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Hackettstown, NJ 07840
298 Main Street
First Presbyterian Church
OFFICE: 908-852-4011
e-mail: [email protected]
Church website,
Editor: MaryAnn Simmons from the
Please keep the following in your
CHURCH OFFICE: (908) 852-4011 1: Jaclyn Shoemaker
Virginia Agens
Anthony Arcilla
Jeff Archer
3: Haley DelPlato
Rachel Becker, Floyd Smith’s
Pastor: Rev. Birda Ferguson 9: Jennifer Bramley
Choir Director/Organist: Lorinda Ravo Ryan Van Orden
Jeff Beddow
Treasurer: Al Ravo 12: Justin Simmons
Robert Best Family
15: Suzanne Raphaels
Financial Secretary: Deborah Gulick Shepherd Richard Bodycomb
16: Jamie Lynn Arcilla
Head Usher: Kim Newton Bramley Family
18: Marci Snyder
Church Secretary: Mary Lightfoot Mary Brodt
22: Jerre Budd
Eris Bunnel
Sexton: John Mark Wojcicki 23: Dottie Kappers
Jane Buzan
25: Samantha Newton
Pam Covert & her dad Jim
26: Daniel Carpenter
Alisa Dartnell’s mother
2017 SESSION 28: Justin Sentner
Jacob DeGregoris
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Ginny Plumbo
Laura DelPlato
Jim Butts Sandy Archer Ryan Van Orden 29: Barbara Courtright
Maria & Garry Ferguson, Birda’s in-laws
Mike Plumbo
Jennifer Aquino Vicky Lee Don Luques FPCH
Grace Clegg Sandy Woolcock Patton Ghetti Family
Diane Hull John Mark Wojcicki Carl Erickson Rose Green
Terry Gretchen
Jimmy Harris Family
Bob Hollenfer
Neil Kappers
Dorothy Knauer
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Judy Kolwicz
Patricia Butts Jen Bramley Barbara Cors Dotty & George Landiak
Alisa Dartnell Donna Erickson Charles Lee Mary Kate Lee
Sharon Heil Barbara Hall Chris Roguso Ligarzewski family
Cynthia Luques Marge Conroy Maikuu congregation, Kibwezi Kenya
Members of the Armed Forces
6: Carl & Donna Erickson Barbara Pace, niece of the Prestopines
2016 HEAVEN SENT NURSERY SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES 8: Scott & Michele Cameron Edith Payton (mother of Sharon Heil)
OFFICE: 852-2006 11: Otto & Lori Fleischman Ratti Family
Carl Erickson - ’17 Dan Gardner - ’18 23: Richard & Grace Clegg Elizabeth Robitsch
25: Doug & Peg Russack Lauren Scavo(niece of Glenn Ferguson)
Ginny Plumbo - ’19 Nicole Keane - HS Parent
26: Jim & Pat Butts Mark Tilney
Ray Van Orden
Zellars Family
4: Church worship and Communion - 10:00 am
7: Yarn Girls - 1:00 pm in the Conference Room
Dear Friends,
10: Men’s Breakfast - 8:30 am at the Chapel
It's June and there is much to celebrate! Pentecost falls on June
10: Stone Soup Symphony Concert - 3:00 PM at FPCH
11: Church worship in the Chapel - 10:00 am 4th, reminding us that God sent the Holy Spirit to energize and pre-
17: Women’s Breakfast - 9:00 am at River Star Diner pare Jesus' followers to continue the work he started. Remember to
18: Church worship in the Chapel - 10:00 am wear RED, the color of Pentecost, as we share the Lord's Supper and
18: Happy Father’s Day! hear the dramatic story. If you want to help "REDD-UP" the sanctu-
20: Session Meeting - 6:30 pm ary, join us at 10 a.m., June 3rd!
21: Ladies who Lunch - location to be announced June 11th, we will move over to the Chapel for summer wor-
25: Church worship in the Chapel - 10:00 am ship—still at 10 a.m.! We have discovered the joy of A/C on hot days
25: Graduate recognition during worship and appreciate a more informal setting around the tables. Throughout
25: Church Picnic after worship - 11:00 am the summer, we will offer a Children's Sermon every Sunday to re-
28: PLEFF Dinner - dinner location to be announced mind our children they are always a part of our worship life

