Guarantee Microsoft Office 365 End User Experience

Guarantee microsoft office 365 end user experience

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Microsoft Office 365
end-user experience
fundamentally changes the network
G uarantee
Microsoft Office 365
end-user experience
architecture and traffic patterns

Microsoft Office applications, ERP
(SAP, Oracle…), workflows and
document management (SharePoint),
Most enterprises are considering CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics…),
moving their “Office productivity as well as Unified Communications
tools” to the cloud, using (Cisco HCS, MS Lync…), must
Microsoft Office 365. To obtain all perform perfectly with the
the expected benefits, including expected level of performance
maximized ROI and optimal and end-user experience

adoption, it is very important to
deploy them successfully and to Not being able to manage Microsoft
guarantee their performances. Office 365’s increasing complexity
could result in thousands of dollars
Microsoft Office 365 deployment in lost productivity, unexpected
over run costs, additional project
delays and dissatisfied end-users

Furthermore, it could be harmful to
the IT department’s reputation

By using Ipanema, you can
guarantee Microsoft Office 365
and other business applications
performances, whether hosted in
your private datacenter, a private
cloud or the public cloud

With Ipanema:
• Shorten and de-risk your
Microsoft Office 365 deployment;
• Guarantee your business
• Keep control of your applications
over your network;
• Minimize the amount of
Data sent over your WAN;
what if your
• Increase cost savings. IT Organization could
identify Office 365
applications from other
G uarantee Microsoft
Office 365 and other
business applications
Internet websites and classify
them by business criticality?
Ipanema gives you all the 3. Protect business critical
solutions you need to guarantee applications (Salesforce

Microsoft Office 365 and com, ERP, CRM) from other
other business applications Internet-chatty, bandwidth
performances over your network: hungry applications over the
private and public clouds;
1. Identify all applications on
both clouds, their usage, 4. Dynamically and cost efficiently
performance and impact on the use all available network
other business applications; resources to avoid unnecessary
bandwidth upgrades

2. Differentiate all applications
inside Microsoft Office 365:
Exchange, SharePoint,
SkyDrive, Lync, Portal,
etc. Which are mandatory
to achieve differentiated
C ontinuously monitor
Microsoft Office 365
usage and performance
performance objectives?
With Ipanema’s unique visibility
on application usage and
performance, you regain control:
what if your • You have simple KPIs to
IT Organization could manage application SLAs
and ease communications
differentiate and manage with business managers;
each Microsoft Office 365
• You manage application
application performance performance and ‘shadow
according to its criticality and IT’ to ensure that business
technical characteristics? critical applications will not
be impacted by non-centrally
– For example prioritizing
approved applications;
real-time voice flows above
less critical applications • You obtain proactive alerting to
like file transfers. reduce Mean Time To Innocence
and prevent application
3 performance problems

what if your
IT Organization could
monitor usage and
performance for each
application in real-time,
globally and per site,
and keep historical
reports using color-coded
KPIs to communicate
indisputable SLA results
to internal customers?
to require less resources and
R educe and de-risk
Microsoft Office 365
configuration changes. Reducing the
delay and effort of multiple “try and
correct” cycles, Ipanema typically
shortens Microsoft Office 365
The actual impact of Microsoft deployment in a large environment
Office 365 on the network and by more than 3 months

other applications performance
is rather impossible to forecast

Ipanema’s solution has been
designed to cope with such
unpredictable traffic usage and
G uarantee business
application mix. Self-adaptive, Business continuity is typically
Ipanema understands the traffic and addressed by providing more than
automatically reorganizes itself to one access to the application from
provide the right performance before the branch where users sit

users can even see that they might
have a problem. As a result you Ipanema guarantees business
don’t have to bother with complex applications (including Microsoft
engineering rules. You don’t have Office 365) performances:
to statically allocate bandwidth
to each application’s needs. You
don’t need to update these policies
during migration. As a result, you can what if your
safely transition from an on-premise IT Organization could
Microsoft implementation to the
cloud-based Microsoft Office 365. optimize Microsoft Office
365, encrypted traffic over
Dissociating application performance the WAN (compression
from network configurations allows and acceleration)?
5 your Microsoft Office 365 project
1. Application Control always time assessment of link quality
guarantees applications’ and available resources

performance according to their
As an example, with Ipanema’s
business criticality, regardless
Visibility you know the number of
of the traffic conditions

Microsoft Office 365 users, the
2. Dynamic WAN Selection allows bandwidth volume they use, the
you to use the secondary link (for time during which users are active
example a local Internet access) and the overall performance they
not only as a back-up line, but achieve (“Application Quality Score”)

also as a business line, providing
affordable capacity, improving The IT department is back in
performance and reinforcing control of applications usage
availability. In addition, the and performance and becomes a
system dynamically selects the trusted business advisor. IT is seen
best path for each application as a business partner more than
session according to the real a traditional “necessary evil”

M inimize the amount
of Data sent over
your WAN
If you haven’t implemented Internet
local Break-Out, you need to be
able to protect your costly Private
VPN (MPLS) costly resources and
optimize end-users’ experience to
mitigate the effect of high latency

With Ipanema, Microsoft Office
365 encrypted traffic is fully
optimized over the WAN

Increase cost savings
All the benefits above transform
into cost savings

• Customer satisfaction and
employee productivity maximize
revenues and profits

• Controlled uncertainty means
less project overheads

• Shortened Office 365 deployment
means cheaper IT transformation
and faster benefits

• Optimized resources allows
postponing network upgrades
reducing network expenses

• Application performance what if your
incidents are reduced IT Organization could
by up to 50%

ensure Business Continuity
• Faster resolution of the by using all the available
remaining issues enables network resources –
enterprises to significantly dynamically selecting the
increase savings from best path between MPLS and
the service desk. Internet, as well as managing
local Internet breakouts
for the shortest paths to
• Clear KPIs and transparent
SaaS server locations?
communication allow the
IT department to save time
sing Ipanema, our customers have addressed
all these concerns, with tangible benefits,
by being able to:
• Ensure rapid Office 365 adoption;
• Decrease the number of incident calls by 50%;
• Reduce Office 365 deployment time by 3 months;
• Avoid network upgrades for up to 3 years

Enterprises’ Digitalization accelerates. In a world that moves at web speed, IT departments
have more and more difficulties to manage the complexity of their information system

Unified Communications, cloud computing, SaaS, BYOD, social media VDI, shops
2.0 are just a few examples of IT trends that strongly increase IT complexity

In this case, how can you regain control and align IT with strategic
corporate objectives? How can you manage more demands and usages
with the same network resources to stabilize telecom costs?
With Ipanema, (Re)discover Simplicity to guarantee your application performance

For more information, visit:
Copyright © Ipanema Technologies - All rights reserved. Ipanema and the Ipanema logo
are registered trademarks of Ipanema Technologies. The other registered trademarks and
product names mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners

Application Performance Guarantee

Microsoft Office 365 end-user experience Most enterprises are considering moving their “Office productivity tools” to the cloud, using Microsoft Office 365. To obtain the expected benefits, …

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