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Online catalogs provide options american

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Online Catalogs

Provide Options
Hereford producers utilize HerfNet’s online catalog service to reach potential customers

by Leah Bond
n December 2006 the 500th HerfNet
catalog was activated. is an
online marketing service for commercial
and seedstock Hereford producers that has
been available for almost six years

First-time HerfNet users, Jeff, Bonnie and
Justin Reed, owners of Reed Stock Farm in
Hampton, Minn., listed the 500th catalog
for a private-treaty offering of 10 head. They
chose to advertise on HerfNet because it
is reasonably priced and gives them the
opportunity to reach prospective customers
they may not otherwise reach, Justin says

HerfNet was created by the American
Hereford Association (AHA) in 2000
with the purpose of serving as an online
marketing suite geared toward commercial
Hereford producers wanting to advertise
feeder calves, says Stacy Sanders, AHA
records department director. Today HerfNet
marketing options are also available to
Jeff, Bonnie and Justin Reed, owners of Reed Stock Farm in Hampton, Minn., seedstock producers. The Web site has five
listed the 500th HerfNet catalog for a private-treaty offering of 10 head

catalog-listing options — feeder calves,
commercial females, seedstock sales,
Online catalog pricing
Private-treaty catalog Online sale catalog
Initial listing for two months — $20 plus $75 setup fee, plus $2 per lot
$5 per animal. electronic entry or $5 per lot
Includes up to 10 lines (approximately 100 manual entry

words) of introductory comments, seller’s Discounted setup fees
contact details, etc., and up to 50 words of sale for catalogs of 30 or more
notes on each animal. Links will be provided lots — 30-60 lots receive $30
to pedigree and expected progeny difference discount; 60 lots or more
(EPD) details for each animal, obtained directly receive $65 discount

from the Hereford database. Photos are an extra $3 per
Photos and logos are an extra $3 per photo photo if provided in electronic
if provided in electronic format or $10 per photo if format or $10 per photo if image
scanning is required. scanning is required

Renewal of existing listing (unedited) is $10 per Note: For electronic entry rate
month. Changes to existing listing are $5 per animal. to apply, all sale details — lot
Any private-treaty catalogs of 25 or more lots are number, registration number,
eligible for online sale catalog. sale notes and photos — must be provided in compatible
For more information, visit and click on the format via e-mail or CD. Visit and click on the
“List New Cattle” tab and then select “Seedstock Private “List New Cattle” tab and then select “Seedstock Sale Catalog”
Treaty Catalog.” for more information and to download template files. HW
98 HEREFORD WORLD / March 2007
seedstock semen and seedstock
private treaty. Creative Services catalogs online
On average the number of
HerfNet offers producers a profitable complement to
potential customers a producer can
reach by advertising on HerfNet is print forms of advertising

about 3,500, but it depends mostly “There are more and more people getting
on the individual sale, Sanders comfortable with computers and using the
says. Some sale catalogs can have Internet,” says Cleo Shaw, Shaw Cattle Co.,
up to 10,000 “hits” — the number Caldwell, Idaho. “A lot of people go to breed
of times an individual Web site/ association Web sites to search for the data they
catalog is viewed. Private-treaty want or need. HerfNet offers something for the
catalogs usually have fewer hits than commercial cowman and the seedstock producer.”
production sale catalogs because Catalogs produced by Hereford Publications
they have fewer lots for sale. Inc.’s (HPI) Creative Services are posted on HerfNet
Private-treaty catalogs are
and available for
traditionally listed on HerfNet for Creative Services
two months, while most production prospective buyers customers have
sale catalogs will be active for to view before the two online sale
print catalogs arrive book options —
about 90 days prior to the sale date the traditional
and taken off of HerfNet the day in mailboxes, says “searchable”
after the sale. Caryn Vaught, HPI version, left, and
One advantage HerfNet production manager. a downloadable
PDF (portable
has is that it is an affordable Posting catalogs document
alternative for both large and on HerfNet is a free format) below

small producers. Reed Stock Farm service for producers
owns about 40 head of cattle — 35 who have their
registered Herefords — and sells
catalogs produced by
approximately five to six bulls
and 10 females each year through the Creative Services
consignment sales, Justin says. team. Catalogs that
“I felt HerfNet was a very are not produced by
reasonably priced advertising Creative Services may also be
option that has the ability to reach posted online for $100

potential customers all over North Creative Services customers
America,” Justin says. “In just have two online sale book
the short amount of time that it options — the traditional
has been on the Web, the online “searchable” version and
catalog has been good exposure downloadable PDF (portable
for our farm and has generated
document format). To view the
more interest in our program.”
Another advantage that PDF users need Adobe Acrobat
HerfNet has compared to other Reader, which is a free program

forms of advertising is convenience. The online catalogs have
Buyers can easily search for cattle many of the same features
based on expected progeny as print catalogs and have
difference (EPD) criteria, Sanders the option to conduct searches