27: Deacons’ Meeting - 6:30 pm We congratulate all our graduates whose names are listed
elsewhere in this newsletter. On June 25th, we invite all graduates of
high school, trade school, junior college, four-year college, or gradu-
NOTE: Choir and Ringers rehearsals will resume in August! ate school to join us in the Chapel at 291 Main Street for worship at
10 a.m. We want to let you know how proud we are of you and ask
God's blessing on you as you move into the future. (If we have
missed your name, please contact the church office with your informa-
The color of the season of Pentecost (which lasts until just be-
fore Advent begins) is GREEN, representing life and growth—two im-
portant themes of the Church. In fact, the theme of our 2017 Vacation
Bible School is "GROWING WITH GOD"! Let's "grow with God" all
I'll be watching for you!
Birda Buzan Ferguson, Pastor
The Expenses Paid and Income amounts below do not include the June 4: NO EYE HAS SEEN-Senior Choir
funds transferred from the Endowment to meet the church operating On this Pentecost Sunday, our Senior Choir ends their “season” with this
expenses. uplifting anthem that uses 1 Corinthians 2: 9 as its inspiration: “No eye
February Year to Date has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what God has pre-
Income $17,386.56 $69,412.39 pared…..but by His spirit it will be revealed

Expenses Paid $16,403.12 $65,132.53
Net Operating Income/Deficit $ 983.44 $ 4,279.86 We all give thanks to our Senior Choir who faithfully share their talents
Amount Needed from Endowment $ 0.00 $ 0.00 as they help to lead worship throughout the year. If you’ve been think-
ing that you’d like to give being in the choir a try, speak to me and I’ll
At the end of April, there was send you a reminder when choir rehearsals begin again at the end of
$1,307.83 in invoices received and August. You’ll find that choir is SO much more than just singing!
pending obligations due in May. These
expenses were for credit card charges As we move to the Chapel for our summer worship services beginning
and payroll fees. on June 11, our anthems will be provided by soloists, duos, and other
volunteers. If you’d like to share your talent on any Sunday, please let
The 2017 Per Capita is $35.00 for each me know and I’ll get you on the schedule!
of the 208 members of our Church

The total amount due in 2017 is
$7,280.00 or $606.67 monthly. In
April, $213.00 was received for the Per How great are these kids? They certainly ended their Sunday School
Capita bringing the total amount re- year with a BANG as they made “When The Saints Go Marching In” bring
ceived in 2017 to $4,455.00 or 61% of joy to everyone! We’ll start new Sunday School songs next September,
the annual amount due. and if you have a favorite from your
Sunday School days, please let me
Do you think you’d like to try your
Please contact Al Ravo if you have any questions or would like to dis-
hand at ringing our chimes? We’ll be
cuss the Church’s operational finances, the Endowment Funds or Per
starting rehearsals again sometime at
Capita. the end of August and you’re welcome
to give us a try. You DO NOT have to
be able to read music to ring-if you
can count to 4, you too can be a member of the FPCH Ringers. We re-
hearse on Thursday evenings from 6:40-7:20 pm

WE ARE GRATEFUL Congratulations, Graduates!
In April, we received letters of resignation from Elder Gwenn Bartku and Spring is a time of lovely weather and joyful times. It is a time of celebration of our
Deacon Nicole Keane, respectively. They each chose to resign from the Lord who has risen and a time of celebration of our students who worked hard in their
Session (Gwenn) and Board of Deacons (Nicole) because of family and educational paths. This month, we would like to recognize the many young men and
work responsibilities. The Session and Deacons received their resignations women who have demonstrated a true dedication to their studies throughout the year

with regret and appreciate for the time and energy they gave to their Lord The following students reached wonderful milestones in their lives and the congregation
would like to applaud them for their achievements in life

and this congregation. Thank you, Gwenn and Nicole!
*Natalie Staada, graduating from Nursery School. Granddaughter of Charles and Vicky

GET TO KNOW YOUR ELDERS AND DEACONS *Thomas Spencer. Grandson of Charles and Vicky Lee

