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Lancaster christmas parade lancaster south carolina

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City of Lancaster Christmas Parade
Read all information and fill out page 3 and 4

Now is the time to begin making your plans to be part of the 2021
Lancaster Christmas Parade. The Parade will be held on Saturday,
December 4 at 5 pm in the Cultural Arts District in Historic Downtown

The parade beginning on Main Street, at Springs Street, and
continuing through historic downtown, then exiting onto Williams

Because this is an evening parade, lighting and/or reflective materials are required, for safety and
show, on your unit. Units will be inspected during staging time. Please be aware that those units
not following the parade guidelines will be subject to rejection from the parade without refund

This year’s Theme is “Winter Wonderland.”
Try to use this theme when decorating your unit to try to win one of the city’s trophies! The
Lancaster Christmas Parade is becoming widely known for its lit parade -- from lighting the largest
float to the smallest child, everyone comes together to make this event a bright success

Each entry will be announced at the judges’ stage on Main Street at Dunlap. Lancaster High
School’s Learn TV will be located at Main and Gay Street filming the parade. When completing
your application please complete the Learn TV form so that the anchor will introduce you correctly,
this information is required for this year

Please call or e-mail with any questions or concerns that you may have! We look forward to
seeing you on Saturday, December 4!
Application deadline is November 22nd by 5 PM. Placement in the parade is based upon
application submission and type of entry

Happy Holidays, DATES TO REMEMBER:
November November 22nd 5 pm: Professional Float Choice
Joe Timmons III and Entries due in City Hall

Events and Promotion Manager DEADLINE November 22nd by 5 PM
See Lancaster December 4th Staging begins 2 pm at LHS
City of Lancaster
120 W Arch St

Lancaster, SC 29720
[email protected]
Parade Rules & Regulations
Entries participating in this theme will be eligible for judging. It is very important to the success of the parade
and the full enjoyment and safety of all participants and spectators that you know your responsibilities. Please
review these guidelines with your participants

1. Parade Units:
All Parade Units will be parked in Black or Orange Parking Lots at Lancaster High, people riding the floats,
or dropping people off for the parade but use the Green Parking Lot. NO ONE will be dropped off at Black
or Orange Parking Lots

a. STAGING begins at 2 pm on Dec. 4th and ends at 4:30 pm in the Lancaster High School
Parking lots. No admittance in the staging area after 4:30 pm

b. Please do not bring a Santa. There is one Santa and he will close the parade


d. Walkers may hand out candy

e. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden
f. No smoking on or around units
g. FLOATS: Floats transporting people, more than 30 inches from the ground must have side rails

Rails should measure a minimum of three feet from the floor of the unit

h. Participants are not allowed on or off of the parade unit once in motion
i. All motorized units must be operated by a licensed driver with current auto insurance. ALL
Automotive Insurance) AT STEP-OFF
j. Only street legal vehicles are allowed with general liability insurance shown at line up. If
insurance is not present you will be asked to leave the lineup. Horses/ Horse Groups must have
Equine general liability insurance coverage and proof at the parade

k. Motorcycles/Automobiles/Horses/Any parade applicants that do any of the following (but not
limited to): “racing”, “figure eights,” “Wheelies,” or anything considered “stunting” or
“reckless behavior” will be ticketed or banned from participating in future events with the City
of Lancaster

l. Motorcycles will be idling frequently

2. All Parade Entries:
a. A space of no more than 30 feet for each entries will be enforced

b. All performances must be in good taste. This is a family event, therefore routines and or
expressions that are lewd, obscene are expressly prohibited and likewise actions portraying
violent, abusive and/or offensive behavior are not permitted and will be grounds for removal

c. Adult 18 years or older must accompany children at all times

d. The signing applicant must have rules in their possession and be present at time of entry

3. Entry Numbers/Signage
a. Entry Numbers, will be provided by the City of Lancaster Parade staff and distributed during
parade line-up

b. Signage: Participants are responsible for sign or placard stating the name of the entry and
sponsor. Signs must be on the first vehicle on the LEFT front windshield or held by the person
at the front on the LEFT

• PARADE JUDGING (Please use Theme “ Winter Wonderland ” BRIGHTEST, BEST OVERALL,
4. No On-Day Parade entrees

a. SAFETY IS FIRST! We also reserve the right to remove any entry or participant from the parade
when the actions of that entry, or its participants, present a danger to spectators or other parade
entries. Decisions of The City of Lancaster and Parade Committee are final. If any automobiles,
motorcycles, horses, or Any parade applicants that do any of the following (but not limited to):
“racing”, “figure eights,” “Wheelies,” or anything considered “stunting” or “reckless behavior”
will be ticketed or banned from participating in future events with the City of Lancaster

