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Reporting Month: _________________________ Year: __________________
Church Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
City: _____________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _____________
Senior Pastor: _________________________ Head of Elder: _____________________
1. Membership
a. Started membership: ______________ families ____________ people
b. Present membership: ______________ families ____________ people
2. Attendance Wk. #1 Wk. #2 Wk. #3 Wk. #4 Wk. #5
S. School ______ ______ ______ ______ _______
S. Worship ______ ______ ______ ______ _______
Mid. Week ______ ______ ______ ______ _______
Other _______ ______ ______ ______ _______
3. Visitors
a. Local people: _____________ persons
b. Out of town people: ________ persons
c. Total of visitors for this month: _________ persons
d. How did you follow up the local visitors? ____ in person _____ phone
___ letter
4. Membership Visitation
a. Total regular visits by pastor/elders: ___________ times
b. Other visits (party or hospital): _________ times
5. Membership Growth
a. New conversion: ___________ persons
b. New members transferring from C&MA church: ___________ persons
c. New members transferring from other denominations: ________ persons
d. Number of baptism: _________ persons
e. Number of moving out: ______ persons
f. Number of new born: ________ persons
g. Number of deceased: ________ persons
6. Financial Growth
a. The previous balance $_________._____
b. Revenue
1). Tithing (1/10) $_________._____
2). Looseplate offering $_________._____
3). Building fund $_________._____
4). Church planting $_________._____
5). Great Commission Fund $_________._____
6). District grant $_________._____
7). C&MA grant $_________._____
8). Other(s) $_________._____
Total Revenues $_________._____
c. Expenses
1). Church rental/mortgage $_________._____
2). Church utility/maintenance $_________._____
3). Office supplies $_________._____
4). Pastor’s support $_________._____
5). Dist. Annual Conference $_________._____
6). Youth Conference $_________._____
7). C&MA General Council $_________._____
8). Building fund account $_________._____
9). C&MA Great Comm. Fund $_________._____
10). District Support (1/10) $_________._____
11). C&MA Fellowship (.07) $_________._____
12). Church Planting $_________._____
13). Other(s) $_________._____
Total Expenses $_________._____
d. Balance of this month $_________._____
7. Other(s). If there is any praise or significance took place in your church, please
share it in this space ____________________________________________________

Please send one copy of this report by the end of each month to the Director of
Church Multiplication of the Hmong District at 12287 Pennsylvania Street,
Thornton, CO 80241. Thanks

6. Financial Growth a. The previous balance $_____._____ b. Revenue 1). Tithing (1/10) $_____._____ 2). Looseplate offering $_____._____

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ministry sample monthly report?

It is a convenient file report that gives you important information about the Ministry sample monthly report for your convenience! 2. Monthly Report of Baptist Church Running a church is a huge responsibility, so it’s better to keep a management group to handle such requirements.

What is the size of the church ministry report?

4. Church Ministry Report in PDF Size: 860.4 KB This is the ideal technique to make a lengthy church ministry report interesting and to-the-point. The sample uses the approach of classification to draft several aspects of a report.

Is there a family church monthly report for church?

Family Church Monthly Report This Family Church Monthly Report is a custom-made file for church purposes, making it easier for you to use for multiple reasons. The good news is now you can even make changes to this file if the suggestive content doesn’t suit your church purposes.

How to write an annual church report?

The most important part of an annual church report comes to funding. You need to provide complete details of the church income and compare it with expenditure to understand the requirements of next year. Make sure you state an explanation of every expense to find the Total Savings of the current year.