Food Allergy 4 Panel Brochure Edits2 Meridian Valley Lab

Food allergy 4 panel brochure edits2 meridian valley lab

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E-95 Basic Food Panel &
FoodSafe Bloodspot Panel
A-95 Extended Food Panel
Food Allergies
Cheddar cheese
Blue cheese
Duck egg
and Your Health
Cottage cheese Black olive Avocado Duck meat Bamboo shoot Black pepper
Cows milk Broccoli Banana Parmesan cheese Bean sprout Cilantro
Goats milk Cabbage Bluberry Sheep milk Black bean Cinnamon
Mozzarella cheese Carrot Cranberry Venison Bock choy Cloves
Whey, Cauliflower Grapefruit Yogurt Brussels sprout Coriander
New Zealand Celery Lemon Butternut squash Cumin
Cucumber Orange GRAINS Chili pepper Dill
MEATS Garlic Papaya Amaranth Eggplant Ginger
Beef Green bean Peach Brown rice Endive Horseradish
Buffalo Green pepper Pear Flaxseed Garbanzo bean Mustard
Chicken Kidney bean Pineapple Millet Green olive Nutmeg
Egg white Lentil Plum Psyllium seed Jalapeño Oregano
Egg yolk Lettuce Raspberry Safflower seed Kale Parsley
Lamb Lima bean Red grape Sorghum Kelp Peppermint
Pork Onion Strawberry Wild rice Kohlrabi Poppy seed
Turkey Pea Watermelon Mung bean Rosemary
Potato, white FRUITS Navy bean Sage
FISH Pumpkin NUTS Blackberry Okra Spearmint
Cod Soy Almond Boysenberry Pinto bean Tarragon
Halibut Spinach Peanut Cantalope Radish Thyme
Salmon Tomato Pecan Cherry Rutabega Turmeric
Sardine Pumpkin seed Currants Sweet potato Vanilla
Sole GRAINS Sesame seed Fig Water chestnut
Tilapia Barley Sunflower seed Kiwi Watercress MISCELLANEOUS
Trout Buckwheat Walnut Mango Yam Arrowroot
Tuna Corn Pomegranate Yellow squash Carob
Gliadin MISCELLANEOUS Rhubarb Zucchini Cocoa
SHELLFISH Gluten Baker’s yeast White grape Corn sugar
Clam Hemp Brewer’s yeast Cornstarch
Crab Oat Cane sugar NUTS Hops
Lobster Quinoa Coffee Brazil nut Maple sugar
Oyster Rice Honey Cashew Tapioca Your journey back to wellness
Shrimp Teff Mushroom Chia seed Tea
Wheat Xanthan gum Coconut
6839 Fort Dent Way, Ste. 206 | Tukwila, WA 98188 [email protected]
tel 206.209.4200 | Toll free 855.405.TEST (8378)
Candida Albicans Macademia
fax 206.209.4211
Pine nut
“Let food be thy medicine and Do You Have Symptoms of
medicine be thy food.” Food Allergies/Sensitivities?
Cognitive/Mental/Emotional/Neurological Symptoms
 ADD/ADHD/Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Autism Spectrum Disorder
 Tourette’s Syndrome
Do you want to rid yourself of chronic conditions, but are not sure how to do so? Do you want to  Alcoholism or other addictions
 Anxiety/irritability/tension
feel more alive during the day and sleep better throughout the night? Now there is a test that can
 Depression/mood swings/tearfulness
help alleviate unexplained ailments and provide you with results for optimal health.  Foggy brain/poor concentration
 Headaches or migraines
 Seizures
 Constipation and/or diarrhea
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
 Candida (yeast) overgrowth
 Colitis or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
and not even the most When faced with a challenge, such as a food you  Food cravings/Eating disorders
The food you eat: friend or foe?  Gas/bloating
common type. Most food are allergic to, your body produces higher levels of  “Leaky Gut”
Food is the stuff of life, yet sometimes the foods
allergies are of the stress hormones. These stress hormones may give  Poor absorption
you eat are the cause of ill health and dysfunc-  Vitamin/mineral deficiencies
“delayed hypersensitiv- you a temporary boost in energy and effectiveness Skin
tion. Often, it is hard to know which foods are
ity” type in which that can mask symptoms. This fuels cravings for  Eczema/ Dry skin
the culprits. According to James Breneman  Rashes/Rosacea
symptoms appear the very foods that are causing your symptoms

