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Lawn care flyer template pdf
A big part of having a successful lawn maintenance business is to constantly be working on generating new customers. Having a professional looking flyer that you can distribute is a great help. You can post them on bulletin boards in local stores and hand them out as you go door to door. You can even give them to your current customers so they can
pass them along to their friends and neighbors. Advertisement We've created three different layouts for this flyer, all of them designed to be printed on standard 8.5x11 paper. You can print them at home, a local print shop, or using an online print service. These Word documents are theme-enabled. You can change the theme colors and fonts in Word
by going to Design > Theme and selecting one of the built-in themes. Lawn Maintenance Business Resources Customize your lawn care business flyer exactly to your liking. Easily add high quality stock photos and beautiful pricing tables to your flyers. When you're done, download the flyer for free to print yourself and share online. Printable ready-to-
use lawn care flyer templates – free in Microsoft WordRunning a lawn care business can be a formidable process. You not only have to be skilled at all of the services you offer, but you also have to find clients. According to the Small Business Association, “30% of businesses fail during the first two years,” and failure to market to the right customers is
one of the reasons why.The lawn care flyers we offer simplify the process of creating the print-marketing media that will help grow your lawn service business and avoid that 30% statistic. Landscaping flyer templates are more than simply cost-effective—they also allow you to personalize your flyer to meet the exact needs of your market.From the
small restaurant franchise with a grass island in its parking lot to the million-dollar house with its acres of lawn and immaculate landscaping, a well crafted flyer will show customers not only the range of services you offer, but also your range of clientele. If your business is more than a simple lawn care service, make sure to show this on your lawn
care flyer, and if you’ve had success landscaping a locally known home or business, then be sure to include that as a picture testimonial. If your landscaping flyer only promotes your mowing fees, then customers won’t know what other services you offer.Services That Are Frequently OverlookedLandscapingDesignLawn mowingLawn
maintenanceHedge trimmingFertilizingWeed controlFlower bed plantingSprinkler maintenanceYard waste removalAnatomy of a Great Lawn Care FlyerNot all lawn care flyers are equally effective as a marketing tool. Flyers that aren’t eye catching, that don’t sell your business well, or that aren’t marketed to the right people will be less effective at
growing your landscaping business. Here are nine elements of great promotional lawn care flyer: – According to PrintRunner, “Over 83% of people will only read your headline and nothing else.” This means your lead is the most important part of your flyer. You may be the only lawn care service in the city, but if in your opening line you don’t let
customers know why they need you in their lives, then you’ll miss catching a majority of your potential customers. – A picture is worth a thousand words, and great images of your work will hold potential customers’ attention. Before and after photos will drive home the fact that you are able to make even the most unkempt yard look like a Better
Homes and Garden photo. Just remember that the photos must be high quality—no image at all is better than one that is blurry or doesn’t portray your work well. –Every word on your lawn care flyer should be chosen with care. Get rid of unnecessary words and focus on solving problems. Show potential customers why you are the business that is
going to allow them to spend their time enjoying their yard, rather than working in it themselves. Consider adding a time-sensitive reason for homeowners to act right away. You can convince people to call your lawn care business by creating some irresistible offers such as 10% off when they book a three-month contract, or a limited-time offer for a
free first mowing or lawn assessment. – As with any service, you need to sell yourself. Figure out what your clients need and then address why you are their best choice. Is your fertilizer locally sourced or responsible for lush lawns that are dandelion free? Is your crew experienced, professional, and fast? Do you have earth-moving equipment for
larger jobs? Spell out why you are the best choice in lawn care, landscaping, and design for potential clients. – Of course, a good time to promote your lawn service business is at the beginning of the spring season. But remember that most customers won’t know that many plants need to be pruned in the winter months, that fertilizing needs to be done
in the autumn, and that there are climate-friendly steps that can be taken to protect their lawn and landscaping during the hot, dry days of summer. Draw a correlation between your landscaping services and the beautiful yards in the neighborhood. – Everyone loves to know that someone else tried a service and loved it. Ask satisfied clients if they will
provide a testimonial that you can add to the flyer. Bonus points if you also get a photo of their amazing looking yard to go with it! – Don’t forget to add the best ways to reach you. Put your name, phone number, website, email address, and even a photo of yourself and your crew. Remember to include your company logo, and make it easy for potential
