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Lash Mapping
Lash Mapping
INTRODUCTION This course is designed for lash technicians who want to upgrade
their knowledge and skills to enable them to create bespoke sets
to suit their clients

OBJECTIVES 1. - What is lash Mapping?
2. - Popular lash map styles
3. - Lash mapping templates
4. - Different eye shapes and which style is best suited
5. - Choosing the correct lash
6. - Mapping procedure
7. - After-care
MAPPING? Lash mapping is an important and useful tool when used during an
eyelash extension treatment

With the use of lash mapping you are able to offer your clients a
range of different styles and make the style bespoke to their eye
shapes and preferences

A lash map is a bespoke template which guides the technician
where to place the length of each lash across the lash line to
achieve different looks, whether your client has requested a
natural or more glamorous look. Lash mapping is also important
to use when you are working with different eye shapes to enhance
and balance

All you need to be able to map your sets is a pen and some gel lash
pads! You simply draw different sections of lengths and curls on
the pads and off you lash!
Ensure that you draw your map after cleansing and priming, or else
this could smudge your markings. Some lash technicians prefer
to use a coloured pen, rather than black so it can be seen clearer
amongst the lashes

Some ‘ready-made’ lash map templates are available to buy online,
we wouldn’t advise using these as there is no ‘one size fits all’ when
it comes to eyes. You will achieve a much better look when you
hand draw your own map on the gel lash pads

Natural: This style is the most traditional for eyelash mapping. It
follows contours of your original length but just longer. This is the
right style to choose for someone who wants a natural look, if they
want something a bit more glamorous, this isn’t the one to choose!
Open Eye: This style accentuates the centre of the eye by adding
length toward the centre of the lash line, tapering down at each
end creating a symmetrical graduation. The perfect choice to open
up narrow shaped eyes

Cat eye: This is a great choice for a more glam look. The lashes
begin at the inner corner at their shortest length and gradually get
longer toward the outer corner. The difference in length is around
50% more by the time we reach the outer corner, this gives the
appearance of a flick at the ends

Baby Doll: This style is a cross between the natural and an open
eye style The Doll Eye is a full look which is created by length right
across the eyeline with the longest lashes being focused on the
middle of the eye

Squirrel: This look is created by starting short and gradually get-
ting longer with the halfway point being the longest length and
then gradually getting shorter again

Kim-K: This is one of the most popular lash styles. The Kim K look
involves placing ‘spikes’ (longer lengths) in different sections of the
eye to create a wispy set

MAPPING Being a lash technician, you will know that every client has different
shaped eyes and we need to create a look that best suits them

Here are some eye shapes that you may come across and what
lash mapping you can do to best enhance and balance that shape:
Almond eyes
This eye shape is considered the most proportionate eye shape

Almond eyes can support nearly any lash map styling

Hooded eyelids
When working with hooded eyelids you will need a map to open
the eye. The most flattering is to have longer lengths in the middle
of the eye. Be mindful of which curl you use, so that it doesn’t curl
back into the lid. Suggestion - Open eye, squirrel eye or doll eye
Rounded eyes
When working with eyes that are a round shape, going for a less
curl on the lash is better and placing the longer lengths towards
the outer edge of the eye can create more of an almond shape

If the wrong map was used, it could give your clients a surprised
expression!. Suggestion - Cat eye, Kim K eye or squirrel eye
Downturned eyes
This eye shape points downwards at the outer edges and need
volume on the outside to create a lift and flick appearance, this will
help to balance the shape of the eye. Suggestion - Cat eye or squirrel
Close set eyes
This is where the spacing between these are eyes is less than one
eye space apart. Attention needs to be drawn towards the outer
corners of this style to help balance the look. Suggestion - Cat eye or
squirrel eye
Deep set eyes
These are eyes that are set back in the eye sockets, so these eyes
require a styling that will bring the eye out. You will need to again
be mindful of the lengths and curls that you use so that they don’t
irritate the clients eyelids, this will be different form client to client

