Looking At The School Library An Evaluation Tool

Looking at the school library an evaluation tool

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Looking at the School Library
Not Evident (NE)
In Progress (IP)
Evident (E)
An Evaluation Tool
School: _____________________________________
Date: _______________________________________
Access NE IP E
Hours of library service are posted

Library is open before school, breaks, lunch,
and after school

Library opens early in the fall and remains
open until close to the end of the school year

There is library access during summer school Is library staff present during summer school so that
or special sessions. materials don’t disappear and students have access to
Students are allowed to exchange books There might be a one or two-book limit, but can be
frequently. books be exchanged as soon as the child has read
them? Two books for two weeks is not good

Students are allowed to take library books Is there training for students to care for books that
home. they borrow? Who is responsible for it?
Kindergarten students are allowed to check Can kindergarten students take library books home?
out books. (Elementary)
Library is available for parents to borrow This might mean that parents borrow using the
materials. student’s information or the system is set to include
family information

Electronic resources are networked in library Most good California high school libraries make
and classrooms (High School). their electronic resources available through the library
web site on the Internet to allow access from
classrooms and home. Does library have a web site?
Teachers are encouraged to check out library Is there a limit to the number of books that can be
books for use in classroom. checked out to the classrooms or can teachers borrow
freely and often?
Staffing NE IP E
Staff includes a credentialed library media A California library media teacher has both a
teacher. teaching credential and a library media teacher
Staff includes a classified library employee. Many titles exist for this role. Could be called
library tech, library clerk, library aide, library
assistant or “librarian.”
Job descriptions exist for library staff Does library staff have a copy?
Paid staff present during all hours of How many hours per week? If not full time, what
operation. happens to library access?
Library staff trained in library procedures and Classified staff can get training through county
service offices, community college programs, regular district
events, automation system training, and special
library staff development
Library staff encouraged to attend staff See above

development events
California Department of Education School Library Consultants, Martha Rowland and Barbara
Jeffus September 28, 2001 - Revised July 2003
Collection NE IP E
Library collection is cataloged and Organizing the library by Dewey is the accepted
systematically arranged according to practice for K-12. Organizing by grade levels,
accepted standards Accelerated Reader levels, or any system that doesn’t
match the call number is bad. Can you easily spot how
to locate fiction, non-fiction, reference, and picture
books (elem.) by just looking around?
Library collection includes: For high schools, periodicals with indexing are critical

• Fiction Paper copies are important even if electronic access is
• Non-fiction available. Ask: is there a magazine index?
• Newspapers
• Magazines (with an indexing service)
• Encyclopedias (at least one print set not
over 3 years old)
• Materials in other languages (if
• Basic reference materials, e.g. current
almanacs, dictionaries, current atlas,
local phone book, etc

Library collection is selected with Is there a Library Selection Committee? District
professional input library list of recommended resources?
District has a written, board approved Do school personnel know if this exists and how it
policy for selection of library materials works? Do principals, teachers, library personnel know
including how to deal with challenges. what the procedure is when a book is challenged? Does
the library have a copy of the policy?
Collection is enticing and up-to-date Average copyright quick test: Count the
number of books in the 629’s. Total the copyright
dates of all books in the 629’s and divide that sum by
the total number of books in the 629’s. (See example)
Enticing test: pull a book. Does it smell okay? Is
it clean? Does it have an attractive cover? Are pages
torn or missing? Would YOU want to borrow this
Programs NE IP E
School library offers a variety of programs Is there evidence of reading incentive programs, e.g

to motivate reading and library use for all California Young Reader Medal program, Governor’s
levels of the student population Reading Award, etc

Teachers, parents, students and community
members are solicited and involved in the

Library media teacher collaborates with
classroom teachers to integrate information
skills and use of technology into curriculum
CDE School Library Consultants, Martha Rowland and Barbara Jeffus
September 28, 2001 - Revised July 2003
Facility NE IP E
There is a place called the library that is A collection in the back of a classroom is not a library

accessible to all students It must be easy for all students and teachers to access

Library has a dedicated telephone line Technology doesn’t get more basic than this

Library has space and furniture appropriate Elementary: are there low tables and small chairs?
for students at the school Watch for folding chairs that may be unsafe

Library is aesthetically pleasing, barrier-free, Would this be a happy place for you?
well lighted and ventilated
Facility allows for a variety of activities. Is there room for more than one activity at a time? Are
areas clearly labeled? At elementary level, is an area
designated for the youngest children?
Library Administration and Funding NE IP E
School has a plan linked to the district Since 1998, virtually all school districts apply annually
library plan for developing the library for Library Act funding. A district library plan is
part of the application process. Is there a copy of the
district plan in the library?
School has a written policy for use of Do students have to demonstrate basic skills before
computers and of Internet in the library using computers independently? Some libraries issue a
computer-user license that is displayed on computer
when student is working. Does library staff know
about district’s policy for use of the Internet?
School library program has a defined budget $158.5 million dollars was shared among districts for
five years. Though the funding was drastically reduced
in 2002-2003, there still should be evidence of library
collection improvement in every school

Library has a functioning automated At the minimum: a system is used to track materials
circulation system even if only cards and pockets

Library has a functioning electronic catalog Card catalog is converted to electronic. Try looking
up a book

Principal supports school library program Principal (or appropriate administrator) can articulate
the purpose of the school library. Does the principal
routinely visit the library?
California Department of Education School Library Consultants, Martha Rowland
and Barbara Jeffus September 28, 2001 - Revised July 2003

School library offers a variety of programs to motivate reading and library use for all levels of the student population Teachers, parents, students and community members are solicited and …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school library evaluation tool?

The evaluation tool incorporates the California Model School Library Standards and assesses the type and extent of library services schools provide. Evaluation results from prior years are available anytime on the Evaluation Participation and Responses. Number of books per student, staffing ratios, and more. School Libraries Count!

What is the school library evaluation checklist slec?

The School Library Evaluation Checklist represents school library Alignments from the AASL Standards Integrated Framework evident in an effective school library, including:

What are the best methods for evaluating educational impact?

Best methods for evaluating educational impact: a comparison of the efficacy of commonly used measures of library instruction . Journal of Medical Library Association, 100(4):258-269. University of Texas. (n.d.). Instructional assessment resources. Digital Library Federation Assessment Interest Group Analytics working group (2015).

What is the role of a teacher librarian in education?

School library and information technology programs are a vital resource for student learning. This video highlights the essential role teacher librarians play in information and technology literacy instruction, reading advocacy, and information management. Produced by the Washington Library Media Association .