*Maryna Hoskins, graduating from Lyons Township High School in LaGrange Illinois

Niece of Charles and Vicky Lee

This month, we introduce Elder Diane Hull and Deacon Jen Bramley. *Jessica Dartnell. Bachelor of Arts, double major in Creative Writing and Publishing and
Editing with a minor in Spanish. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Susquehanna Uni-
versity and will be attending Columbia University’s Summer Graduate Program. She is
Diane has been a member of FPCH since "forever"! She was ordained as a the daughter of Thomas and Alisa Dartnell

Deacon in 2008 and then a Rullng Elder in 2011. Diane is retired from M&M *Lauren DelPlato. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with certification in Special and Ele-
Mars and works part-time at Cochran Fu- mentary Education. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Marist College. She is the
neral Home. She serves on the Buildings daughter of Chris and Nancy DelPlato

and Grounds Committee, the Worship *Justin Simmons. Bachelor of Arts in History Education. Graduated from Waynesburg
University. He is the son of Jim and MaryAnn Simmons
Team, sings in the choir, and plays in the
*Jolene Venturini Stark. Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy

Tone Chime choir. She is married to Jan Graduated from Caldwell University. She is the wife of Micah Stark and the daughter of
Courtright. Tony and Pam Venturini

*Andrea “Andi” Sobolewski. Received her Law Juris Doctorate Degree. Graduated from
Jen joined FPCH in 1998. She was or- Cardozo Law School in NYC. She is the daughter of Paul and Kate Sobolewski

dained a Deacon in 1999. Jen is a Senior
Congratulations to all! Please join the congregation in the celebration of your
Executive Underwriter for Hartford Financial Products. She is married to achievements on June 25th at the 10 am worship service in the chapel

Chris. They are parents to Christopher III and the late Sarah Bramley

Jen works with the Deacons Adopt-a-
Family program and is involved in anti-
bullying programs in the community and
our congregation

Sharing God’s Bounty
What’s on God’s Refrigerator Door?
4 JUNE Janette & Don Hendershot
11 JUNE Barbara & William Cor
18 JUNE Front Door: Russ Reed If you are a parent or grandparent or even just an admirer of a
Side Door: Maria Koskulics young child, your refrigerator door may be the showcase of one or
more paintings or drawings. To a visitor, that work of art may be just a
25 JUNE Front Door: Muriel Stelingwerf
mass of scribbles, but to the one who loves the child it is a master-
Side Door: Sandy Lindstedt piece. We love the gift because of the person who made it and gave it
to us. It is precious to us because it was a gift from the heart. The mo-
tive of the child was pure and loving

Perhaps our gifts to God are similar. We’re such amateurs, such ba-
bies. God could accomplish his work so much more efficiently by him-
Let us keep Rose Green and her family in our thoughts and prayers. self. Our works, even if monumental by human standards, are just
Rose's sister, Katherine Dimiceli, entered the Kingdom of Heaven April scribbles if God would judge them in relation to his ability. Because he
27 after a long illness. In addition to Rose, she is survived by her hus- loves us, though – and loves us far more than a parent or grandparent
band Edward, four daughters, nine loves a child – He looks at our works with eyes of love. He sees our
grandchildren, and 10 great-grand- hearts and knows we are motivated by love and faith, and he is
chldren. May God's love give them pleased. He is so pleased that, if he had a refrigerator, he’d use it to
peace and hope! display our works done for his glory

Please remember Kim Ligarzews- God has given us gifts to use for this purpose – to glorify him by
ki in your prayers. Kim's grand- serving others. In 1 Peter 4:10 we read, “Each one should use whatev-
mother, (a.k.a. Gaybo) died in May er gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s
at the age of 101 years and 10 grace in its various forms.” God has seen to it that each of us has
months! The love you shared will something to offer. He gives us the privilege of serving and then pro-
be with you always! vides all that we need to do so

