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SEFMD HYBRID 2021‐2022 Science Fair – Release Form
This form is REQUIRED of all participants for the 2021‐2022 Science Fair. If the form is not
uploaded through the student’s portal during the online registration process, the participant will be
disqualified. The form must be received, and accepted before the student can complete the
registration process (ie, the student will be prevented from entering project information until the
form is accepted). To upload the release form, print the form, have the student, parent (or legal
guardian), and teacher sign the form, take a picture of the form, and upload the image as a graphic
image (photo)

The student, sponsoring teacher, and parent or legal guardian hereby agree that they accept the
following conditions:
1) Failure to abide by all local and ISEF fair rules and procedures will result in disqualification

2) The decision of the Fair officials is final, both in accepting the project for display and in the
selection of the winners

3) If the project is accepted, the student agrees to display it at the fair (through public viewing)
and/or permit the public to view the project through the virtual science fair
4) The Teacher agrees to sponsor the student and assumes responsibility for compliance with all
existing SEFMD and ISEF rules

5) The Teacher agrees to conduct a safety review of the project

6) The student and parent acknowledge that photographs and video may be taken at the Science
Fair of the participant and hereby give permission for the photographs/video to be used in news
and marketing related events for the SF. In addition, the students are required to do a video of
their project and the video will be available to judges and the general public

7) The top Senior Division students (9th-12th graders) may be interviewed by judges on via
ZOOM or another application. Permission is hereby given for the participant to be part of these

8) Student researchers are expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and
integrity. Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or
competition. Such practices include but are not limited to: plagiarism, forgery, use of
presentation of other researcher's work as one's own and the fabrication of data. Fraudulent
projects will fail to qualify for competition in SEFMD and ISEF

Print Student Name/ID # and date and also provide signature on the above line
School Name and Teacher name/Signature and date
Print Parent name (or legal guardian), Date, and sign on the above line

Registration process (ie, the student will be prevented from entering project information until the form is accepted). To upload the release form, print the form, have the student, parent (or legal …

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