Performance Management In A Covid19 World All Staff

Performance management in a covid19 world all staff

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Performance Management in a Covid‐19
All Staff Guidelines for FY20 Performance
Covid‐19 has impacted our work at Emory in many ways and remains a changing landscape, requiring all
of us to adjust as best we can. We recognize that there are multiple priorities competing for your time,
and participating in your annual performance reviews may not seem as high a priority as it might have
been in years past

Although there is no pool for merit increases this year, a performance review is still important since we
desire everyone in our Emory community to continue to grow and develop, and because other decisions
besides merit increases are based on the annual review (e.g., promotions). Recognition and feedback,
even without a raise, is still motivating and fulfilling, making the evaluation in some ways even more

HR has assembled these guidelines to make the process for this year as easy as possible for all staff at
Emory, as well as to address the change in the work environment that we experienced this year

Suggested Guidelines for Completing Your Self‐Review
Quality is more important than quantity
Some feel the need to write a comprehensive, detailed and thorough document that is voluminous in
length. That is not necessarily the case. For example, while you should substantiate what you say with
specifics, you do not need to cite everything you have done over the past year. Being succinct is
preferred by most, provided it is clear and specific. Also remember:
1. You do not have to write comments for every competency. You can choose to (and is
recommended) but is not required

2. If you are struggling to find the words (i.e. “Writer’s Block”), don’t forget about the behavior
examples provided for each competency. Use the tables located here:‐management/behavioral-examples-non-leader.html
Provide data where possible
When discussing what you achieved for the year, try to provide data to show what you've done. Your
supervisor should know what you have accomplished; but, like all of us, they are human and sometimes
forget. Having numeric results to support your performance examples helps to strengthen what you
assert in your self‐assessment. Sometimes this is not possible so don’t worry – just provide it where you

Share both performance and development
The annual evaluation is typically used as a review of a person’s performance over the last year. While
that is still true this year, don’t forget to share what you’ve done to develop your skills. Perhaps you’ve
taken advantage of training opportunities available online from Learning and Organization Development
during Covid‐19, or the many online courses through LinkedIn Learning. You may have volunteered for
different projects or a‐typical tasks to help others during this time – share both what you did and what
you learned. This will be especially helpful for those who haven’t had much opportunity to work from
home during this time due to the nature of their role. And be honest without being self‐deprecating in
areas where you fell short. Example: instead of saying “I really messed up here…” say “Here is an area I
want to improve in for next year.”
Acknowledge challenges of working in this environment
Covid‐19 continues to be an unprecedented time for everyone. Many have been negatively impacted by
this virus in some way either directly or indirectly. The present and the future is more uncertain than it
has ever been. Sources of stress right now are numerous, and everyone handles stress differently. Your
supervisor has been asked to be mindful of this in his/her comments – it is ok to mention challenges you
have had. Your supervisor should already be aware, but it never hurts to remind him/her

Consider what “good” looks like in this current environment
The “new normal” we are all in also affects what good performance looks like. Some have been able to
rise to the challenge, adapting and creating innovations never before imagined. Others have simply not
had much opportunity to go beyond meeting expectations, which is absolutely fine! This should also be
considered when making your comments. To assist, make sure you review the revised behavior
examples that account for our new working environment, found here:
You should have more time this year
Because there are no merit increases this year, you should have more time to complete your self‐review
compared to previous years. In addition, Central HR will keep the forms open for 6 weeks past the
stated due date on the form. Please try to complete the forms in as timely fashion as possible since the
longer you wait, the shorter the evaluation period will essentially be for the following year

Leader competencies now optional
If you supervise other managers and are at the Director level or above, you currently have review forms
that utilize a new set of “Leader” competencies (
leader-behavioral-examples.html). Given the challenges of this year, you may not feel these are
appropriate. If you deem this to be the case for you, you may discuss this with your supervisor and ask
to have a new form using the manager level competences (the same competencies used last year). Your
supervisor has instructions that explain how to do this, but feel free to notify HR if you need help. Note:
if you did a mid‐year review, this information will not automatically transfer to the new form. You’ll
have to refer to your other form for that information. You may also cut and paste it into your new form

Training will be made available on the above guidelines and general best practices in performance
management (e.g. communication tips, control of bias) as soon as possible

Performance Management in a Covid‐19 World All Staff Guidelines for FY20 Performance Reviews Introduction Covid‐19 has impacted our work at Emory in many ways and remains a …

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