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Powerpoint presentation bandhan wedding

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Bandhan Wedding
Your Dream Wedding Planner
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Surprisingly passionate about weddings
S “Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth ”
S Come let Bandhan Wedding plan your special day with
immaculate planning and endeavor

S Spectacular venue and lavish theme of heavenly proportion in
a majestic settings

S Sumptuous, mouthwatering, superb and delicious cuisine

S What ever your needs we may be able to accommodate

Wedding Planner and Consultant
S Bandhan Wedding's ethos is that each wedding celebration must be
unique and utterly distinctive. You may have a traditional or
contemporary approach. Before our team plan your wedding, we
will want to get to know you - your character, your likes, your
dislikes, your style and taste, and even your quirks; in essence a true
Wedding Consultant approach essential to achieving the perfect
working relationship. The final result – an occasion that will surpass
everything you ever dared dream of. A day that will embody style
and elegance - a celebration so sensational that it will never be
forgotten by you or your guests

Wedding Catering
The Perfect Wedding Caterers
S It's got to be the most perfect day – from the most beautiful invite, to the most breathtaking venue, the fairytale dress, and of
course delicious food and drink. Whatever you want from your wedding day, Bandhan Catering have it covered

S When you combine the cooking talent of our team of chefs, with the locally sourced produce and enthusiasm of our staff, you
are guaranteed that Bandhan Catering will help ensure that your wedding day will exceed all your expectations

S If you're looking for an extra special venue, Bandhan Catering are pleased to be associated with several superb private venues

To have a look at the venues please click here: Insert link to 'Venues' page

S We respect your religious views, what ever your requirements we can fulfill

S We are certified and approved by HMC all meat is 100% HALLAL
S Our chef is Award winning Master chef of India with many years of experience in Indian cuisine

S Our staff are trained in Health and Hygiene together with first Aid and certified by the food standard Agency
S Our chef is 5 star Award Winner
Event Management
Management and Planning
S The Bandhan Company are consummate professionals handling every
aspect of your event from booking venues to our superb cuisine

S We are passionate about how events we organize should run - from the
first meeting with a client to a consultative debriefing post-event. Our
team is a highly skilled and cohesive group that is dedicated to
providing high quality service to meet all our client’s needs

S Our Corporate Management Services are designed to support &
contribute towards our clients' aspirations & objectives. We actively
strive to understand individual needs & requirements enabling us to
deliver beyond expectations

Event Management
Management and Planning
S Our Services
S access to a range of prestigious venues
S co-ordination and management of external service providers
S development of customized menus and wine lists
S floor managing corporate events
S provision & serving of beautifully prepared, delicious food and drink
S provision of experienced & well trained staff
About Us
What we do
S Established in 2000, The Bandhan Catering
Company specializes in on-site corporate, private
and wedding catering. Our years of experience
allow us to create an event that will delight your
guests and let you relax and enjoy your special
occasion. We offer personalised service and as the
owners of the company, are involved in all facets
of the business

S We have a wealth of experience in event
management and all aspect of wedding planning

S Look no further and book an appointment for a
Slide show no obligation consultation

S For further information please contact us

What we do
S What We Do
S At Bandhan Catering we take pride in offering the
highest standard of gastronomy. All our menus are based
on both traditional and popular dishes: freshly made and
using the finest of ingredients. We can adapt our menus
to suit your particular occasion and we're always happy
to meet with you to assess and plan your individual
menus utilizing our many years experience

S The Bandhan Catering team will work with you to devise
a menu of your choice and needs. We can offer you a
taster session

S Bandhan Catering offers a personal touch for every
occasion, whether it be a business launch, wedding,
Run slide show of food walima or birthday celebration

S We cater for all occasion. ;;link Menu
Your Precious moments
S Let us capture your beautiful moments
with our professional photography

S Our award winning photographers will
seat with you and plan the photo
sessions and cater for individual needs

S We use the high end professional
equipments, rest assure true
professionalism from our staff. ;;Link to
Photo Gallery
Precious moments captured on moving images
S Extensive experienced videographers
S Fully trained and certified
S Professional equipments used

S Video formats in High definition , DSLR or 3D for full Hollywood
effect choose 25p recording
S Customize your video, choose the right package, from documentary
style video to traditional videography, the choice is yours. ;;;link
Unique Stages
Stages and Mandaps for all occasions
S Bespoke stages, traditional to contemporary
design. ;;link Stage Gallery
S We have an extensive range of ;;link Mehndi
S Wedding stages and Mandaps;; link wedding
S Create your dream themes with collective
Slide show knowledge
S ;;Link Themes
Extensive exclusive menu
S Indian Weddings are known for food,
feast and fun. To throw a grand feast,
the couples and their families have to
decide a fantastic menu including
mouthwatering cuisines. Previously the
family of the bride was entrusted with
the task of arranging for the menu and
other things related with dinning but in
recent times the caterers has emerged
as a facilitators arranging food for
weddings . So think deliberately before
choosing the caterer

Click to download menu

Wedding Catering S It's got to be the most perfect day –from the most beautiful invite, to the most breathtaking venue, the fairytale dress, and of course delicious food and drink. Whatever you …

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