Just as the budding art student improves with the help of a teacher
Let us keep Sharon Heil's family in and with appropriate tools to create his work, so does God teach us
prayers on the recent death of her cousin, Don Tomlinson. through his Word how to fulfill our purpose and how to improve our
service. So also he gives gifts of time and money and talents and then
Let us give thanks for the God of the Resurrection whose love brings his Word and Sacrament to strengthen us for service

us hope every day

© Copyright Parish Publishing, LLC ● May not be copied
MEN’S AND LADIES BREAKFASTS The Mission and Outreach Committee will again be collecting backpacks
and school supplies to distribute to children involved with the NJ De-
On the second Saturday of each month, men of the church meet in the partment of Children and Families (formerly DYFS) in Warren County

chapel at 8:30 am for Breakfast and conversation and fellowship. All We are in need of backpacks, notebooks
men and boys of the church, and those interested in learning more about (spiral-bound, 3-ring with filler paper,
FPCH are encouraged to attend whenever you can. Contact Don Luques and composition books), rulers, glue
for more information! sticks, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil
sharpeners, zippered pencil bags or
And then, on the third Saturday of the month, a Ladies Breakfast is held cases, crayons, colored pencils, colored
at 9:00 am at the River Star Diner on Rt. 57. Separate checks are the markers, scissors, calculators, and
order of the morning, as are a delicious breakfast of your choice and toothbrushes and toothpaste. There will
warm and welcoming conversation. If you’d like to be included on the be a box in the Chapel for collection

email reminder list, please check in with Deb Gulick-Shepherd! Donations will be accepted from July
16th through August 6th. Any ques-
LADIES WHO LUNCH tions, contact Donna Erickson, Grace Clegg, Sandy Archer or Carl Erick-
son. As always, we appreciate your support in this mission, and our ef-
It’s LWL time again! In April we enjoyed a delightful lunch at Max’s in
forts are truly appreciated by the children and their families

Califon, and now we’re ready for our June 21 outing. Stay tuned for in-
formation about where we’re headed, and for the sign up sheet that will
be in church! If you’re interested in joining the LWL group for our June
outing, please contact Lorinda. SOCIAL MEDIA and FPCH
Are you going somewhere great this summer? Doing something inter-
PLEFF esting? Organizing an outing with church friends? Please consider tak-
ing “Flat Stewie” (our church’s stewardship mascot) along and taking
The Ladies enjoyed a wonderful evening out on May 17 at the Pan Dan
photos. If you send the photos to Al or Lorinda Ravo, we’ll be able to
Room in Hackettstown. The next outing will occur on June 28th. Stay
share the FPCH outreach on either our church’s webpage or on the face-
tuned for the location. It is sure to be a treat!
book page, or on both!
And be sure to keep checking those pages for updates about summer ac-
tivities at FPCH

You may have heard that Sunday, June 4th is PENTECOST GROWING WITH GOD-2017 Vacation Bible School

Sunday. Did you know that the Pentecost Offering will be BY LORINDA RAVO
received that morning?
I said “A Boom Chicka Boom!!” We are so
The Pentecost Offering is one of four special offerings of he ready for our “Growing with God” VBS that is
Presbyterian Church (USA). happening from June 26-30. If you and your
friends haven’t yet registered, please be sure
to get the forms in. We have classes and
A gift to the Pentecost Offering helps the church encourage,
FUN ready for kids ages 3 to those who re-
develop, and support its young people, and also address the cently completed 4th grade. We run our
needs of at-risk children. 40% of the Pentecost offering can classes from 9:00-11:30 am, and can use as
be retained by individual congregations wanting to make an many hands as
impact in the lives of young people within their own commu- are able to give
nity. The remaining 60% is used to support ministries of the some time to help us out!
Presbyterian Mission Agency. Give at pcusa.org/pentecost

If you’d like to be part of the fun, please let
Pastor Birda or Lorinda know. The more
Our 40% will support our school backpack program for chil-
hands helping, the lighter the load, and the
dren in local schools. Give as generously as you can. Thank more fun for all!
In recognition of your achievements, our con-
gregation will acknowledge and honor you at
the June 25th service of worship in the CHAPEL
at 10 a.m. Please save the date to be sure to
be a part of this wonderful day!"
Our Board of Deacons plans a FREE MARKET for Saturday,
September 23rd in the Chapel. Save your "collectibles," The Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to announce the
clothing, household pots and pans, baking ware—anything opening of “Presbyterians and the American Revolution,” an in-
someone might need to furnish their home or apartment! Your house exhibit at 425 Lombard Street in Philadelphia

