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Let us entertain you price chopper supermarkets

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Let Us
Entertain You
A Guide To Year-Round Entertaining
Spring & Summer 2021
Deli Platters
Whether you’re planning a special backyard gathering or Index We have the perfect platter for any celebration. Select from our wide variety, all made with the finest and
a family picnic in the park, we have what you need and freshest ingredients. Each platter is sure to be a hit at any party

Find all your party needs throughout this catalog

we’re here to help. Choose from our wide selection of best
in fresh deli platters, specialty cheeses, snack-size apps,
prepared meals, seafood, breads, desserts, fruit baskets,
floral arrangements and more. Page 2 | Deli Platters
We make ordering easy. You may call us toll-free at
1-800-666-7667, option 4, Monday thru Friday, 8:30am Page 3 | The Best of Breads
thru 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am thru 4pm, visit us
anytime at pricechopper.com or stop by one of our many Page 4 | On The Side
convenient store locations. We require a minimum of at
least 24 hours from time of order to pick up

Page 5 | Super Sandwiches
Shopping in one place makes planning easier… it’s also
a great way to maximize your savings. Earn AdvantEdge
Rewards points when you shop in-store or online. Redeem Page 6 | Special Cheese Selections
International Platter
points for savings on food, fuel or limited time offers, it’s Genoa Salami, Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham,
your choice! Page 7 | Fresh Fruit Honey Roasted Turkey Breast, American
Cheese & Swiss Cheese
Let us help you find everything you need for the perfect
D04-A • serves 10-15 • 5550 cal • $39.99
get together. D04-B • serves 15-20 • 6720 cal • $49.99
Page 8 | Shrimp & Seafood Platters
D04-C • serves 20-25 • 7770 cal • $59.99
International Platter made with
Page 9 | Pizza, Wings & Snacks premium Dietz & Watson brand
deli meats and cheeses

D04P-A • serves 10-15 • 5550 cal • $49.99
Page 10 | Breakfast Treats D04P-B • serves 15-20 • 6840 cal • $59.99
D04P-C • serves 20-25 • 8190 cal • $69.99
Page 11 | Decadent Sweets
Page 12 | Fresh Floral
All In One Platter Italian Feast Platter
London Broil Roast Beef, Honey Roasted Turkey Hot Ham, Sandwich Pepperoni, Genoa Salami,
Page 13 | AdvantEdge Rewards Breast, Black Forest Ham, Genoa Salami, American Hard Salami & Provolone
Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, Sliced Red D05-A • serves 10-15 • 5940 cal • $39.99
Onion & Sliced Tomatoes D05-B • serves 15-20 • 7560 cal • $49.99
D06 • serves 12-14 • 6090 cal • $49.99 D05-C • serves 20-25 • 10080 cal • $59.99
All In One Platter made with
premium Dietz & Watson brand
deli meats and cheeses

D06P • serves 12-14 • 6670 cal • $56.99
The Best of Breads On The Side
We carry a large variety of the freshest breads and rolls that are baked daily by our professional bakers. We have everything you need to complement our fresh deli party platters…
A perfect complement to any of our deli meat and cheese platters. from the season’s freshest vegetables and tastiest condiments to a wide selection of fresh salads

Artisan Breads Vegetable Tray
We bake many varieties of breads and Enjoy this assortment of fresh,
rolls all day long. These wonderful, crisp vegetables, cut into
all-natural breads emerge from our snack-size pieces and
ovens with a fabulous crust and chewy accompanied by our own
inside. Try the French baguette with special dip

cheese, or slice the whole grain loaf to D10-A • serves 8-12
make that perfect sandwich. 1870 cal • $24.99
B02 • 100-2400 cal ea. D10-B • serves 12-18
Priced and serves according to 2160 cal • $34.99
selection. Not available online or
through the toll-free customer service D10-C • serves 18-25
line. Available in-store only. 2300 cal • $44.99
Just Baked Rolls
Our selection of fresh baked rolls are Mediterranean Tray
baked fresh daily right in our bakery! A traditional Mediterranean
Selection includes multigrain, wheat selection consisting of specialty
and rustic sandwich rolls; poppy, meats, cheeses and olives, with
sesame and plain kaiser rolls; steak savory flavors ranging from mild
and sub rolls; ciabatta and mini to complex. This tray is sure to
ciabatta rolls; and onion pockets. impress all