Suggestion - Open eye or Doll eye
Single lid eyes
This eye shape is most common in Asian women. Generally the
natural lashes are straighter so going for a lash curl that has flare
will be more dramatic. Try to match the curl as closely as you can
to enhance retention whilst still giving drama. Suggestion - Cat eye,
squirrel eye or Doll eye
Protruding eyes
You should try and maintain shorter length lashes when working
on protruding eyes, avoid long lengths. Suggestion – Shorter lengths
and assess the general shape as well as the protrusion
CORRECT LASHES The length of the eyelash extensions that you choose will deter-
mine what kind of look you want to achieve

You will need to be mindful of the clients eye shape and length of
their natural lashes. Never apply lashes that are 50% longer than
the clients natural lashes

Also take a look at the thickness of the clients natural lash, clients
with very fine lashes would need to have extensions applied that
are closer to the natural length. The thickness of the extension
should also be altered for fine lashes, using a 0.15mm thickness is
more preferred over a 0.2mm thickness for example

Follow the mapping guide to see where the lengths go, your maps
will differ from client to client in lengths but they will be ascending
and descending at the same points

Remember, you length you choose, may not always be a longer
length extension that the clients natural lash when you are creat-
ing a new lash line style. More volume can be added with shorter
length lashes and longer length may not always look better on your

One more thing to bear in mind is if your client wears glasses, it will
drive them crazy if they brush against the lens on every blink!
The curl of the lash will determine the look. Take into consideration
the look you are trying to achieve and the shape and size of the
eye, eyelid and brow

PROCEDURE 1. Carry out a consultation with your client to find out what type
of look they want to achieve. Educating your clients on the
names and looks of styles can be helpful to both your client
and yourself. Look at the clients eye shape and size to help you
choose your mapping style

2. Cleanse your clients eye area and apply the gel lash pads,
ensuring all bottom lashes are held down out of the way

Always apply pads a little way away from the waterline. Use a
little bit of tape over the top of your pad if needed to better fit
the eye and cover bottom lashes

3. If you need to apply a primer, do this before marking your map
as it could smudge your markings

4. With a pen (coloured is preferable) mark your sections and
write your lengths using your chosen map style. Sections and
lengths may differ slightly in size due to your clients eye shape
and size

5. Isolate and start applying your lashes, giving enough space and
time for drying and to avoid clumping

6. Fill the lash line until your set is complete

7. Ensure your glue is dry before asking the client to open their
eyes, using a fan or similar

8. Show your client their wonderful bespoke set

9. Fill out record card. Note down which lash map style you used
and the length, thickness and curl, so you are ready for infills

AFTER-CARE 1. Don’t let lashes get wet for at least 24 hours
2. Brush and cleanse lashes daily
3. Avoid oily products on or around the eye area
4. Do not pick or pull at your lashes
5. Have regular infills every 2-3 weeks

Lash Mapping
1. What is lash mapping?
2. Why is it encouraged to use a coloured pen for mapping?
3. What eye shapes would an open eye map be best suited to?
4. What map style is recommended for downturned eye shapes?
5. What map style is recommended for deep set eyes?
6. What is the importance of applying shorter length lashes in the inner corners of the eye?
7. What could happen if you applied an open eye map to a rounded eye shape?
8. What thickness of lash extension is best suited to finer natural lashes?
9. Would you cleanse and prime before or after drawing on your mapping guide?
10. List three aftercare tips

Please email your answers back to [email protected]
Upon completion you will be emailed a certificate. If you require a paper
copy , there will be an addtional charge of £5.00 inc. postage

2. - Popular lash map styles 3. - Lash mapping templates 4. - Different eye shapes and which style is best suited 5. - Choosing the correct lash 6. - Mapping procedure A lash map is a …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are lash maps and how to use them?

Using lash maps helps you create perfect symmetry between the eyes when applying eyelash extensions. There are different maps to suit different eye shapes and preferences. After consulting with your client, pick your preferred lash map and length, and draw it on the under-eye pad.

How do lash techs create high intensity lashes?

Most lash techs strive for high intensity when they create a dramatic set of lashes. You can map it in a way that adds drama to the lashes based on the specific shape and texture of the client’s eye and eyelashes, respectively. 6. For Squirrel:

What is a wispy lash extension?

Wispy Lash Extension is a technique where a handmade lash fan uses 2-6 lashes, then applied using alternating lash lengths, which gives them the appearance of a False Strip Lashes & also known as the Kim-K look. Wispy Volume Lash Extension Full Set suits clients who desire a strip lash look.