Lesson 1 A Business Letter Prof Adele Limodio

Lesson 1 a business letter prof adele limodio


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Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
English Business Instalment
There are different forms of communication in business, such as verbal, nonverbal and written. Each of
these communication forms is significant. However, written communication usually requires more thought
and effort. Writing must be concise, informative and easy to read as both an informative and instructional
tool. The importance of written communication in business is evident by the plethora of forms, manuals
and materials that companies public each day

What is the importance of a business letter?
Business letters are important because they serve as a formal method of communication between people

They provide valuable information on business-related matters, such as purchase transaction, and they
serve a legal purpose. Business letters also are used as a reference material to future transaction between
individuals and organizations

Business letters are a form of business communication with all the stakeholders of the company. The
stakeholders include all those who are interested in the running of an enterprise. The business letters are
used to convince these stakeholders or persuading them to agree with the writer regarding the topic under
discussion. These letters are written as a way of persuading the customers or clients to accept the contract
or proposal or enter into an agreement. It is a modern way of communication between both the parties

This is a method winning a contract or bringing business to an organization. A well-written and formatted
letter represents the business identity as well as conveys the professionalism of a company

1. Business Letter layout
Business letter layout is important. There are three main layouts that are commonly used and people will
be used to seeing them when they receive business letters

 Block Format
The most commonly used letter format is block format. The other two formats are modifications of the
block format. In block format all the text is justified left. The sender’s address, date, receivers name and
address, as well as the main body of the letter and the closing are all justified to the left hand side of the
page. All the lines start at the same place: they should be vertically justified so that they form a straight
vertical line. The paragraphs are not indented. The ends of the lines at the right hand side should not be
justified. It is easiest to read text that is left justified and uneven at the right hand side. This will mean that
the text is not stretched to fill the line so each letter and space will be the same size. See the example
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
 Modified Block Format
In the modified block format, business letter layout, the sender’s address, date and closing are all moved
towards the centre of the page, The exact place that the modified elements should start isn’t precisely
defined in the modified block format. The sender’s address, date and closing should start at least in the
centre of the page, that is, the first letter of each line should be on the centre line of the page or to the
right hand side of it. How much to the right hand side is up to your personal preference. Choose the most
professional looking positioning. In this format the position of the date could remain left justified as in the
block format or be lined up with the elements that have been moved towards the right of the page. See the
example below:
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
 Semi-Blocked Format
This format is the same as the modified block format (so the description form above remains the same)
apart from the first line of each paragraph is indented. The first line of each paragraph in the main body of
the letter has been indented. One tab space is a suitable indentation to use. Everything else is the same as
in the modified block business letter layout format. See following example:
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
2. British and American Style in business letter:
3. The parts of a business letter:
It contains the sender’s name,
THE HEADING and address, telephone, fax and email
address, and display the logo or
symbol of the company
It is typed a few lines
It includes the address of the below the letterhead. Note
person or company that receive DATELINE that in American style the
the letter date form is: MONTH –
Initials in capital letters of the
person who writes and signs the This is the address of the
letter and those, often in small reader

letters, of the typist
It is required only if the
The reference found on the letter FOR THE letter is addressed to a
received ATTENTION OF specific individual of the
Abbreviations for the months can
be used, don’t write the month in Generally use : Dear Sir,
figures, don’t put the name of the Dear Madame, Gentlemen,
THE DATE town/city, no comma is needed SALUTATION Gentlemen and Ladies

before the year. Use an individual’s name
whenever it is known
Is formed: DAY – MONTH - YEAR
THE ATTENTION It indicates the letter is addressed SUBJECT LINE It is often omitted, but it’s
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
LINE to a specific member of the inclusion is a courtesy for
company; the attention line must the reader. It is underlined
be underlined. and typed in capital letters

− To a company: Dear Sirs
− To a person whose name
and sex you don’t know:
Dear Sir/ (or) Dear
− To a person whose name
is known: Dear Mr
THE SALUTATION Bean/Dear Ms Bean BODY This is the message
− To someone you know of the letter
quite well: Dear Barry –
Dear Sue
− Letter not intended for a
specific person /company:
To whom it may concern
This states briefly, what the
A polite way to end a letter
subject of the letter is. Normally COMPLIMENTARY
THE SUBJECT LINE : Yours truly, Truly yours,
typed centrally, below the CLOSING
Sincerely yours etc. etc

salutation. Usually underlined

− Introduction: introduce
the letter and states its
THE BODY OF THE − Recipient: gives further COMPANY It is often omitted
LETTER information or details of SIGNATURE since it appears in
the purpose; the letterhead
− Conclusion: ends the
letter, includes intention
for future correspondence
It is the term prior to the
signature. This sign-off phrase
shows the respect and
THE appreciation for the person who is This includes the signer’s
COMPLIMENTARY considering the request in the name and any relevant
CLOSE letter titles
Ex: Best, Best Regards, Best
wishes, Respectfully etc. etc

The sender‘s signature should be
handwritten. It consists of the signer’s
initials in capital followed
When the sender cannot sign he REFERENCE by a slash or colon
THE SIGNATURE gives the authority to another INITIALS followed by the lowercase
person, before the typed name it initials of the person
is put : pp (per pro) on behalf of preparing the letter
(per conto di)
The sender’s name is then typed ENCLOSER It consists of the word
for sake of legibility REMINDER enclosure (or enc. Encl.)
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
followed by the list of the
A courtesy, this tell the
Specifies the sender’s position in reader who will receive a
the company “carbon” copy of the

It indicates that additional
documents accompany the letter
(Enc./ Encl,/ 3 Encl. Enclosures: 1
colour catalogue)
 Example of a Business Letter - American Style
Lesson 1 A business Letter prof. Adele Limodio
 Example of a Business letter - British Style

Writing must be concise, informative and easy to read as both an informative and instructional tool. The importance of written communication in business is evident by the plethora of forms, …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the body of a business letter?

The body of a business letter is where the writer states the point of the letter. The body of the letter is in block or modified block format which is flush left, single-spaced within paragraphs, and double-spaced between paragraphs. This is the body of the letter.

What is a personal business letter and how is it delivered?

A personal business letter is similar to a block style business letter except it is addressed to a person whom you already know. Personal business letters can be faxed or attached to emails, but are most commonly delivered in the mail inside sealed envelopes.

How do you write an introduction for a formal letter?

Includes the greeting (opening) of the letter, followed by the receiver's courtesy title and last name. Includes the details of the letter. The first paragraph should introduce and state the reason for the letter.