarterly Accruals 15 days prior to end of the USG fiscal year
Other Reports
Report Other Foreign Assistance As directed by COR
A&E STTA consultant reports, Regularly
technical briefs, special and
external reports
Report Portfolio Review Presentations Semi-annual (November/May)
Report Annual Inventory Reports Within 90 days of award and annually
Report Close-Out and Demobilization 180 days prior to award completion date
Report Disposition Plan 90 days prior to award completion date
Report Final Activity Report Submitted 30 days prior to completion date;
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 3
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
approved NLT 30 days after completion date
Report Geographic Data Reporting With Annual Progress Report
The Perez COP will continuously monitor performance of activities against the guidelines provided
in Table A. Any significant variance will be analyzed for root causes and immediately corrected. If
the root cause is determined as beyond the control of the COP, the Perez HO PM will be
consulted and when necessary the COR and/or CO will appropriately notified

The Perez Home Office PM will work with the COP to produce the Quarterly Report including
information about compliance with the Task Order scope, schedule and budget. They will
determine whether additional or specific notice of any kind should be provided to the COR. After
completion of the Quarterly Report, the HO PM and COP will jointly advise the IDIQ Program
Manager regarding overall compliance with the Task Order requirements

The IDIQ Manager will, at a minimum, semi-annually evaluate how well this QASP is being

Perez acknowledges that the Task Order COR may use any or all of the following mechanisms to
monitor our performance under this Task Order:
 Weekly, monthly or periodic progress review meetings

 Feedback and/or edits to scheduled reports or A&E submittals

 Feedback from the Government of Zambia officials or other interested partners or

 Site visits to review construction progress

 Reviews of Work Plan performance milestones

 Periodic Impact Evaluations
5.1 Quality Assurance Plan and Construction Oversight Manual
Perez APC will prepare a Quality Assurance and Construction Oversight Manual (QACOM) for use under
this Task Order that will further define roles and will guide A&E staff in areas such as quality management,
project performance controls, communications, daily monitoring and documentation during the Objective
4 construction phase. With support and oversight by the COP, the Objective 3 and 4 teams will coordinate
to ensure that procurement documents include critical construction period requirements and terms and
conditions including, but not limited to, stakeholder engagement, environmental management, waste
management, health and safety, sexual harassment and discrimination

The QACOM manual described above will define the QA/QC approach and tools to be used by Perez
APC for the NICU and electrification construction activities. In addition to establishing the QA approach,
Perez will determine needs and build local capacity by providing onsite QA/QC and construction
oversight training to our local engineering partners, who will be the on-the-ground support

Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 4
USAID/Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems
The physical nature of infrastructure projects makes direct monitoring of high level activities simple and
obvious. This ANHS Task Order involves the following specific activities:
 Number of “State of the Art” NICU buildings completed

 Number of Health Centers receiving alternative energy sources

 Number of Procurement Processes completed

 Number of Construction Activity Reports Produced

A list of high-level indicators and useful sub-indicators will be developed by Perez and reported quarterly
as additional means of monitoring compliance with the Task Order Scope of Work. Any shift in indicator
quantity expectations outlined at the start of the Task Order will be analyzed and reported to the COR
and CO, when appropriate

Task Order quality management is about fully understanding and following Task Order requirements

Perez will assure quality through early identification and continuous monitoring of risk. The Perez COP
will lead the effort to involve all stake-holders in risk management and response by producing and
maintaining a Risk Register that will be an important part of the overall Quality Assurance surveillance

A. ANHS Organization Chart
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 5
Appedix A - Organization Chart
USAID | Zambia Advancing Newborn Healthcare Systems Organization Chart
Perez APC Perez APC Perez APC Perez APC
A&E IDIQ Manager Chief of Party Home Office PM Home Office Accountant
Angela O'Byrne/Alternate
Satish Menon Mark Clayton Saleem Hirani
Mary Alexander
Build Health Int'l Tetra Tech/ES IMC Worldwide Tetra Tech/GLS
Objective 1 Support Objective 2 Lead Objective 3 Lead Objective 4 Lead
Dr. David Walton Headley Jacobus tbd Tim Michael
Local Engineers HCS Group Fort Hill
Objectives 1, 2 & 3 Objective 1 Civil/ Objective 1 M&E
Support Structural Engineer Engineers
Levi Zulu/Vehdat Alavian Bill Lyons Kent Hornsby
Updated: 2/25/2019
U.S. Embassy
Subdivision 694/Stand 100
Kabulonga, District, Ibex Hill Road
Lusaka, Zambia
Contract. AID-OAA-I 15-00051/72061119F00001 1

2.0 PURPOSE OF THE QUALITY ASSURANCE SURVEILLANCE PLAN This QASP aligns with the Task Order Performance Based Work Statement (PBWS) and is intended to identify the …

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