The primary focus of the Lancaster Christmas Parade is to provide a safe, enjoyable and quality parade in and on
the streets of Downtown Lancaster in celebration of the holidays. If at any time, leading up to or on parade day,
the weather/street conditions are deemed unsafe, the parade will be cancelled and rescheduled per Lancaster
City. Please check the City of Lancaster website
2021 Christmas in the City
Christmas Parade
Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 5 pm ~ ENTRY DEADLINE: November 22, 2021 by 5 PM
Contact Person _________________________________________________________________________________
City_________________________________________________________________ State__________
Zip_____________________ Phone: Primary _______________Secondary________________________________
*e-mail: _______________________________________________________________________________________
(Communication will be through e-mail unless otherwise noted)
ENTRY TYPE: Please complete all entry information… Each form represents ONE entry
Theme: “ ” No addition of vehicles the day of if you put two vehicles that is all you can have

• ___ Professional Floats: (Floats are delivered and driven by Cline Floats Co. Please call events office for
available rentals and information: 803-283-2489. Rentals must be ordered by NOVEMBER 22, 2021)
o With Walking Group? YES NO
• ___ Self-Built Float: (1 Float)
o With Walking Group? YES NO
o Make/Model of vehicle pulling float __________________________________________
o Type of trailer used as the float and size ___________________________________________
o Overall length and full measurements are important for positioning in staging area
• ___ Motorized Unit: (up to 2 motorized units ONLY)
o Make/Model of vehicle(s) _______________________________________________________
o With Walking Group? YES NO
• __ Walking Unit: No Vehicle
o Type of Walking Group (stepping group, marching band, Church group) etc________________
• __ WILL Music/Sound be added? ___ yes ___ no

o If yes, in what way… singing, sound system, Please explain _____________________________
ENTRY FEE STRUCTURE: $10 Non-profits, $25 Commercial/Businesses,
No-charge for Lancaster County School Organizations ONLY
Return this entry form and appropriate entry fee by November 22,2021
Mail to Christmas Parade PO Box 1149, Lancaster, SC 29721
I/we further agree to defend, and hold harmless the City of Lancaster, SC, The Lancaster Christmas parade committee
and its employees or agents against loss or expense, including attorney’s fees for loss or expense because of bodily
injury, death or property damage sustained by any person or persons. It is further agreed that I/we, as participants,
will provide proof of general liability and auto insurance for the parade entry naming the City as an additional insured

Participant further agrees to have received, read, understood, and will fully comply with all of the City of Lancaster
parade Rules and Regulations

______________________________________ ______________________________________
Name of Organization Organization Representative
_______________________________________ ____________
City Date
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Participant’s Signature Participant’s Parent or Guardian
Parade Number
(Office Use Only)
2021 Parade Unit Information
Please complete for our hosts to use on the parade. Use additional pages if necessary
Name of Organization:__________________________
Organization Representative:____________________
Phone Number:________________________________
What does your float and/or vehicle look like :
Organization Leader/President:
Number of members in your organization:
When your organization was founded:
When your organization meets/number of hours it practices OR if business,
hours of operation
Your activities during the year or services you provide
Information about your unit: (How it was built, hours spent building it, special
features, etc.)
Any unusual stories about building the float or about your organization that
you want to share
Other information you would like us to share on TV

City of Lancaster Christmas Parade Read all information and fill out page 3 and 4. Now is the time to begin making your plans to be part of the 2021 Lancaster Christmas Parade. The Parade …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lancaster holiday festival parade?

The Lancaster Holiday Festival Parade is one of the main annual events in Lancaster, Ohio. The parade, which always takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, begins and ends at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. The event lasts from 10 am until noon. Columbus Street, Main Street, and Broad Street are the best areas to see the Parade.

Whats happening in the city of lancaster for the holidays?

The City of Lancaster kicks off the holidays with Small Business Saturday on November 26th, shop small and support local businesses, makers, and more. 2. Menorah Lighting Head into Lancaster City in the evenings December 18-26 for the Menorah Lightings! 3. Mayor's Tree Lighting

What to do in lancaster pa in december?

Mayor's Tree Lighting Peruse local shops, listen to live music, and see the Mayor's Tree Lighting on November 25th! 4. Santa Visits Santa will also be making his way through the city December 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th with help from the city's fire and police departments. 5. Lancaster Shops Late

What to do in lancaster city at night?

Experience the once-a-year retail experience as Lancaster City’s shops, boutiques, and more stay open late into the night. The Lancaster City Bureaus of Fire and Police will escort Santa through Lancaster City as he visits downtown and the neighborhoods.