Login Install Mlp Set Up Or Edit User Profile Pisdedu

Login install mlp set up or edit user profile pisdedu

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Login / Install MLP / Set Up or Edit User Profile
x Launch Google Chrome
x Enter mlp.pisd.edu in the browser bar
x Press Enter
x Enter your network user login
x Press Login
Or if preferred Install App
x Select APP DEPOT
x Click on Find Additional Applications from the Application Catalog

x Click on Administrative Tools
x Scroll to My Learning Plan Chrome Shortcut. Click INSTALL, follow prompts

x Select Administrative Tools
x Double click My Learning Plan
x Enter your Network Login info

x Press Login
User Profile – Set Up and Edit
x Select LearningPlan tab, then My
User Profile
x Do not change your name. Set
“Pending Approval Notification” to
NO. Set all other buttons to YES


Enter 3 days or more for email
reminders. (Do not enter 0.)
x Verify or select your building. You may
select multiple buildings

Campuses are alphabetical by:
ECS – Early Childhood School
ES – Elementary School
HS – High School
MS – Middle School
SHS –Senior High School
Shiloh / Cox Itinerant Staff do not select
each campus served. Instead, select:
ADMIN Cox or ADMIN Shiloh
x Select DEPARTMENTS. Select the
group(s) your Principal, Director,
Coordinator, or Program Manager has
created for you. You may be asked to
select more than one

x Scroll down to GRADES. Only secondary
teachers select this item. All other district
staff including ECS, elementary teachers,
campus and district administrators, para-
professionals, nurses, counselors, and
librarians do not select grades

x Click SAVE, then RETURN

User Profile – Set Up and Edit Select LearningPlan tab, then My User Profile Do not change your name. Set “Pending Approval Notification” to NO. Set all other buttons to YES. Enter your …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i create a profile property?

Under User profiles, select Open. Under People, select Manage User Properties. Select New Property. In the Name box, enter a unique name for the property. In the Display Name box, enter the profile property name that will be displayed to all users. (This name doesn't have to be unique.) In the Type list, select the data type for the property.

How do i edit a users profile?

Hover over any user in the list to see the pencil icon for Edit Profile Click on the pencil icon, to see the user's profile data. Edit the values as required and click on Save . Confirm the Save action in the pop up. The changes in the profile field will reflect in all places on the administrator and learner portal.

How do i access pisd classlink?

In your browser, go to webdesk.pisd.edu and sign in using your PISD credentials. On your mobile device, install the ClassLink app. (Instructions in handout below) If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

What is a users profile on the training platform?

A user's profile on the training platform consists of mandatory fields first name, last name and unique identity (such as email, phone number or username) and additional profile fields defined by the Global Administrators. In this topic, you will learn the simple steps to edit single and multiple user profiles on the platform.