B01 • 90-320 cal ea. D09 • serves 22-28
Priced and serves according to 9900 cal • $59.99
selection. Not available online or
through the toll-free customer service
line. Available in-store only

Deviled Egg Tray
Add these old fashioned favorites
Specialty Breads to your buffet table and watch
Rye Breads them disappear. And you thought
Our special rye breads are available
We carry a wide variety of made from scratch rye breads, baked deviled eggs were just for picnics!
in many shapes, including bears,
fresh daily. Choose from our hearty authentic New York City style Each tray contains 36 halved eggs

lobster and fish. A unique addition
just baked plain, seeded, pumpernickel or marble. Available in Deli Salad Tray
to a holiday gathering, baby shower, This tray is a perfect addition to any one of our deli meat D08 • serves 10-15
1 lb. or 2 lb. long loaves for sandwiches and 2 lb. round loaf for
birthday party and graduation. Made platters. The assortment features our premium Market 32 3240 cal • $14.99
dipping. Sliced for free for your convenience

from scratch and created just for you. deli salads, including loaded baked potato salad, macaroni
B03 • 960-1200 cal per lb

B04 • 1920-4440 cal • $9.99 salad, potato & egg salad, rotelli salad, coleslaw and potato
Priced and serves according to selection. Not available online or salad

through the toll-free customer service line. Available in-store only

D07 • serves 12-18 • 6240 cal • $24.99
3 4
Super Sandwiches Special Cheese Selections
Our freshly made sub and sandwich platters make throwing a party a breeze… Want to impress your guests, but don’t have the time to prepare? Let us do it for you

just pick up chips and a couple bottles of soda and you’re ready! We feature gourmet treats, from domestic and imported cheese to artisan bread and pâté

Sub Platter Domestic Cheese Platter
Our soft white rolls are loaded with your favorite From Wisconsin to Vermont your specialty cheese needs will be met and
fillings. Served with your choice of potato, potato exceeded with our Domestic Cheese Platter. Featuring Brie, Pepper Jack,
with egg or macaroni salad, or coleslaw. Cheddar, American Grana (18 month Parmesan), Smoked Gouda, Blue
D12-A • serves 8-12 • 8160 cal • $32.99 Cheese, fresh Goat Cheese and Salami Nuggets. This is the perfect platter
(12 sub quarters & 3 lbs. salad) for entertaining in style

D12-B • serves 12-18 • 11700 cal • $46.99 D19 • serves 12 • 7320 cal • $49.99
(18 sub quarters & 5 lbs. salad)
D12-C • serves 18-24 • 17420 cal • $62.99
(26 sub quarters & 7 lbs. salad)
Wrap Platter
A superb selection of delicious fillings wrapped
inside a plain, roasted red pepper, whole wheat or
garlic pesto wrap. Choose from turkey & bacon,
2, 4, 6 or 8 Foot Subs ham & Swiss, roast beef & provolone, Buffalo
Your favorite American or Italian sub made-to-order with chicken, chicken Caesar, tuna salad or chicken
all the right stuff. Available in 2 foot increments. Imported Cheese Platter

D11 • American or Italian Start your trip in Europe and finish in the outback with our Imported Cheese
D15-A • serves 10-12
serves 4-5 per ft. • 4920-5600 cal per ft. • $9.99 ft. Platter featuring Parmigiano-Reggiano, Triple Crème Brie, Jarlsberg Swiss,
5120-7760 cal • $36.99 (8 wraps)
Spanish Manchego, Danish Havarti & Blue and Australian Cheddar, along
D15-B • serves 14-16 with Greek Pitted Olives, and Fig and Sour Cherry Spread

7680-11640 cal • $51.99 (12 wraps)
D18 • serves 12 • 6000 cal • $59.99
Market Café Sandwich Platter
A scrumptious variety of meat and cheese
combinations made with the freshest breads…
from our soft white and wheat rolls to sourdough
and multi-grain bread. Your choice of potato,
potato with egg or macaroni salad, or coleslaw

