Forms Printing For Mission Critical Documents

Forms printing for mission critical documents

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FormsPro 5100 Series
Forms Printing
for Mission Critical Documents!
FormsPro 5100 Series printers give you unmatched
reliability and the best in multipart forms print

Built to Perform True Zero Tear for no
The FormsPro 5100 Series is designed for
fast, efficient performance under the
wasted forms
The FormsPro 5100 Series is ideal for “on-
most rigorous conditions in challenging
demand” or “batch” applications since it
environments. Built to perform, the 5100
offers a true zero tear and paper advance-
gives users exceptional forms handling,
ment for no wasted forms

the ability to print heavy workloads, and
rugged durability that ensures quality The FP5100 series printers let you easily, and
operation in tough conditions. effortlesslly print multi-part forms in any
Wide variety of environment

Standard and Optional
Easy Forms Loading Connectivity
The FormsPro 5100 Series offers a
With standard USB and Ethernet connectiv-
straight through paper path for excep-
ity, the FormsPro 5100 Series comes ready Compatible with legacy Printek
tional and easy forms loading and han-
to perform. Optional connectivity includes FormsPro models

dling. A push tractor allows for continu-
ous paper feed with tear off and park Ethernet with IPDS, or Serial/Parallel . The best of both worlds! Improved configuration
for ease of use

High Speed/High Superior Legibility –
Volume Printing Print up to 6 part forms
Designed for high volume workloads With the ability to print the original + 6 cop-
with impressive speed, the FormsPro ies and a heavy duty 24-pin print head, the
5100 Series prints up to 960 characters FormsPro 5100 Series is designed to provide
per second (fastest draft) with a through- crisp, clear, long-life print in the toughest of
put of 640 pages per hour (ECMA 132). environments

Rated workload is nearly 50,000 pages
per month so the printer works extremely
well in demanding environments that
require speed and reliability

C a l l to d ay f o r a n o - o b l i g a t i o n d e m o n s t r a t i o n 1. 8 8 8 . 211. 3 4 0 0
Detailed Printer Specifications
Dot Matrix Printer FormsPro 5100 Series
Other Features Print Modes 5100/5102 Power Requirements
Fast Draft 960 cps Auto-switching Voltage (120 V or 230 V)
Options and accessories include:
Draft 800 cps Frequency (50 or 60 Hz)
IPDS-Ethernet, serial interface,
NLQ 267 cps 70 Watt printing: 2 Watts Power Save
print stand, and ribbons

Graphics* up to 360 by 360 dpi
Paper Slew Rate
Character Matrix
10 ips, slower rates with Font and Heavy Forms
HSQ (12 x 8 half space matrix at 12.0 CPI)
HSQ (12 x 10 half space matrix at 10.0 CPI) Paper Width
NLQ (24 x 18 half space matrix at 10.0 CPI) 3" to 16.5" width, 3" to 22" length
LQ (24 x 36 half space matrix at 10.0 CPI)
Paper Loading
Front loading, Straight-through bottom feed
24 needle (12 needle parallel array)
Optional 2nd Front Tractor - FP5102
Character Sets
Multi-part Forms
HS Draft, Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestiage, OCR-A/B,
Front: 1 + 6 copies or 1 + 8 copies (HD version)
Orator, Souvenir, Gothic (All resident in NLQ and LQ). DLL is
standard. Rear: 1 + 3 copies (-2T version)
0.025" max. thickness

Character Spacing
5, 6, 7.5, 8.6, 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20 cpi. Graphics Density*
up to 360 by 360 dpi
Line Length
13.6 inches (136 Columns @ 10 cpi) Audible Noise (Draft Mode)
54 dBA
Line Spacing
2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi Setup (Automatic Methods)
Control Panel or internal Web Page
Paper Handling
Tear Bar, Park Position, Push Tractor for straight path I/O Buffer
Auto-Gap Adjust for Forms thickness 256k
Fanfold, continuous forms, Multi-Part Forms
Standard Interfaces
Operator Controls Ethernet 10/100 Mbit, USB
Online Mode: Tear Advance
Offline Mode: Park, Form Feed/Line, Adjust for Tear position, Optional Interfaces
Top of Form and Head Gap Ethernet IPDS
Form Parameters
Nonvolatile memory for eight forms, each designates: Software Controls
Paper Path, cpi, lpi, form length, lft/Rt Margin, Skip perf, Epson LQ-2550, Epson LQ-2170, IBM Proprinter xI24e, MTPL,
Ignore Form Feed, Emulations, font Genicom ANSI + Barcodes + LCPBarcodes
Operator Indicators Physical Specifications
2 x 16 LCD for form selection, on/off line status and error (WxDxH) 24.5" x 17" x 11"
descriptions. 42 lbs. (19 kg)
Printek and the Printek logo Ribbon
are registered trademarks of Printek, Reliability
LLC. Centronics is a Cartridge, 20 million characters MTBF - 20,000
trademark of Centronics Data Print Head Life: 750 million characters
Computer Corp. DEC is a
registered trademark of Digital Warranty: One-year printer warranty
Equipment Corp. Epson is a
registered trademark of Seiko *May be emulation dependent

Epson Corp. FX is a registered
trademark of Epson America, Inc

IBM is a trademark of International
Business Machines. Windows is a
trademark of Microsoft Corporation

3515 Lakeshore Drive, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
T: 1.888.211.3400 |
©2020 Printek, LLC. A company. Specifications subject to change without notification

70 Watt printing: 2 Watts Power Save Paper Slew Rate 10 ips, slower rates with Font and Heavy Forms Paper Width 3" to 16.5" width, 3" to 22" length Paper Loading Front loading, Straight …

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