Provider Enrollment Profile Updates

Provider enrollment profile updates

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Provider Enrollment &
Profile Updates
This webinar will include pertinent
information to discuss details and educate
Providers about provider enrollment,
updating provider information and the
Workers’ Compensation Medical Bill Process
(WCMBP) System

• Enrollment Submissions
• Legacy Provider Registration Process
• Provider Information Updates
• Provider Preparation
Enrollment Submission Methods
Providers that seek reimbursement for services rendered to an OWCP
claimant must be enrolled in order to receive payments. Provider
enrollment applications can be submitted in the following methods:
▪ Direct Data Entry (DDE) online via WCMBP Provider Portal
▪ Paper
Note: During this time, we strongly suggest applications to be submitted electronically via DDE

Enrollment via Direct Data Entry
The Provider Enrollment OWCP 1168 form has been revamped and can be submitted electronically directly into
the WCMBP via Direct Data Entry (DDE). The following enrollment types can be submitted via DDE:
▪ Individual - Any provider who is eligible to receive a Type I National Provider Identifier (NPI) through the
National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). Providers eligible to receive an NPI are those who
deliver medical or health services, and Individuals providing only non-medical services, attendant care, or
personal care services, who do not need an NPI

▪ Group Practice- One or more health care practitioners who practice their profession at a common location
and have formed a partnership or corporation. These entities have a Type II National Provider Identifier (NPI)
from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES)

▪ Billing Agent/Clearinghouse - Any third-party entity submitting health care or service bills on behalf of a
health care provider or entity to the OWCP programs for reimbursement

Enrollment via Direct Data Entry Cont

The following enrollment types can be submitted via DDE:
▪ Facility/Agency/Organization/Institution - An Inpatient or Outpatient Hospital, a Skilled Nursing Facility,
an Intermediate Care Facility, a Clinic (RHC, FQHC, Hospital Based Clinic, Urgent Care), a Psychiatric Facility, a
Mental Institution, a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier, a Free Standing Ambulatory Surgical Center, a
Long Term Care Facility, an Independent Clinical Laboratory, a Free Standing Radiology, a Dialysis Center, a
Pharmacy, a Partnership, and a Corporation. In addition, you must also be eligible to receive and currently
possess, a Type II National Provider Identifier, available through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration
System (NPPES)

Accessing OWCP Connect via the WCMBP Portal
On April 27, 2020, go to
1. Click Provider
2. Click Get Started
Accessing the WCMBP System for New Providers
Providers will need to first register with OWCP Connect before starting a new enrollment or accessing the new

OWCP Connect is the mechanism by which all users are authenticated

Begin Registration Link
On the OWCP
Connect page,
there are 2 links to
begin the
process. You can
click on either link

OWCP Connect Registration
1. Please enter required information
(Name and Email address)

2. A message will populate to notify
you that the email you are entering is
available or already linked to an
existing user account

3. Enter result of the addition problem
from the image

4. Click Next

OWCP Connect Registration
5. Once the validation is completed, enter a password and
retype the password to confirm the password

6. Click Next

Note: Password Criteria should be:
• at least 8 characters long,
• include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and
a special character

By clicking the “Next” button, providers will be taken to the
security image page where they must select an image and
create a “Key Phrase”

OWCP Connect Registration
7. Select a security image, enter a
key phrase

8. Click Next

10. Enter the required information, including the OWCP Provider ID, Temporary ID, Temporary Key, and SSN/Tax ID. Note: You can find your OWCP Provider ID and Temporary ID in your …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provider enrollment?

Provider Enrollment is comprised of three business teams, Plan and Provider Enrollment and Outreach, Provider Eligibility and Compliance, and Provider Business Module Management.

How do i enroll in indiana health coverage programs without the portal?

Providers who choose not to use the Portal must complete an Indiana Health Coverage Programs Enrollment and Profile Maintenance Packet (IHCP provider packet) to enroll, add a service location, report a change of ownership, revalidate, or update certain provider profile information.

What can i do to update my mnits enrollment information?

As a registered MN–ITS user, you can: It is the responsibility of the provider to keep all enrollment information updated. Report any changes and updated information to your enrollment application by submitting a change request through MPSE or fax the following form appropriate to your practice:

What is the new provider enrollment portal apep?

AHCCCS also launched the new Provider Enrollment Portal, APEP. After implementing APEP in August 2020, AHCCCS asked providers to “re-register.” All active providers were asked to create an account in APEP and confirm the data converted into the new portal is accurate and current.