D14-A • serves 8-12 • 7680 cal • $49.99
(8 sandwiches & 4 lbs. salad)
D14-B • serves 16-18 • 9920 cal • $62.99
(12 sandwiches & 5 lbs. salad)
Croissant Sandwich Platter Cubed Cheese Tray
Choose one or all of our freshly made delicious chicken, Finger Sandwich Tray This entertaining favorite features a Garlic & Herb cheese spread,
tuna, egg or seafood salads. All served on our fresh This tray includes 32 delicious finger rolls filled with surrounded by snack sized cubes of Cheddar, Colby Jack, Swiss and
baked, light and fluffy buttery croissants. an assortment of chicken salad, seafood salad, tuna Pepper Jack cheeses, along with Genoa Salami and Pepperoni

D17 • serves 12-14 • 5880 cal • $42.99 salad, or egg salad. Select one variety or try all four. D20-A • serves 12-16 • 7040 cal • $29.99
(12 croissants cut in half) D16 • serves 10-15 • 6400 cal • $34.99 D20-B • serves 24-30 • 14740 cal • $49.99
5 6
Fresh Fruit Shrimp & Seafood Platters
Every occasion is sweeter with fresh fruit. Our fresh fruit platters are a beautiful addition to any celebration – Just cast out one of our succulent cooked shrimp or seafood platters at your next party and
and are also perfect for breakfast, brunch and even dessert. your guests will be hooked!
Fresh Cut Fruit Platter
Add your favorite chocolate fondue to create a
wonderful dessert made with the freshest fruits,
such as grapes, strawberries, pineapple and
ripe juicy melon

P01-A • serves 8-12 • 1200 cal • $24.99
P01-B • serves 12-18 • 1800 cal • $34.99
P01-C • serves 18-25 • 2400 cal • $44.99
Party Fruit Bowl Our
A wonderful addition to any brunch or “Free From” shrimp
luncheon. Selection includes fresh cut fruit does not contain
or a berry mix. chemical additives
or preservatives, is
P03-A • Cut Fruit antibiotic free and
220 cal per lb. • $5.99 lb. has no added
(pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, hormones

strawberries and red grapes)
Cooked Cooked “Free From” Cooked
P03-B • Berry Mix Shrimp Platter Shrimp Platter Shrimp Platter
190 cal per lb. • $6.99 lb. 2 lbs. of 16-20 count shrimp (cooked and 2 lbs. of 26-30 count “free from” shrimp 2 lbs. of 31-40 count shrimp (cooked and
(strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cleaned), 8 oz. of cocktail sauce and (cooked and cleaned), 8 oz. of cocktail sauce cleaned), 8 oz. of cocktail sauce and
blueberries) garnished with lemon wedges. and garnished with lemon wedges. garnished with lemon wedges

Not available online or through the toll-free S05 • serves 10-15 • 1210 cal • $39.99 S02 • serves 10-15 • 1100 cal • $34.99 S04 • serves 10-15 • 800 cal • $29.99
customer service line. Available in-store only

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Fruit Sampler Premium Colossal
Large, succulent, fresh strawberries dipped
Choose from a mixture of the season’s best fruits

Seafood Platter Shrimp Platter
in chocolate. Each one is hand-dipped in 2 lbs. of 31-40 count shrimp 3 lbs. of 31-40 count
white or milk chocolate and drizzled with P02-A • Mixed Fruit • 200 cal per lb. • $5.99 lb. (cooked and cleaned), 2 lbs. shrimp (cooked and
more chocolate! Or try slices of fresh cut (pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, of imitation crab salad mix, cleaned), 8 oz. of
pineapple generously dipped in chocolate. cantaloupe and green and red grapes) 8 oz. of cocktail sauce and cocktail sauce and
P04-A • 8 Ct. Strawberries P02-B • Mixed Berry • 200 cal per lb. • $6.99 lb. garnished with lemon garnished with lemon
560-720 cal • $9.99 (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and wedges. wedges

