Job Aid 5661 Add A Word Report To Unite Pdf

Job aid 5661 add a word report to unite pdf

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Unite Education Program v6.5
Job Aid: 5661
Add a Word Report to Unite
A Word report is a report in Unite that generates an output file by merging source data in Unite
with mail merge fields in a Word document. For each Word report you add to Unite, you must
select the mail merge fields and specify conditions that determine which records are used to
generate the output file

To add the report
1. Open a browser and log on to Unite

2. Click REPORTS

3. Click the Word tab

0B Note
If there is an existing report that is similar, you can copy it to add a
new report and have less to configure in the new report

5. Verify you are on the Report Fields tab

6. In the Report Name field, enter a name for the report

7. In the Available Fields list select the check box for each data source field you want to add
to the report

1B Note
If you want to search, start typing the field name in the Search
Available text box. As you type, the number of available fields

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2B Note
Fields come from person and application records and are organized
into sections based on the area in Unite where each field is located. Be
sure to select the correct data source field to add to Unite

3B Note
You may need to perform steps 7 and 8 multiple times depending on
how many categories from which you pull fields

9. In the Selected Fields list, configure the options for each data source field you added

4B Note
You can reorder the fields, designate a sort order for each field, and
specify other options as needed

11. Click the Condition tab

12. From the Condition Name list box, select a condition list for the report

5B Note
The condition list determines which records Unite uses to generate the
output file you want

6B Note
If there is not an existing condition list you want to use, click ,
and then enter a name in the New Condition List Name field. Select
fields you want to add to the condition list, and then configure options
for each field

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13. Click

14. Click to close Report Builder window

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Word. tab. 4. Click . 0B. Note . If there is an existing report that is similar, you can copy it to add a new report and have less to configure in the new report. 5. Verify you are on the . Report …

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Do i need a microsoft word job aid template?

You don’t need a Microsoft Word job aid template. You just need to follow these steps: 1. Open a Word document Ok. This is a simple step. The important thing is that you can do this with a new or existing document.

When to use a step by step job aid format?

You should use a step by step job aid format if the task: Is linear with no alternate paths. Doesn’t require decision making. Needs to be done in a specific order. How to design a successful step by step job aid: Add only the most relevant steps to complete the task.

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