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Online forms crystal practice management

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What Crystal Practice Management offers for online forms when purchased, and with continued
Support & Updates:
NOTE: Online forms are a part of support and updates

1.) Each office must decide on a medical record template to use. This can be changed in the future, but
the online forms MUST mirror the current medical record template. If the medical record is changed in
the future, the online forms may have to be completely redone

2.) Any tabs in the medical record template that are going to be created for the online forms MUST be
100% complete before online forms can be created

3.) It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that offices go live BEFORE having online forms created. The reason for
this is that going live gives the office a chance to test their medical record template and make SURE it is
the one they decide to keep

Online Forms Creation:
1.) We work with a standardized template ‐ We try to make this simple but attractive, and (depending
on the complexity of the office's requests) a reasonable length in order not to discourage patients from
filling out the forms

2.) We do reasonable amounts of editing ‐ This means that we will work up a first draft and then we can
go back and revise any adjustments according to the office's needs. We are always willing to make small
edits when an office needs them, meaning that if an office makes an edit to their medical record
template, they may send us an email requesting the edit be reflected on the online forms

3.) We are able to do basic editing, such as rewording or reformatting, changing fonts and colors, and
adding images or logos. Due to the amount of requests for online forms, any edits beyond this may
require a fee or you may contact your third party web developer to make these changes

4.) Time to completion. We take online form requests as they are received. We cannot put any office
ahead of any other office due to the nature and process of online form creation. We always try to give
an ETA on completion of the forms

5.) The creation of the online forms using standard medical history information is included within the
cost of support and updates. If an office has Crystal create their online forms, then decides to change
their Medical Record template and needs them redone, a fee will be charged depending on the amount
of time needed to recreate the online forms. If the office would like additional tabs added to the forms
after they have been finished, this may also require payment depending on the complexity and size of
the tab. The amount to be charged will be discussed before any modifications are made

Please email onlin[email protected] with any online forms requests or questions

Please include the name of the doctor and your CrystalPM ID number, which can be found by going to
Help and About in Crystal, along with a description of what information you'd like included within your
forms. To expedite the process, please include the two files needed to build your forms as an
attachment in your request email. Instructions on how to create these two files are at the bottom of this

Template Backup:
1. In Crystal, click on the EHR menu
2. Click on "Import templates/med rec utility"
3. Click the big blue button titled "Backup existing templates", then save the file

New Patient WebPage:
1. In Crystal, click on the Patient tab, and open any patient
2. Click on “Import / Export”
3. Click “Export New Patient WebPage”, then save the file

The future, the online forms may have to be completely redone. 2.) Any tabs in the medical record template that are going to be created for the online forms MUST be 100% complete before …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is crystal practice management?

Crystal Practice Management has been custom developed every step of the way for optometry professionals and vision therapists.

Why choose crystal pm?

Crystal PM has integrated insurance claims and patient billing into one of the most comprehensive and easy to use accounting software packages on the market. Patient & Staff Scheduling Our advanced Scheduler enhances the way your office handles appointments.

Why crystal pms advanced scheduler?

Our advanced Scheduler enhances the way your office handles appointments. Maximize speed and efficiency in your office through Crystal PM's Scheduler. Customizable Records Every office is different, and at Crystal we realize that.

Are there any hidden charges with crystal pm?

There are no hidden charges; Crystal PM is a complete and comprehensive software package that has all the features you will need to manage an optometric office.