P04-B • 18 Ct. Strawberries blueberries – in season) S01 • serves 15-20 S03 • serves 15-20
1260-1440 cal • $19.99 P02-C • Mixed Melon • 170 cal per lb. • $5.49 lb. 1280 cal • $34.99 Custom made 1200 cal $44.99
(watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe) platters available

P04-C • 7 Ct. Pineapple Slices
Stop in the Seafood
560 cal • $9.99 (not shown) P02-D • Pineapple Creation • 190 cal per lb. • $5.99 lb. Department for
Available in our Produce Department. (pineapple, strawberries and kiwi) (not shown) details and

Serves according to selection. Not available online or through
All fruit selections on this page are subject to seasonal availability at time of order. the toll-free customer service line. Available in-store only

7 8
Pizza, Wings & Snacks Breakfast Treats
Hosting a last minute get-together? Our pizza, wings, snack-size appetizers and sushi will certainly Pick up one of our breakfast platters or made from scratch donuts for your next gathering

be enjoyed at a picnic, graduation party or family reunion. The assortment will be a sweet start to everyone’s day

Corner to Corner Fresh Donuts
Pizza Our hand-crafted donuts are made from scratch
Our crispy pan pizzas are covered every day. Starting with fresh dough, we create
with the finest, freshest toppings truly delectable donuts… soft on the inside and
from corner to corner, generously crisp on the outside! The donut dough is mixed,
layered on top of our 100% natural rolled out and cut into various shapes. After the
whole milk mozzarella cheese, We carry up to dough rises, the donuts are deep-fried in trans
22 varieties
and pizza sauce, made from of fresh fat-free shortening, cooled and then filled and
vine-ripened tomatoes. Baked New York style decorated

fresh in 500°F ovens for an bagels! Priced and serves according to selection

authentic old-world taste. Not available online or through the toll-free
Try one of our six great-tasting customer service line. Stop by the Fresh Bakery
specialty pizzas, such as the rich for selection

Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter
and meaty Italian Supreme or the Our fresh, authentic New York City-style bagels are baked
Hawaiian Islander made with fresh in our stores throughout the day, 7 days a week. Select ten
pineapple, tender and flavorful bagels and two 7 oz. tubs of Market 32 cream cheese or Muffin Mania Platter
ham, fresh tomato sauce and 15 bagels and 3 tubs of cream cheese for the larger platter. A perfect selection of traditional and mini
100% mozzarella. muffins for your breakfast gathering. Platter
B06-A • serves 10 • 4400-6640 cal • $14.99
B06-B • serves 15 • 6900-9960 cal • $19.99 includes 12 traditional blueberry, 12 mini
Available in stores with Bagel Departments only. blueberry, 12 mini chocolate chip and
12 honey corn muffins

B10 • serves 20-25 • 6930 cal • $16.99
Danish Platter
A delectable assortment of 12 round danish,
including apple, blueberry, cheese, cherry,
cinnamon and pineapple

B11 • serves 12 • 5880 cal • $19.99
Bagel Crisps Platter
The platter includes ten of our savory bagels
Sliced Bagel Platter thinly sliced, tossed in olive oil and garlic powder
Snack Appetizers Sushi Chicken Wings and toasted. Bagel flavors include multi-grain,
Twelve of our fresh New York City-style bagels sliced

We carry a wide variety of appetizers for any Our chefs will create a colorful platter that will From our Angry Maple Flavored Sriracha to our award honey wheat, plain, poppy and sesame. The
Platter includes an assortment of plain, poppy, sesame,
gathering. Select from golden mozzarella sticks be the center of attention. You and your guests winning Wing War sauce, our bone-in and boneless perfect complement to your favorite hummus

and cinnamon & raisin bagels. Don’t forget to pick up
and stromboli pinwheels to jalapeño poppers will be dazzled by each platter’s beauty and chicken wings will be a hit at any gathering. Try our
your favorite cream cheese! B07 • serves 10-12 • 5000-5200 cal • $6.99
and soft pretzel bites with cheddar cheese wonderful taste. Our platters and trays feature smokin’ good, bone-in smoked wings (where available)

dipping sauce. All pre-made – just heat and all of your favorite rolls, including California, The Traditional and Spicy bone-in and boneless chicken B08 • serves 12 • 4320-4440 cal • $9.98 Available in stores with Bagel Departments only

eat, and enjoy! Dragon, Rainbow and Tempura. wing platters include blue cheese, celery and carrot sticks. Available in stores with Bagel Departments only

