Fslogix Group Policy Settings Best Practices 17sep20

Fslogix group policy settings best practices 17sep20

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FSLogix Group Policy Settings – Profile & Office Container - Policies
Best Practices
Profile Container Policies
Container FSLogix GP Settings
Type Path Settings Value/Enable/Disable Description
FSLogix Profile
Include List-Default
FSLogix Profile
Computer Exclude List - No
Configuration/Policies one Added
/Windows FSLogix ODFC
Settings/Restricted Include List-Default
Groups .\Everyone
or through group FSLogix ODFC
General Policy preferences Enable Exclude for Administrators Group Exclude List
Configuration/Adminis Enables logging of
trative Enable FSLogix software
General Templates/FSLogix Logging All logs enabled activity

Specifies the
location where log
files should be
stored. Local and
Computer UNC paths are
Configuration/Adminis Path to accepted. Default is
trative Logging %ProgramData%\F
General Templates/FSLogix Files If path need to change then enable SLogix\Logs

Specifies how
Computer many days worth
Configuration/Adminis Days to of log files to keep
trative keep Log before being
General Templates/FSLogix File 7 cleaned up

specifies the
location of the
Local Cache file. By
Computer it is not possible to rely on GPOs to default, the local
Configuration/Adminis set CacheDirectory in environments Cache file will be
trative where a GoldImage is applied at boot. placed in
Templates/Cloud CacheDir HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Ser C:\ProgramData\FS
General Cache ectory vices\frxccds\Parameters Logix\Cache

Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
Controls whether
the VHD/X file
should be accessed
directly, if a
difference disk
should be used,
and if Read/Write
or Read Only
access should be

Normal direct-
access profile - if
user is not using
mullti apps from
different servers
Computer Read only
Configuration/Adminis Profile,Read Write
trative profile, TRy for
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr Profile Read-write and fall
Containers ofile Containers Type Normal direct-access profile back to read only
Computer in profile
Configuration/Adminis containe
trative r -Refer
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr next Disable - For all Windows Server 2019
Containers ofile Containers sheet Enable - For all Windows VDI
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr
Containers ofile Containers Enable Enabled
Specifies the
network location
Computer where the VHD(X)
Configuration/Adminis files are stored. For
trative VHD example,
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr Location \\servername\shar
Containers ofile Containers s Enabled e\containers

Configuration/Adminis Dynamic
trative VHD(X)
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr allocatio
Containers ofile Containers n Enabled
Delete Please use caution
Computer local with this setting

Configuration/Adminis profile When the FSLogix
trative when Profiles system
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr FSLogix determines that a
Containers ofile Containers Profile Enabled user should have a
Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
should FSLogix profile but
apply a local profile
exists, the local
profile WILL BE
REMOVED and the
user logged on with
the FSLogix profile

Computer Specify the size for
Configuration/Adminis auto-created
trative VHD(X) files

Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr Size in Default is 30,000
Containers ofile Containers MB's Enabled (30 GBs)

Enable FSLogix to
handle concurrent
user sessions on
the same machine

Note: If you are
using the Windows
server feature to
allow concurrent
logins for the same
Windows account
Computer on the same server
Configuration/Adminis Allow (seen most often
trative concurre with Citrix
Profile Templates/FSLogix/Pr nt user XenApp), you must
Containers ofile Containers sessions Enabled based on requirment enable this policy

Specifies the
Computer number of retries
Configuration/Adminis to perform when a
trative Locked VHD(X) file is
Templates/FSLogix/Pr VHD locked (open by
Profile ofile retry Enabled another process or
Containers Containers/Advanced/ count Value -3 computer)

When a VHD/X
volume is detached
unexpectedly, the
Computer FSLogix system will
Configuration/Adminis attempt to re-
trative Volume attach the volume

Templates/FSLogix/Pr re-attach This value specifies
Profile ofile retry Enabled how many times to
Containers Containers/Advanced/ interval Value -3 retry

Configuration/Adminis Prevent user login
trative Prevent when a failure
Templates/FSLogix/Pr login occurs while
Profile ofile with attaching an
Containers Containers/Advanced/ failure Enabled FSLogix container

