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Ptgiant transporter indonesia company profile

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Freight Forwarding
Reefer Inter - Island
ISO Tank Export & Import
About Us 2
Freight Forwarder 4
Refrigerated Container 8
ISO Tank 12
Contact Us 17
Since its founding in 2016, PT. Giant Transporter Indonesia has become one
of the fastest-growing companies in the industry in Indonesia

Established with 3 offices in each of the Indonesia main ports: Medan/
Belawan, Surabaya and Jakarta to have the whole coverage of Indonesia. In
accommodating of our outport and inter-island shipments, the local agents
have to pass our rigorous requirement to ensure that they’re reputable and
meet our standard of services. This is how we grow our experience and solid
network to reach each of the islands across Indonesia

PT. Giant Transporter Indonesia has equipped more options and performing
high quality of service in Freight forwarding, Exclusive agent of the number
one - ISO Tank operator in Europe – Bertschi. We are also operating our own
refrigerated container

It’s our privilege to be part of your business and delivering our services as
your partner. No matter for the good or bad time, it’s our call in giving 100%
full support for where we are best in

International Division
We are ready to help for A to Z as your needs export or import goods

Domestic Division
Once we talk the word of “Domestic” for Indonesia, we are talking about the
world’s largest archipelago with its five main islands: Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan,
Sulawesi and Papua with a total sum of 17,508 islands at 735,358 square miles
or 1,904,569 square kilometres

Anyway, Indonesia is our homeland. So no matter whether sea, air and overland
services, we’ll make sure the smooth and cost saving arrangement for your

As mentioned, we have our experience and reliable network to support

Services coverage within our freight forwarding service for both international and
domestic are as follow:
• Sea Freight
• Air Freight
• Trucking
• Custom Clearance
• LCL/Consolidation
• Ware house
“Our main core
liners are
mainly top 15
in the world”
We received two awards from Sealand A Maersk Company No. 1 Biggest liner in
the world due to our extraordinary loading

Our business philosophy is S.P.I.R.I.T
2018 THE
Safety is our top priority
Never give up. Always
Moral Principles and
in delivering services. learn, observe and uprightness as the
execute for better foundation of all aspects
improvement. of the company

Respect Innovative Teamwork
Giving 100% of us to Keep it dynamic and One of our principle,
whoever or whatsoever always improving. TEAM stands for Together
we dealt or worked with. Everyone Achieves More

Teus Gathering our
experiences, skills
and network sincerely
dedicated to YOU

We are 2nd largest customer of Sealand A Maersk Company in Indonesia

Benefit of using our freight forwarder service
One stop and on-point solutions for Experienced staffs in logistic business

Strong bargaining power with
Reachable and responsive team. inter-island/local and international

Strong network as member of Lognet ID no:
ID 114223 / Jakarta, Indonesia (Head Office)
ID 117797 / Medan, Indonesia (Branch Office)
Our 3 Divisions (Freight Forwarder, Reefer, and ISO Tank) are able to serve inter-island ID 117788 / Surabaya, Indonesia (Branch Office)
shipment for you

05 06
The brand of our reefer containers are
Our brand new reefer unit is majority Thermo King

Why we choose Thermo King?
1. Highest Cooling Capacity
- Widest operating temp. range (+300C to -400C)
- Fastest pulldown
- Compensate heat leakage from aging of box isolation

2. Temperature Management
- Tight and accurate temperature control

3. Lower Energy Consumption
Benefit of using our reefer service
Operation team standby All our brand new reefer Two seals application , cable
24/7 to monitor every of units are equipped with GPS and bottle seal come as
goods movement from for better surveillance and standard security of our
point to point. minimize risk. Reefer service

Our brand new reefer unit comes with following facilities as standard:
+300C to -400C
Lamp inside the container for loading & unloading at night time
Strip curtain to prevent cool air going out during activity of loading and unloading
• Trace container location

• Manage setting temperature, defrost & etc via GPS

• Notice of alarm malfunction

• Temperature update (as long as signal AT&T is available)

• Defrost update (as long as signal AT&T is available)

• Auto update and share temperature information during transportation

Bertschi Group
- Founded in 1956
- HQ in Durrenasch, Switzerland
- Family Owned
PT. Giant Transporter Indonesia is appointed by Bertschi Global AG as the
exclusive agent in Indonesia. Our co-operation is aimed for expanding market
share of ISO Tank for both import and export in Indonesia

Cleanflow foot valve manufactured by Fort Valve (FV)
Our Principal/Bertschi AG tank come with superior specification which exceeds the
industry standard and guarantees a high level of safety. ISO Bertschi GL Standard ISO Market Standard
Bertschi Competitors
45°Cleanflow foot valve FV 45°Highlift foot valve FV
Customer value
ISO tank fleets
Design temperature 160˚ C 130˚ C product range
Steam heating coils >50% lower
12 6 or 8
(No.) heating costs
45 o Clean flow High lift Lower cleaning costs
Bottom valve
footvalve footvalve Less waste product
Collapsible hand - No spring inside the tank or product - Spring inside the tank or product
Yes No
rail on top of tank
Improved - No contamination of product - Spring cleaning from the inside
safety - Spring cleaning from the outside - Contamination of product is possible
Fully covered
walking area on Yes No
top of tank
Steam coils dan heating surface
Full walkways & collapsible handrail
ISO Bertschi GL Standard
Heating Surface With
12 Coils => ca. 12 m2
ISO Market Standard
Heating Surface With Risk
6 Coils => ca. 6 m2
8 Coils => ca. 8 m2
ISO Bertschi Global Standard ISO Market Standard
13 14
Benefit of using our principal / Bertschi ISO Tank Service
1. High and proper quality & safety management system, the group wide SHEQ
programme (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality). The SHEQ management
system is based upon certification according to ISO 9001 ; 2008, ISO 14001 ;
2004, ISO 22000 ; 2005 , GMP+B4 , SQAS & CDI

2. ISO Tank availability, up to today, Bertschi has total more than 30,000 tanks
which places our principal as rank no.4 biggest tank operator in the world since
year 2018

3. Bertschi‘ Global Fleet / ISO Tank are more advance and have highest safety
/ quality standards

4. Bertschi Global Network of subsidiaries and local agents enable us to
transport your goods on every continent

5. Skillful & professional team with full dedication put the utmost effort to
ensure no mishandling and deliver best service within costumer satisfaction

We are the best one
stop and on-point
solutions for
Indonesian logistic
Jl. Danau Agung 2 Blok E9 No. 22 C
and We would be a
Head Office Sunter Agung - Jakarta Utara - 14350
great value addition
(+6221) 65308049, (+6221) 65308971 (Hunting)
Jakarta PIC: to your company

Ms. Desi: [email protected]
Ms. Ida: [email protected]
Branch Office
Surabaya Medan / Belawan
Jl. Raya Sukomanunggal Jaya 5 Jl. Brigjen Katamso
Ruko Satelit Town Square Blok D No. 16 Komplek Istana Prima 2 Blok E No.18
Surabaya - 60188, Jawa Timur Medan - 20159, Sumatera Utara
(+6231) 99141888, (+6231) 99149696 (Hunting) (+6261) 4141427, (+6261) 4141428 (Hunting)
Ms. Lisa Chang: [email protected] Ms. Meryana: me[email protected]
Ms. Fitri: [email protected] Ms. Silvia: [email protected]

We are 2nd largest customer of Sealand A Maersk Company in Indonesia. Our business philosophy is S.P.I.R.I.T Safety is our top priority in delivering services. Giving 100% of us to …

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