9 10
Decadent Desserts Fresh Floral
Any one of our Colossal Cookie or Chocolate Dipped Gourmet Cookie platters, along with our Make every moment memorable. Have our professional floral designers hand-craft a beautiful arrangement
Fudge Dipped Brownie Triangles will be the perfect finale for your next party. for that special someone

Chocolate Dipped Weddings are one of life’s most memorable milestone events and our florists are
Gourmet Cookie Platter here to help make your special day magical! Whether traditional or contemporary,
Featuring 2 dozen of our fabulous intimate or lavish – our experienced floral designers will create personalized floral
gourmet cookies dipped in our pieces that reflect celebration and romance. From bridal bouquets to centerpieces,
rich white and milk chocolate. we will fashion beautiful flowers to complement your unique personality

Select from chocolate chunk,
white chocolate macadamia nut
and oatmeal raisin

B15-A • serves 12-15
6720 cal • $14.99
(with chocolate dip) Schedule
a free wedding
B15-B • serves 12-15 consultation with
4800 cal • $12.99 our professional
(without chocolate dip) design team and
create memories
that will last for
a lifetime

Assorted Colossal
Cookie Platter
An assortment of 18 decadent
Partnering with FTD wire services, we can help you celebrate and honor life’s most memorable moments – near or far! As a top 100 FTD
colossal cookies, including
florist, you can choose from dozens of arrangements with the confidence that your beautiful gift will arrive quickly and at the peak of
M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter
freshness – whether it’s going around the corner or around the world! Stop by one of our Florist shops today, call 1-877-712-ROSE, or
Cup, and triple chocolate topped
visit us at pricechopper.com

with Hershey’s Kisses

B16 • serves 18
10620 cal • $19.99
Message Cookie
Celebrate any occasion with
our scrumptious fresh-baked
chocolate chip cookie cake

Wonderful Wishes Floral Cake Hello Sunshine Lavender Bliss Watermelon Punch Alluring Elegance
Great for all ages. We will
personalize it for free!
B17 • serves 12
4200-4300 cal • $9.99
Fudge Dipped Brownie Triangles Platter
A delicious selection of 40 mini triangle brownies including 8 brookies,
8 chocolate chip walnut, 8 fudge icing, 8 fudge icing with sprinkles, Your personal
place to discover
and 8 fudge icing with white chocolate drizzle

and customize
B20 • serves 20-30 • 6600 cal • $18.99 your flowers!
This innovative website allows you to create and review your personal floral order library. Keep track of
orders, set up reminders for special occasions, and receive automatic email reminders to send a beautiful
floral arrangement to that special someone. Select from the library or personally customize arrangements by
11 12 price, color and flower preference

Be the host
with the most... points!
Place your order today!
Planning a backyard get-together?
Then plan to earn plenty of Rewards points

Keep an eye out for BONUS POINT opportunities
throughout the store and redeem for extra savings!
It pays to earn points
For more information, ask in-store or visit pricechopper.com/rewards

Convenient store locations. We require a minimum of at least 24 hours from time of order to pick up. Shopping in one place makes planning easier… it’s also . a great way to maximize your …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is price chopper owned by?

Price Chopper is a group of four separate family-owned chains of grocery stores formed in 1979 in the Kansas City and Des Moines metropolitan areas that share a common brand name and unified marketing campaigns. The owners are the Ball, Cosentino, McKeever, and Queen families in Kansas City and DGS Foods in Des Moines.

What are the major markets for price chopper?

Other major markets for Price Chopper include Utica, Syracuse, Binghamton, and the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York, as well as Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Hartford, Connecticut; Worcester, Massachusetts and Burlington, Vermont.

Is there a price chopper in iowa?

On March 28, 2015, Price Chopper moved into the Des Moines, Iowa, area after acquiring five former Dahl's stores. Price Chopper has no connection to chains of the same name in Canada (which now operates under the name FreshCo), New Zealand, and in New York and New England .