Computer Prevent Prevent user login
Profile Configuration/Adminis login when a user
Containers trative with Enabled receives a
Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
Templates/FSLogix/Pr tempora temporary
ofile ry profile Windows profile

der = System e.g

eshare'>) If the
folder contains a
redirections.xml, it
will be copied to
the local profile
and immediately
used. Variable
names are
delimited with '%'

variables are
Provide %osminor%,
Computer RedirXM %osbuild%,
Configuration/Adminis L file to %osservicepack%,
trative customiz %profileversion%,
Templates/FSLogix/Pr e %clientname%, and
Profile ofile redirecti any environment
Containers Containers/Advanced/ ons Enable based on requirment variable

When checked
Computer causes new
Configuration/Policies containing
/Administrative Swap directories to be
Templates/FSLogix/Pr directory named with the
ofile name user name first
Profile Containers/Container compon followed by the
Containers and Directory Naming/ ents Enabled SID

Profile Containers/Container Virtual
Containers and Directory Naming/ disk type Enabled -VHDX
trative Clear
Templates/FSLogix/Pr local
Cloud ofile Containers/Cloud cache on
Cache Cache logoff Enabled if this feature requires
Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
With cloud clache,
profiles will
automatically by
giving 2 SMB share
Computer paths
Configuration/Adminis Either VHD
trative Cloud locations or CCD
Templates/FSLogix/Pr Cache location should
Cloud ofile Containers/Cloud Location enable and not
Cache Cache s Enabled if this feature requires both
Office Container Policies
Container FSLogix GP Value/Enable/Dis
Type Settings Path Settings able Description
Configuration /
Policies /
Template / Enabled Specify the size for auto-
Office FSLogix / Office Size based on created VHD(X) files

Containers 365 Container Size in MB's requirment Default is 30,000 (30 GBs)

Configuration / Specifies the network
Policies / location where the VHD(X)
Administrative Enabled files are stored. For
Template / Enable different example,
Office FSLogix / Office share path as a \\servername\share\conta
Containers 365 Container VHD Locations best parctices iners

Configuration /
Policies /
Template /
Office FSLogix / Office Enabled
Containers 365 Container Virtual Disk Type VHDX
Configuration /
Policies / When Enabled is checked,
Administrative the Office license
Template / Include Office activation data will be
Office FSLogix / Office activation data in included in the Office 365
Containers 365 Container container Enabled Container

Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
Configuration /
Policies /
Administrative When Enabled is checked,
Template / the Outlook data files will
Office FSLogix / Office Include Outlook data in be included in the Office
Containers 365 Container container Enabled 365 Container

Configuration /
Policies /
Administrative When Enabled is checked,
Template / Include Enabled the OneDrive cache will be
Office FSLogix / Office OneDrive/Teams/Share (Enabled based o included in the Office 365
Containers 365 Container point data in container requirment) Container

This setting is used when
VHDAccessMode is set to
'3'. This controls the
number of session VHDs
that are persistent. For
Computer example, if this is set to '2'
Configuration / and the user creates a 3rd
Policies / session, a new session
Administrative VHD will be created and
Template / Enabled used, but it will be deleted
Office FSLogix / Office Number of per-Session (Optional based when the 3rd session
Containers 365 Container VHDs to persist on requirment) ends

.Difference disk
stored on local
.Difference disk
Computer stored on network
Configuration / .Direct access
Policies / .Unique disk per Controls whether the
Administrative session VHD/X file should be
Template / accessed directly or
Office FSLogix / Office Enabled based on whether a difference disk
Containers 365 Container VHD access type requirment should be used

Configuration / Do not apply any of the
Policies / settings below if you are
Administrative deploying Server 2019

Template / 2019 will roam the
Office FSLogix / Office Store search database Multi-user search windows search out of the
Containers 365 Container in Office 365 container Single-user search box

