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• Name
• Store Assignment
• Favorite Movie(s)
• Bucket List Item
The Mobile Clock
• The Mobile Clock is your hub for
everything you need from Quest
• The Mobile Clock is used to make
punches, submit expenses, receive
news, submit safety reports,
complete safety surveys, and more

• Access the Mobile Clock by going
• Your login info is your employee ID
and the last 4 digits of your SSN
Using the Time Clock
• Before making any
punches, make sure
your GPS is turned on
• All punches of any kind
must be tracked
• Access the time clock
from the main menu
and follow the prompts
to select your project,
state, and store
Using the Time Clock (2)
• Upon entering the
punch screen, you will
be prompted to allow
location tracking. Click
• Make sure the map is
visible for every punch
you make, and that you
are in the correct
location on the map
Using the Time Clock (3)
• Follow these steps for all punches you make
every day
• Any shift greater than five (5) hours must
include an unpaid, 30 minute meal break
• This meal break must be clocked using the
Break Out and Break In punch options and
must be tracked like all other punches
Electronic Device Policies
• If you are provided with company-owned
equipment, you are responsible for the
upkeep of that device
• Company devices are intended for business
use only, and excessive personal use will not
be tolerated
• All communications are subject to the
company’s anti-harassment, anti-
discrimination, and non-solicitation policies
Pay Day/Overtime
• All full-time field employees are paid bi-
weekly on Thursdays
• You can be paid by a live check mailed to you,
or by opting in to the Direct Deposit program
• Overtime must be directed or approved in
advance by your Quest supervisor/manager
• Overtime is paid for actual hours worked over
40 in one week, except as otherwise provided
for by local rule or regulation
Non-Discrimination and
Sexual Harassment
• Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an
individual’s sex, race, color, national origin, age,
religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other
legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated
• Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual
advances; or visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a
sexual nature, including gender-based harassment of
a person of the same sex as the harasser
Code of Conduct
• All employees are expected to follow rules of
conduct that will protect the interests and safety
of all employees and the organization
• Infractions may result in disciplinary action, up to
and including termination
• The full list is located in the Employee Handbook
and should be read thoroughly
• While on premises, no employee may use,
possess, distribute, sell, or be under the influence
of alcohol or illegal drugs
Dress Code
• During business hours, or when representing the
company, employees are expected to dress and groom
themselves keeping the following guidelines in mind:
– JCPenney Retail associates must dress in a professional

– All employees are issued JC Penney vendor shirts which
must be worn at all times
– Black pants are preferred
– Clothing cannot contain other visible logos
– Appropriate shoes must be worn: open-toed shoes or
sandals are not permitted
– The use of headphones, ear buds, or any personal
entertainment device is prohibited
– No sneakers, work boots, jeans or sweatpants
Theft of Time and Money
• Theft of company property includes any items
owned by the company, it’s customers, or
other agencies the company has entered into
contract with
• Theft of company time is defined as
employees not working their scheduled shifts
while giving the impression that they are
• Either can lead to direct termination

– JCPenney Retail associates must dress in a professional manner. – All employees are issued JC Penney vendor shirts which must be worn at all times – Black pants are preferred – …

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