The new exhibit features sixty items from the Revolutionary War,
contributions may be brought to the Chapel between 4 and 8 pm
its build-up, and aftermath. Original manuscripts, rare publications, digi-
on Friday, September 22nd

tized images, and evocative artifacts fill the PHS lobby. A related hallway
display remembers Presbyterian celebrations of the centennial and bi-

REDD-UP FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT!! As with past PHS exhibits, "Presbyterians and the American Revo-
lution" draws heavily on the Society’s permanent collections, displaying
Saturday, June 3rd, at 10 a.m., volun- handwritten sermons by influential ministers such as John Rodgers,
George Duffield, and Francis Alison; records detailing damage to church-
teers will decorate our sanctuary for our
es and the lives of worshippers; and art objects connected to celebrated
celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit
Loyalist and Patriot Presbyterians, including Flora MacDonald, James
on Pentecost, June 4th. You are welcome Caldwell, and Azel Roe

to join us in filling the sanctuary with A prominent new feature for this exhibit comes from outside PHS:
RED balloons, streamers, and fans that loan materials from PC(USA) churches that were active during the
remind us of the first day when the Holy revolution, including Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City, NY; First
Spirit appeared to the disciples gathered Presbyterian Church, Trenton, NJ; Old Pine Presbyterian Church, Phil-
in a room in Jerusalem. Those who help adelphia, PA; and Springfield Presbyterian Church, Springfield, NJ

decorate will be treated to pizza at noon! Exhibits tell the broad story of Presbyterian attitudes toward the
rebellion and its historical legacies. A 1789 newspaper containing pub-
lished letters between the Moderator of the first PCUSA General Assem-
DEACON'S CLOTHING DRIVE A SUCCESS bly, John Rodgers, and President George Washington complements a
hand-written note from General Washington to Chaplain Rodgers from
Thanks to everyone who supported and helped with the Dea- 1784. (The first four Presidents are represented in the exhibit through
con's annual clothing drive, May 20th! They collected 250 bags personal correspondence or manuscripts.) A 1767 letter asking John
and earned $710 toward their mission programs. Well-done! Witherspoon to lead the College of New Jersey—today’s Princeton Uni-
versity—rests beside a 1784 Benjamin Franklin missive discouraging Col-
lege of New Jersey president Witherspoon from attempting to raise funds
in Europe!
by: Deb Gulick-Shepherd
Good Shepherd Christian Academy in Washington, NJ is looking for a full-time
elementary teacher AND a part-time art teacher for their 2017-2018 school In 1907 the congregation undertook a large renovation project
year. For more information, send a cover letter, resume and pastoral reference to the main sanctuary. Under the direction of Rev. Dr. James W. Mar-
to: Mrs. Cindy L. Weaver, Administrator; Good Shepherd Christian Academy; tyn a number of projects were completed:the long box galleries were
490 Route 57 West; Washington, NJ 07882, replaced with a circular balcony, new golden oak pews were installed
in a semi-circle, and the stained glass windows were installed as well
OR as a new organ

Email to: [email protected]
Our Stewardship and Fellowship Commit-
tees will host a church picnic immediately follow-
ing worship at the Chapel on Sunday, June 25th

All food and beverages will be provided – there is
no need to bring anything. It will be held indoors
even if the weather is nice, so if you wish to sit
outside, please bring your own lawn chairs

A signup sheet is posted in the sanctuary so people can let us know how
many will be attending for purposes of providing enough food. There will be
hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, salads, baked
beans, brownies, watermelon I would like to encourage all of the ministries to submit news about up-
and beverages. We hope to see coming projects and/or dates so that they can be shared with the en-
everyone come to worship and tire congregation

Please email me at [email protected] by the third week
stay for a wonderful time of de-
of the month to ensure your news is printed

licious food and good fellow-
ship! Thank you

MaryAnn Simmons

Elsewhere in this newsletter. On June 25th, we invite all graduates of high school, trade school, junior college, four-year college, or gradu-ate school to join us in the Chapel at 291 Main …

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