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Job order form zippers performance


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6655 AMBERTON DRIVE, STE A [email protected]
Job Order Form
Thank you for choosing Zipper’s Performance. Prior to sending Zipper’s your motorcycle parts we will be reviewing your request. Please fill
out this Job Order Form to the best of your knowledge then email the form to [email protected]. Once we receive the
form, it will be reviewed by an engine expert who will, if needed, assist with advice or any unresolved job related questions

We prefer to review your job order form, via email, so we can edit and share recommendations with you. If you have previously discussed
your job with an agent, considering hundreds of jobs are constantly in process, we are not likely to remember previous conversations about
the important specific details of your job. Always place the job order form in the box with your cores

Cores and components sent for machining should be in serviceable condition. Previously modified components will likely require
additional labor at an additional cost and in some cases may not qualify for a Zipper’s-engineered service or kit. If there is any question
concerning your cores and this policy, please send pictures to p[email protected], before shipping your cores

• To protect the integrity of the work we perform and the price structure of our kits, if you plan to supply any parts they must be approved
in advance by email before shipping your job

• Most components require some important cleaning and/or preparation steps before work can be performed. Because improper
cleaning methods can actually do more harm than good, we suggest you allow us to properly prepare your parts for modification

Extreme care is taken during out preparation process to preserve finishes. Additional charges do apply for these services

• Note - Do not send glass beaded M8 heads. Soda blast only!
• Parts should be washed free of oil and wrapped in heavy newspaper or a bag before being put in protective cartons. Strip down
components whenever possible

• A standard charge of $4.50 is billed to each work order to cover shop costs for chemical disposal and other materials used during the
processing of a job

Shipping Engine Parts/Cores to Zipper’s
Replacing damaged or broken castings/parts is expensive

Protect your parts to assure they will arrive safely

Important Tips to assure they arrive safely:
• Wrap the parts in a large plastic bag (If you don’t have one consider a trash bag)
• Pack the heads-cylinders or other parts in individual boxes tape securely

• Put each individual box inside of larger box with at least 2” of “cushion” packed tightly on all sides
• Newspaper and layers of cardboard work well - Never use packing peanuts or bubble wrap
• Any loose parts in the box, use of undersize light duty boxes, expect parts to arrive damaged
• Remember the package can be dropped 4 feet by each shipping handler before it arrives to destination
• Based on value of cores consider insuring the package, save your tracking info
• Filled out Job Order form to the best of your ability, place a copy of the Job Order form in box

• Email job order form before you ship
• Tape well and ship. (We recommend insuring the package, and saving the tracking information.)
• Shipping from Overseas? Contact us for more details

Name: Contact Person at Zipper’s: Date:
Customer Info
Email Address: Phone:
City: State: Zipcode: Country:
Year & Model: Usage: Cruising Touring Sport Racing Other:
Current Engine Size: Proposed Engine Size: Bore/Stroke: X
Crankshaft mileage: Crankshaft MFG: CON. ROD TYPE:
Rocker Ratio
Engine & Motorcycle Information
CAM: Cam Plate/Oil Pump:
Type & Brand:
Cylinder Head Type: Milwaukee-Eight Twin Cam Twin Cam CVO Twin Cam MVA XL 883 XL 1200 Evolution Other:
Additional Information:
Piston Dome
Shape/Volume - MFG Part #: Target Compression Ratio:
Fuel Delivery: EFI CARB Throttle Body Size:
Injector Size: Proposed Carburetor: Proposed Tuner:
Proposed Ignition System: Proposed Exhaust System:
Castings or Cores to be Sent
Thermal Coating Options:
Cylinder Heads:
Summarize Requested Work, questions or comments to review:
Summarize Requested Work
Date Job
approved by
Customer: ______________________________________
[email protected]

• Parts should be washed free of oil and wrapped in heavy newspaper or a bag before being put in protective cartons. Strip down components whenever possible. • A standard charge of $4.50 …

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