If this feature is enabled
Computer and the Office365
Configuration / Container is successfully
Policies / attached, the Outlook
Administrative setting that enables cache
Template / Set Outlook cached mode is temporarily set
Office FSLogix / Office mode on successful Enabled for the current session
Containers 365 Container container attach (Must) until the container is
Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
removed. This ensures
that the cache mode is
only used when the
container is attached
If Dynamic VHD(X)
allocation is enabled, the
VHD(X) files are assigned
dynamically. This means
that the file size of the
VHD(X) file only grows
Computer when data is added to the
Configuration / Office365 Container. If this
Policies / option is not enabled,
Administrative automatically created
Template / VHD(X) files will be directly
Office FSLogix / Office Dynamic VHD(X) Enabled allocated to the full data
Containers 365 Container allocation (Must) storage space
Computer This setting should be used
Configuration / when the target system is
Policies / multi-session and allows
Administrative simultaneous logins for
Template / Enabled the same Windows
Office FSLogix / Office Allow concurrent user Based on account on the same
Containers 365 Container sessions requirement server
Configuration /
Policies /
Template / Specifies the number of
FSLogix / Office retries to perform when a
365 VHD(X) file is locked (open
Office Container/Advan Enabled by another process or
Containers ced Locked VHD retry count Value -3 computer)

Configuration /
Policies / When a VHD/X volume is
Administrative detached unexpectedly,
Template / the FSLogix system will
FSLogix / Office attempt to re-attach the
365 volume. This value
Office Container/Advan Volume re-attach retry Enabled specifies how many times
Containers ced interval Value -3 to retry

Configuration /
Policies /
Template / When checked causes new
FSLogix / Office containing directories to
365 be named with the user
Office Container/Contai Swap directory name name first followed by the
Containers ner and components Enabled SID

Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted
Additional Best Practices
Delete any local profiles on the machine (not mandatory, but recommended as sometimes creates issues)
Create a group in AD called "APP_FSLogixProfiles_Exclude and add groups through preferences
Create the exclusions file (optional)
Create a new GPO just for FSLogix Profile settings (don't combine ODFC and profiles into one GPO)
post Fslofgix Login , you will see local_*user* folder under c:\users
For exclusion test -Create some files in one of your excluded folders-Log out of the RDS and log back in
Office365 Container can be used parallel to existing profile methods (Roaming, UPM .Fslogix Profile container etc.)
Anti-Virus Exceptions
C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frxdrv.sys and frxsvc.exe
Exclude .VHD and .VHDX
Cloud Cache registry configuration https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/cloud-cache-
reference configuration-reference
Windows Search in Server 2019 and Multi- https://jkindon.com/2020/03/15/windows-search-in-server-
Session Windows 10 2019-and-multi-session-windows-10/
FSLogix in a Citrix Provisioning environment https://www.sul.de/2019/04/05/fslogix-in-a-citrix-provisioning-
& Redirection file sample environment/
FAQ: How to use Office 365 and Profile 1a98-4202-975b-e9125fdd9b6e/faq-how-to-use-office-365-and-
Containers together profile-containers-together?forum=FSLogix
FSLogix Container (Office/Profile) in Citrix container-office-profile-in-citrix-
Environments environments/#Office365_Container-2
Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a gpo in fslogix?

Fill in a name for the new GPO and press “OK” Right-click on the new created policy and select “ Edit ”, the Group Policy Management Editor app opens. Expand Computer configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > FSLogix and enable the desired settings for your configuration.

What is the default registry size for fslogix?

Default value is 30000 MB or 30 GB. More capabilities for PowerShell and maintenance. Makes it easier to search for the specific profile container user folder on the network share. To manage these registry settings at scale, group policy templates are included with the FSlogix installation package.

What are the best practices for fslogix profile containers?

The following are general best practices for FSLogix profile containers. For optimal performance, the storage solution and the FSLogix profile container should be in the same data-center location. Exclude the VHD (X) files for profile containers from antivirus scanning, to avoid performance bottlenecks.

How to enable cloud cache in fslogix?

Under parent FSLogix folder, there are dedicated sections for Cloud Cache, Office 365 Container, and Profile Container. For each setting, double-click on it, enable and eventually fill in required values. At the end, be sure to click on “ Apply ” to save and exit the dialog: