Leading Your Chapters Membership Growth Tips For

Leading your chapters membership growth tips for

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Leading your Chapter’s Membership Growth:
Tips for conducting a successful SHRM Chapter Audit
Nicole Belyna, SHRM-SCP Field Services Director SHRM
Kristy Krakoff, SHRM-CP, Member Engagement Associate
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Your Presenters
Kristy Krakoff, SHRM-CP
Nicole Belyna, SHRM-SCP
Member Engagement Associate
Field Services Director, SHRM
[email protected]
[email protected]
Twitter: @SHRMNicole
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2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
What we’ll discuss today
3 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
What is the Audit and why must you submit one?
An official inspection of the chapter's membership The rosters are required for the chapter to participate
roster in order to ensure the chapter maintains in and be eligible for SHRM's Chapter Financial
SHRM's affiliation requirements to remain in good Support Program (CFSP) the following year

4 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Financial Support Program
CFSP – Chapter Financial Support Program
100% Chapter
• $25 per dual member
Your chapter receives payment
• Paid quarterly @$6.25
for members that have
Non-100% Chapter designated your chapter as
• $10 per dual member their primary chapter

• Paid twice per year @ $5
Net Gains
• $25 per additional dual member
• End of Year vs Prior Year
Chapters and State Councils must be in Good Standing to be eligible for CFSP
© 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Audit Timeline
July – September/October November–December
Initial audit message with audit template sent After audit is complete chapter uses this time to
out to all chapters. follow up with potential/lapsed members, ask
any questions, and use audit data to set goals
for chapter

Chapter works with Board to complete and send
in audit/re-audit if necessary

6 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
VLRC – A Good Reference Tool
SHRM.org/VLRC Membership – Chapters – Audit
7 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Preparing for a Successful Audit
1 2 3 4 5
Start preparing at Use Audit Do not change Make sure full PRO TIP!
the end of June template sent by field headers on SHRM member Request monthly
and request roster MEA team audit template name and email roster from your
from MEA address is used MEA to stay up to
date with SHRM
8 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Processing the Audit
• SHRM uses software that processes the

• Here’s why using field headers in the
audit template matters!
• The software uses these headers to find
chapter members and match them to your

• First Name, Last Name and SHRM
account email are the most important

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Audit Letter Overview
10 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Audit Letter Overview
11 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved
Audit Letter Overview
12 © 2021 SHRM. All Rights Reserved

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow your chapter with the right new members?

Strategic Growth with the Right New Members. This group can also benefit from goals that build a thriving team culture. This means building the chapter culture that attracts the type of member you want. When you are building this kind of culture, think of goals centered on Power Team development and success.

What is the best membership growth strategy for your nonprofit?

Steady growth is best for both you and your new member’s experience. One of the most effective membership growth tactics for nonprofits is to create high-quality content that is unique to your nonprofit target audience. Content adds a layer of usefulness to your organization’s online presence.

Should you invest in your membership growth?

Investing in your membership growth also allows you to grow at a steady rate. It can be stressful when you add too many new members at once, and on the flip side, it’s stressful when you go through a drought. Steady growth is best for both you and your new member’s experience.

How do i know when my chapter is ready to build?

You know your chapter is in the Build & Grow stage if it’s up to five or so years old, still very active in all things BNI, continuing to add qualified members regularly, growing individual revenue for members and attracting the right new members with a thriving chapter culture.