How To Create A Legacy Society Brochure

How to create a legacy society brochure

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How to Create a Legacy Society Brochure
For more information, see Funding Future Ministry Chapter VII Establishing a Legacy Society
and Chapter VI Educating Your Congregation

Creating an effective Legacy Society brochure is essential to build awareness and to invite new

Effective brochures need to be both persuasive and informational. Try to keep a balance
between the two. Remember, the ultimate goal is to encourage people to join the Legacy
Society. Give them a way to respond

• They need a reason to join (persuasive)
• They need to understand how to join (informational)
• They need explicit directions to pursue next steps (response)
Brochure Cover
Wording for Cover
• An Invitation to Join (name of Legacy Society)
Artwork and Pictures for cover
• Legacy Society or church logo
• Picture or drawing of the church or other image that is recognizable to parishioners
Brochure Content
The brochure should cover the following

History and Purpose of the Legacy Society
Include brief information about the history and purpose of the Legacy Society. Answer the
following questions:
• Is the Legacy Society named after someone?
• What was his/her/their compelling contribution to the parish?
• When was the Legacy Society established?
• What is its purpose?
Sample text: The purpose of the Society is to recognize those individuals and
families who have remembered St. Swithin’s Church in their estate plans through
a documented planned gift. More so, the Society serves to enable members and
friends to witness to the value of St. Swithin’s in their lives and secure its
ministries for generations to come

Vision for the Legacy Society
Share the vision for the Legacy Society

Sample text: Gifts to the Legacy Society are acts of hope for the future of our
parish. Through God’s grace and your generosity, St. Swithin’s will be well
equipped to serve our community in generations to come… (continue along this
The Benefits or Rewards of Membership
Consider the spiritual rewards of giving

Sample text: We give out of our treasure today to bless others in the future…
(continue along this theme)
Describe the benefits and honors of membership in the Society

Sample text: Every year, names of new members of the Legacy Society will be
added to a plaque displayed in the church narthex. All Legacy Society members
will be honored at an annual members dinner. Members will also be invited to
seminars and special events on planned giving, financial and estate planning

Becoming a Member
Encourage a planned gift to the Legacy Society

Sample text: You may become a member of the Legacy Society simply by
notifying us that you have named St. Swithin’s Church a beneficiary in your will
or estate plan

You may also require members to sign a declaration of intention. If so, include that information
and direct them where to obtain the Legacy Society enrollment form

Forms of Planned Giving
Include a brief description of the types of planned gifts

Sample text:
• A Bequest in a Will: The easiest and most common way of making a planned gift
is through a bequest in your will. You can designate a specific amount of money,
a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset. St. Swithin’s could also be named
as a contingent beneficiary

• Life Income Gifts: Gifts such as a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder
trust, or a pooled income fund provide you and/or your designated beneficiary
income for life. Upon your passing, the church receives the gift. Life income gifts
generally reduce or eliminate certain taxes and guarantee an income for life

• Life Insurance: Life insurance can be used to make a sizeable gift to St

Swithin’s. For example, you can purchase a new policy and make the church the
owner and beneficiary of the policy. You can make St. Swithin’s the owner and
beneficiary of an existing policy you no longer need. Or you can name St

Swithin’s a contingent beneficiary of an existing policy. Your life insurance could
“endow” your annual pledge to St. Swithin’s

• A Life Estate: You can deed your home, vacation property, or condominium to
St. Swithin’s and retain the right to live in the property and/or receive income
from the property for as long as you or your beneficiaries live. A life estate gift
reduces capital gains, inheritance and estate taxes and offers an income tax
deduction as well

Consider including how planned gifts can be funded

Sample text: Depending on the type of planned gift, different assets may be used
to fund it. Cash, appreciated securities, appreciated property, or personal
property (such as jewelry or art) may be options. Check with your financial and
legal advisors before making a gift

Designating Your Gift
Tell how you accept or encourage designated gifts. If your endowment fund contains designated
fund opportunities, you may want to include this information

Sample text from Calvary Church, Summit, NJ: A planned gift to Calvary goes to
The Heritage Funds, which have been designed to allow you intentional control
over what happens to your gift. You can select the particular fund into which your
gift will go:
• The Premises Fund: for the maintenance and repair of the buildings and
grounds, and for projects of enduring character

• The Christian Mission Fund: for support of worthy organizations furthering the
mission of the church, and for scholarship and outreach projects

• The Christian Education Fund: for the teaching ministry, including work with

• The Parish Life and Music Fund: for the enrichment of worship, music,
fellowship and lay ministry and for the enhancement of the organ

• The Remembrance Fund: for memorial gifts and "in lieu of" contributions, to be
used for worthwhile purposes

Testimonials (if desired)
You many want to include a compelling quote or brief story from parishioners to encourage
others to follow their example, similar to those below

• “St. Swithin’s has been our spiritual home for 50 years…we want it to bless
others in the same way. That’s why we’ve joined the Legacy Society.”
• “For me, the Legacy Society is my connection to generations of St. Swithin’s
parishioners—past and future. I’m excited to take my place in our history.”
• “I realized that giving of “my treasure” isn’t limited to my earthly lifetime. By
joining the Legacy Society, I can continue to bless the church for years to come.”
Response card (this section of the brochure would tear off)
Clearly direct parishioners to respond

• Include space for people to write their name/address/ phone/email

• Provide a contact person for returning the form to the church, e.g. Chair of Legacy

• Make sure church address, phone, website information is clearly visible

• A response card should include clear options about giving

Sample text:
 I am/we are interested in learning more about the Legacy Society and planned
giving options. Please send me/us information on the following (check as many
as apply):
_____ Bequest in a will
_____ Life income gift
_____ Life insurance
_____ Life estate
_____ Other
_____ I/we would like to speak to someone confidentially about legacy
 I /we have already made provision for a planned gift to St. Swithin’s as
indicated above (please check appropriate box)


Creating an effective Legacy Society brochure is essential to build awareness and to invite new members. Effective brochures need to be both persuasive and informational. Try to keep a …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a legacy society?

Additionally, it can help you to deepen your relationship with your legacy donors, leading to more gifts from them and planting the seeds for larger gifts in the future. Forming a legacy society doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

How do nonprofits name their legacy society?

Most nonprofits choose to name their legacy society after a person, a date, a landmark, or an inspirational word or phrase. For example, the American Heart Association named their legacy society the Paul Dudley White Legacy Society after one of their founding members.

How do i invite legacy donors to my nonprofit?

Once you have a name picked out, you can invite existing legacy donors to be the founding members of your society. People who leave a planned gift to your nonprofit have shown a high affinity for your mission and organization. Presenting them with this opportunity can drive further commitment to your cause.