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What You Need to Know to
HATE CRIMES: Protect Yourself and Others
offers the following
enforcement agencies to add their own message> information on how to identify and report hate crimes
and the services available to victims of hate crimes

Hate crime or hate incident?
It is important to know the difference between a hate
How to spot a hate crime: crime and a hate incident

A hate crime is a crime against a person, group,
Signs that a crime was motivated by hate may include: or property motivated by the victim's real or
• The offender chose the victim or property because they perceived protected social group. Hate crimes can
be prosecuted either as misdemeanors or felonies
belonged to a protected group, like a certain religion or
depending on the acts committed

• The offender made written or verbal comments showing a
In California, you can be a victim of a hate crime

if you have been targeted because of your actual
• The crime happened on a date that is important for the or perceived:
victim's or offender's protected group

• Race or ethnicity
• There is organized hate activity in the area

• Nationality
• Religion
If you are a hate crime victim, you should:
• Gender
• Contact your local law enforcement agency right away

• Sexual orientation
• Get medical attention (if you need it)

• Physical or mental disability, or
• Write down the exact words that were said

• Association with a person or group with one
• Make notes about any other facts. or more of these "actual" or "perceived"
• Save all evidence (e.g., graffiti, egg shells, writing on characteristics

victim's vehicle). If safe, wait until law enforcement arrives Please note, the above listed characteristics
and takes photos. are examples, and other bases for actual or
perceived protected social group characteristics
• Get the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of

other victims and witnesses

• Try to get a description from any eyewitnesses of the
criminal or the vehicle. If you witness a hate crime, you should report the
crime to your local law enforcement agency

• Contact community organizations in your area that
respond to hate crimes. A hate incident is an action or behavior motivated by
hate but legally protected by the First Amendment
right to freedom of expression. If a hate incident starts
What you and your community can do: to threaten a person or property, it may become a hate
• Speak out against hate and intolerance. crime

• Have community rallies to support victims. Examples of hate incidents include:
• Offer support and help to victims. • Name-calling
• Ask public officials to speak out against hate crimes. • Insults
• Establish a human relations commission or hate • Displaying hate materials on your own property

crime network that includes law enforcement, local
• Posting hate material that does not result in
government, schools, religious organizations and
community organizations. Ask them to respond to hate property damage

crimes immediately when they happen and to promote • Distribution of materials with hate messages in
prevention and awareness. public places

Where to find help:
Contact 911 or go to a local hospital if you need
immediate attention. To file a report, contact
your local law enforcement agency

California Attorney General's Office
Victims' Services Unit
Offers crime victims and their families support
and information at every stage of the criminal
process. For additional information, call
{877) 433-9069 or visit oag.ca.gov/hatecrimes

California Department of Fair
Employment and Housing (DFEH)
State agency charged with enforcing
California's civil rights laws and protecting
the people from unlawful discrimination
in employment, housing, and public
accommodations and from hate violence and
human trafficking. DFEH accepts claims from
victims of hate violence or threats of violence
on account of a victim's real or perceived
protected social group. For information on how
to file a claim, visit dfeh.ca.gov

to allow for each local/county District
Attorney's office to put their own
U.S. Department of Justice,
Community Relations Services
Works with community groups to resolve
community conflicts and prevent and respond
to alleged hate crimes. For information, visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i report a hate crime or discrimination?

The Attorney General encourages individuals to contact the office to report hate crimes and instances of discrimination or harassment by calling the Civil Rights Hotline at 1-877-581-3692.

How does the hate crime law protect victims?

The law also ensures that victims of hate crimes have the ability to file a civil lawsuit in response to any hate crime and permits a judge to impose significant civil penalties on the perpetrator.

What are the new hate crimes laws in illinois?

The Hate Crimes Guidance is a resource for Illinois law enforcement agencies as well as advocacy organizations about the specific changes to the state’s hate crimes law. The new law expands the list of crimes that can be prosecuted as hate crimes in an effort to address the increasing use of technology to attack victims.