M.D., former Chairman of the Food Allergy  Hives
anywhere from hours to The high levels of stress hormones can lead to  Acne
Committee of the American College of Allergy, Respiratory/Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat
days after eating the other problems

approximately 60% of all undiagnosed symp-  Asthma
offending food. If the  Hay fever/ itchy, watery eyes/sneezing
toms are due to underlying food allergies. By How does a food allergy test work?  Ear infections
food is one that you eat
eating the foods that work for you, you can At Meridian Valley Lab we use a type of testing  Frequent sore throats or Strep throat
frequently, the repeated Immune System
experience new levels of vitality and optimism as called ELISA (for Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent
exposure can lead to a constant level of symptoms  Frequent or chronic infections
well as eliminate symptoms that may have been Assay) which is highly reproducible. This type of  Multiple Sclerosis/other autoimmune disease
that begins to seem “normal”. You may not even Musculoskeletal
plaguing you for years. testing checks your blood for antibodies that your
realize that you could feel much better than you do.  Joint pain/stiffness/discomfort
body may be making to specific foods. Our allergy  Neck pain
Wouldn’t I already know if I have a  Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
Can I be allergic to something I eat all profiles focus on detecting delayed type hypersen-  Gout
food allergy? the time? sitivities (IgG4 antibodies). Foods that can be  Fibromyalgia
When we think of “food allergy”, we tend to think of General
It is very common for people to be allergic to foods problematic for you result in higher levels of these  Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue
someone who eats a food, such as strawberries, and
that they eat frequently. Often a person will find antibodies in your blood.  Low blood sugar
breaks out in a rash or has difficulty breathing. This Fluid retention (edema)
that the foods they crave the most are the very ones 6839 Fort Dent Way, Ste. 206 | Tukwila, WA
type of “immediate hypersensitivity” reaction is  Leaky bladder/bedwetting
tel 206.209.4200 | Toll free 855.405.TEST (8378)
causing their symptoms. There are a number of  Menstrual cramps/PMS
what most people think of when they hear “food fax 206.209.4211
reasons for this.  Unexplained weight gain or loss
allergy”. It is only one type of food allergy,

[email protected] 6839 Fort Dent Way, Ste. 206 Tukwila, WA 98188 tel 206.209.4200 Toll free 855.405.TEST (8378) fax 206.209.4211 Food Allergies and …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic food allergy test panel?

This Basic Food Allergy test panel can determine if you are allergic to 15 of the most common allergenic foods, including the “Big-8,” which are 8 specific foods that alone account for 90% of the food allergens in the World. Who is this test for? This test is for anyone who is curious about learning what they might be allergic to.

Why choose meridian valley labs for food allergy testing?

I have been using Meridian Valley Laboratory for 30 plus years and their Food Allergy Test has been the cornerstone of my medical practice and has helped thousands of my patients achieve resolution of their chronic health problems. Meridian Valley Labs has been my choice for hormone testing for over 10 years now.

What are the best allergy tests for naturopaths?

I especially like the food allergy panels and 24-hour urine hormone tests that they offer. I highly recommend Meridian Valley Laboratory as a trusted resource for naturopaths and other types of practitioners who are interested in the most modern testing options available anywhere.

Is there a scratch test for food allergies?

While most medical professionals may suggest cumbersome food-elimination diets, or perhaps a scratch test designed for more extreme allergies, nothing compares to the information provided from the extensive food panel at Meridian Valley Lab.