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Wilmington Christian School
is on the leading edge of
innovative education through our
Homeschool Partnership Program
and our Online Academy

Given the reality of the “Gutenberg to Google Revolution,” rigid
formats and structures for learning do not always work for today’s
students. WCS’s approach to education is nimble enough to offer
customized learning options and yet stable enough to have earned the
trust of dozens of families who leverage our Homeschool Partnership
Program and Online Academy to meet their unique needs

Wilmington Christian School offers classes for
homeschool students from grades 6-12, with flexible
options to meet the needs of homeschooling families. In
addition to being able to take a maximum of three seated
classes, homeschool students can take an unlimited num-
ber of online courses through WCS’s Online Academy

Homeschool Partnership Guidelines
Students may take a maximum of three credits/courses (whichever is greater)
with WCS under the program; to graduate with a WCS diploma there must
be a minimum of eight WCS credits during high school as well as the
completion of 40 service hours. To receive a diploma, homeschool students
operate under the WCS ID number

According to Delaware Independent Athletic Association (DIAA)
requirements, students must be enrolled in a course during the season(s) in
which they participate. Students playing a sport must be fulltime (5 courses
between WCS and homeschool) during any semester they are playing a sport
and must be enrolled in a minimum of two on-campus courses per year (one
of which must be a core course)

Students taking multiple classes with WCS may have a gap between class
periods. Students may attend a maximum of two study halls at WCS per day

Transportation must be arranged so that students arrive at the beginning of
the first class period and picked up at the conclusion of their last class
period/study hall. Students must follow sign in/sign out procedures

Transferring students are on a trial for one marking period and may continue
with the program if they are maintaining a 2.0 or higher GPA and following
the standards in the student code of conduct

Upon acceptance into the WCS Homeschool program, parents/guardians
must provide a transcript at the conclusion of each semester complete with
courses, credits, and grades for classes taken outside of WCS. Families will be
required to complete a scope and sequence for classes taken outside of WCS,
according to WCS specifications. (WCS to provide template.)
Families will be required to meet annually with the homeschool guidance
counselor to determine eligibility for program and ensure graduation
requirements are being met

Tuition and fees must be paid directly to WCS in one or two installments:
(1) Balance in full prior to the start of school or (2) Two payments in equal
installments paid before September 1st and January 15th. Part-time students
are not eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program or other school-sponsored

I am new to homeschooling

Where do I begin?
Visit Delaware’s Department sibilities, maintains academic records,
1 of Education website. provides accountability, and offers
support to homeschool families
Delaware provides general information
enrolled in OCTAI. http://www

about opening a Delaware homeschool
at https://www.doe.k12.de.us/Page/
3460 . (The requirements are different
for families residing in PA, MD, or NJ;
4 Choose your curriculum

be sure to reference the informtion There is a plethora of curriculum
through your specific state’s Depart- options available, ranging from
ment of Education.) You must have a classically-based, Biblically-based,
homeschool number to participate in STEM driven, history/literature heavy,
the WCS Homeschool Partnership and more. The options are seemingly
program. endless, in addition to online programs
and classes. Homeschool Partnership
Consider joining the students at WCS may take up to three
2 Home School Legal Defense on-campus credits per year. What
Association (HSLDA). curriculum will you use to supplement
these classes? Here is where an um-
This is a great resource for all levels of
brella school can offer advice; a parent
homeschooling families and provides:
or guardian must provide a curriculum
information to help families get started;
plan for courses taken outside of WCS

a breakdown of what is expected for
each state and for each grade level; and
Apply for the WCS Homeschool
legal counsel if ever needed. 5
Partnership Program

The application may be found at
3 Consider joining an
umbrella school. application-for-homeschool-
partnership-program.html Please keep
Some homeschoolers opt to join an
in mind that the enrollment deadline
umbrella school, especially when they
for homeschool students is August 1st
are new to homeschooling. An umbrella
prior to each academic year. All
school serves to oversee homeschooling
application materials must be provided
families, helping them to meet the state
in advance of the deadline in order for
requirements and providing counsel and
students to start classes in September

direction. One local umbrella school is
Mid-year transfers are not accepted

Old Capital Trail Academy, Inc

(OCTAI). OCTAI fulfills legal respon-
Currently homeschooling?
1 Apply for the WCS Homeschool Partnership Program

The application may be found at https://www.wilmingtonchristian.org/application-
for-homeschool-partnership-program.html Please keep in mind that the enrollment
deadline for homeschool students is August 1st prior to each academic year. All
application materials must be provided in advance of the deadline in order for
students to start classes in September. Mid-year transfers are not accepted

2 Please provide a transcript at the time of application

Desiring to switch from a traditional classroom
schedule to the Homeschool Partnership
Program (Grades 6-11)?
If your family has not homeschooled in the past, please refer to the “I am new to
homeschooling” section of this brochure. The Homeschool Partnership Program is
open to rising 6th-11th grade students

Traditional students applying for transfer to the Homeschool Partnership Program
1 Be considered in good standing and have had no disciplinary action
within the last 90 days of enrollment (no detentions and/or suspensions)

2 Hold an unweighted GPA of 2.75, with no classes under a C-

3 Provide a letter of recommendation from a current teacher

Tuition and Fees
Middle High
School School
Core Class (meets 5x/week) $500 $800
Core Class with Lab (Science and Advanced Math) $650 $950
Elective Class (meets for one semester or fewer $300 $500
than 5x/week, Tech.Ed., Art)
Student Fee: This fee is consistent for all WCS students $650 $750
and includes field trips, overnight trips or high school
retreat, varsity sports jacket, yearbook, and more

Activity Fee: Participation in the Co-curricular Program $150 $150
including Sports and/or Physical fitness class, Music,
Drama, and any other school activities. Fee is waived
for Diploma Track students

WCS Diploma Track (if applicable): $500
Includes testing, transcript services, college prep support
Graduation Fee (if applicable): $55
Includes diploma and graduation regalia
Please contact the Admissions Office at
[email protected]

School HOMESCHOOL PARTNERSHIP Tuition and Fees Core Class (meets 5x/week) $500 $800 Core Class with Lab (Science and Advanced Math) $650 $950 Elective Class (meets for …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wil wilmington christian academy?

Wilmington Christian Academy represents a partnership among the students, parents, faculty, administration, and staff. These partners are united in their commitment to the common objectives outlined in the Mission Statement.

Is there a local homeschooling program in wilmington nc?

Several homeschooling families in Wilmington, NC, some with over 20 years of homeschooling experience, began praying about offering a local program where other homeschooling parents would have the opportunity to outsource specific classes to qualified teachers.

How do i schedule a tour of wilmington christian academys campus?

Wilmington Christian Academy... If you haven't already, we invite you to make an appointment to schedule a tour of our campus. You may also call admissions at (937) 283-6683 for an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your student.

What are the benefits of a wilmington homeschool club membership?

Group Activities—Group activities are available throughout the year for children of all ages. This includes field trips, beach days, service opportunities, formal dances, and more! Enjoy a full year of membership benefits and connect with a local Wilmington, NC homeschool community.