Healthy Children Children See Adults As Role Models Even At

Healthy children children see adults as role models even at

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Eat Together!
Together We Can Raise Children see adults as role models, even at
Healthy Children mealtimes. Your child care provider serves
meals family style, which means adults sit
Childhood Nutrition and Wellness with the children and:
The foods children eat and lifestyle habits • Eat the same foods,
they learn have a lasting effect on their • Teach children to serve themselves, and
health. There are ways your child care • Talk about the healthy food they are eating

provider is promoting healthy habits while Serving meals family style at home and child
your children are in care. care allows children to learn how much to eat
These are: and be willing to try new foods

Plan Healthy Meals
• Serving nutritious meals,
Look at your child care provider’s menu

• Encouraging children to be active, and Play... Play... Play!
• If you see fruit or vegetables that are new to you,
• Limiting TV and other screen time. think about serving them at home. Sometimes Physical activity helps children’s bones and
Quality child care providers take steps to new foods take time. Offer new fruits and muscles grow strong and lowers the risk of
keep the children healthy! You can help your vegetables many times. weight gain. Your child care provider’s daily
child by doing the same at home. schedule includes:
• Ask if your provider has a policy on healthy
celebrations. Instead of cake and sweets for • indoor and outdoor active play, and
Partner With Your Provider parties, you can bring yogurt and fruit to make • limits TV and other screen time

Together, you and your child care provider yummy parfaits. Send your child dressed and ready for active
share an important role in setting good • Share your child’s favorite healthy recipes with play indoors and outdoors. Include coats,
nutrition and physical activity habits for your provider to serve at child care. hat, mittens and boots to play outside in any
your children! Want to know how? Read on weather

for more information. Children Can Help, Too Staying active at home is good for everyone
Your provider may let the children help prepare and in the family! Going for walks together or
serve meals. Children can do simple and safe tasks playing in a local park are great ways to enjoy
at home too. They can wash vegetables, toss a salad, activity with your children. Less screen time
and set the table. equals more quality family time together

Children love to eat the foods they help make!
Here are more ways they can help at home:
• Plan meals together using new foods they tried at
child care

• Pour and mix ingredients, away from the stove

• Chart how many different fruits and vegetables the
family eats each week using stickers or drawings

For More Information
about healthy eating and exercise, visit:
CACFP When a child care provider joins the free Child and Adult Care Food Program
(CACFP), they can be reimbursed for serving
Let’s Move! Child Care
healthy meals and snacks to children
CACFP staff can help child care providers
Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Settings learn about CACFP and plan healthy meals Ask your child care provider to contact
ewphccs.htm CACFP at:
QUALITYstarsNY; A winning beginning Center-based programs, call
for all our children 1-800-942-3858 Family and Group Day Care, call the
Growing Up Healthy Hotline
Choose My Plate 1-800-522-5006 E-mail: [email protected]
Eat Smart New York To order more brochures, contact:
NYS DOH Distribution Center
Core Nutrition Messages for Healthier 21 Simmons Lane
Food Choices Menands, NY 12204
Fax: 518-465-0432
[email protected]
Physical Activity Guidelines for Children We Can Raise
NYS Department of Health
Division of Nutrition
Healthy Children
Child care regulations NYS Office of Children & Family Services
Division of Child Care Services
4421 6/14

Healthy meals and snacks to children. CACFP staff can help child care providers learn about CACFP and plan healthy meals. Ask your child care provider to contact CACFP at: Center …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do role models affect childrens lives?

Similar to parents, role models have a great impact on the lives of children who look up to them. Making sure children have positive role models to learn from is essential to them becoming responsible adults.

Why is it important to have positive role models in education?

As such, children who have positive role models, have more self-confidence and are more optimistic about their future. They learn to handle themselves well in social settings and positively interact with those around them. Children with positive role models are more motivated and have a higher drive to achieve.

How do you model good behavior to your kids?

Role Model the Behavior You Want to See From Your Kids 1 Social Learning Theory. According to the Social Learning Theory, people learn by watching others. ... 2 Modeling Bad Behavior. Sometimes, you might unknowingly model a few unhealthy behaviors for your kids. ... 3 Follow Your Own Rules. ... 4 Model Life Skills. ... 5 A Word From Verywell. ...

What does it mean to be a good role model?

Your primary job as a parent is to help mold your kids into kind, respectful, honest, and caring people. And, sometimes the easiest way to do that is to be a good role model.