says. This can be a tremendous Prospective buyers can enter selection criteria and in seconds have a list of
time saver for buyers because they cattle that are best suited for their operation. Catalogs can be searched by
don’t have to flip back and forth lot number, animal name, sire and expected progeny differences (EPD)

through print catalogs to find what HPI will process the catalog information and notify the producer via
they’re looking for

e-mail when it has been posted online

“HerfNet is not meant to act
as a replacement for traditional The online catalogs can include a link to the breeder’s Web site, so
advertising such as print catalogs, prospective buyers can get more information about the farm or ranch

but merely works in addition The PDF version looks exactly like the “printed version” producers receive
to them — in a supplementary in their mailboxes. With this option the entire catalog can be downloaded
fashion,” Sanders says. “Cattle and printed for the buyer to read

cannot be purchased online, so A benefit of the PDF version is that when a producer gets a call a couple
buyers must contact the seller in days before the sale and a prospective buyer wants a catalog the breeder
order to purchase animals.” can direct the buyer to the online version. HW
continued on page 100 .. March 2007 / HEREFORD WORLD 99
...Online Catalogs Provide Options continued from page 99
The Reeds admit that being Feeder calf and commercial information about posting the
able to view catalogs without female catalogs are listed free of catalog. Catalog templates can be
having to call and request them charge; however, some fees are downloaded to aid in developing
from the seller and also having required for seedstock producers the catalog

the ability to research pedigrees wanting to list catalogs; see After filling out the template,
are what they like most about “Online catalog pricing.” producers can save and name
HerfNet. To post a catalog on HerfNet the file by the member account
“The ability to see pictures and producers can go to and number that the catalog will be
evaluate EPDs and performance click on the “List New Cattle” tab. billed. Then they e-mail it to
pedigrees online without having Catalog options are: feeder cattle, [email protected]

to request a catalog and then wait commercial female, seedstock Producers only need to provide
for it to come in the mail is a big sale, seedstock semen or seedstock registration numbers when
advantage for the buyer,” Justin private treaty. submitting data for their catalogs

says. “And being able to research After selecting the type Pedigree and EPD information will
cow families is very important of catalog, producers will be be pulled from the database. HW
when investing in a herd bull, too.” provided with the costs and more
Posting photos and logos
Hereford breeders can add pictures and farm logos to online the owner. To post a picture of an animal that is not listed in
catalogs as well as to any animal in the American Hereford a catalog, the cost is $5 if electronically submitted or $10 if
Association (AHA) database. scanning is required

“We chose to put our ranch brand and select photos Once a photo is uploaded it will remain on the database
online because it is just one more way to advertise and get indefinitely. Multiple photos can be uploaded; if an animal
name recognition,” says Cleo Shaw, Shaw Cattle Co., Caldwell, has more than one photo in the database the most recent will
Idaho. “When someone comes across one of our animals in a be displayed and the other photos can be viewed by clicking
search, the ‘/S’ brand comes up with the pedigree.” on the “View Other Images” link

Producers can post both small and large animal pictures. Farm logos can be displayed for $50 a year. Farm logo
Large photos can only be added if a small photo accompanies; advertisements are similar to Hereford World seedstock
the small photo is used as a link to the large one. directory ads. The only difference is that because of size
Small images should be saved as a “jpeg” file and named limitations, the logos can only contain basic graphic elements
x.jpg, where the x represents the animal’s registration such as initials and brands. Contact information should not
number. Large images should be named x_L.jpg where the be included in logos since full contact information for each
“L” signifies that it is a large picture. Farm logos should be operation is already provided through owner and breeder
saved as a “gif” file and named memb_x_logo.gif, where the x links of each animal

represents the producer’s member number. Please e-mail electronically submitted pictures and
Electronically submitted photos for an online catalog are farm logos to [email protected]. See Table 1 for more
$3 each or $10 to scan a hard copy of the picture. All hard information. HW
copies that are submitted for scanning will be returned to
Table 1: Online graphics
Image Name File type Example Maximum dimensions (pixels)
Member logo Memb_x_logo gif Memb_7017597_logo.gif 110 x 110
(x = member number)
Small animal image x.jpg jpeg 19310583.jpg 220 x 160
(x = registration number)
Large animal image x_L.jpg jpeg 19310583_L.jpg 750 x 575
(x = registration number)
Note: Logos look best when made with transparent background. The maximum file dimensions must be adhered to. Some images will be
impossible to fit in these dimensions (particularly if the photo is shot vertically, rather than horizontally), but every attempt will be made to allow the
images to be used. However, no guarantees can be made regarding usage

100 HEREFORD WORLD / March 2007

Team. Catalogs that are not produced by Creative Services may also be posted online for $100. Creative Services customers have two online sale book options — the traditional “searchable” …

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