clients to find you by using colorful text and easy to read font. – Depending on where you live, you may not want to target your entire town or city. By choosing a few neighborhoods or business districts, you and your crew can spend your time working on landscaping rather than commuting with trailers full of lawn care equipment, allowing you to
make more money. An effective strategy with lawn care advertisements is to print them in batches to target yards within a small territory that you know is either under or poorly serviced. While lawn care flyers can be placed on car windshields, stapled to light posts, or mailed, meeting potential clients one-on-one is also a good idea. The general
manager of that three-million-dollar facility won’t be the person who reads her own business mail, but she’ll take the time to listen to a sales pitch about making her plant look better for less money than she’s spending now. Just be sure to dress professionally, and give her your business card as well as your business flyer. – The last thing a well-crafted
flyer contains is no grammatical or spelling errors. Keep your landscaping flyer looking professional by getting it proofread by either yourself or someone else to ensure that you aren’t making a mistake in your flyer. This is your reputation at risk, so keep it looking great.In order to know if your marketing campaign has worked, you need to treat it like
a science experiment. Create metrics of your business the month before the flyer campaign. Take note of how many customers you have, how profitable the business is, how many man-hours were spent travelling, the cost of fuel, and other data you think your landscaping flyer campaign might impact. In the month following the release of the flyers,
watch these metrics change. Small changes might be random chance, but larger changes mean your campaign is working. If you’ve targeted a specific neighborhood, ZIP Code, or business district, then watch to see if your crews spend more time in those areas—and more time spent in the same area means fewer man hours and less fuel wasted! If
you’ve tried to reach out to a more expensive clientele, then check to see how that’s affecting your bottom line.The Houston Chronicle quotes JWM Business Services as stating that, “The average rate of return on direct mail campaigns is generally 1/2 to 2 percent.” You should expect an even better rate of return if you target neighborhoods more
directly than mail, perhaps by having your crew go door to door with flyers, or by cold calling businesses yourself. However, if you create a marketing campaign but your numbers don’t change, then it’s important not to give up. Instead, review our list of 9 Elements of Great Promotional Materials and ask if you’ve done the best job you can at creating
your flyer. Perhaps you could use better or more targeted testimonials or better images. Or it may be that you need to update your flyer; if you’re trying to market the new landscaping side to your business, or provide other new services, but are using old images from your lawn service, then you aren’t reaching your clientele the way you need to. You
may also need to use more generous offers—discounted services over time, or multiple free services—in order to get potential clients on board.Most business owners would agree that acquiring new lawn care clients is harder than digging out a Juniperus communis. Making lawn care flyers part of your marketing plan will pay off in spades!Below you
will find some of our favorite free landscaping flyer templates that you can use to promote and advertise your lawn care business and landscaping services. We’ve helped create the flyer design so that all you have to do is add your information. Simply download a template, fill in a few fields, and print!
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WebLandscaping flyer templates are more than simply cost-effective—they also allow you to personalize your flyer to meet the exact needs of your market.From the small restaurant …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a lawn care flyer template?

Whether you have a small lawn care business or a big one, creating a lawn care flyer template allows you to reach more customers which, in turn, brings in more business. Apart from including the information about your basic lawn care services, make sure to include all other services you offer like:

How do i make a landscaping flyer for free?

Luckily, with Canva, you are free to use and customize our free landscaping flyer templates. All it takes is a drag and drop to create your flyer—no technical design skills needed! Take your pick from our landscaping advertising templates filled with graphics inspired by the elements of nature.

What do you put on a lawn mowing flyer?

The only way they can do that is if you include your contact information on the template too. This includes your phone or mobile number, your email address, your website address, and even a photo of your entire crew. This is one of the most important parts of your lawn mowing flyer. Make sure to list all of the services you offer.

How do i advertise my lawn care business?

Advertising your lawn care business using a lawn care flyer is an economical but effective way to spread the word about your business. You can either download a template or create one on your own if you have the skills to do so. Before you start, make sure you check with the post office in your territory.