Envelope Open Dollar 9 Free Email Templates

Envelope open dollar 9 free email templates

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9 Free
envelope-open-dollar Email
envelope Welcome Email 1
Use Cases Best for All Giver Types
When a new guest at your church provides their information While this email doesn’t ask for
via a bulletin connect card, online contact form, or prayer donations, it’s a personable way
request, their contact info should be added to your email to introduce new attendees to
list. These guests can be first-time visitors or new members your church’s online presence
who will start attending your church regularly. They might be and email outreach methods. By
individuals who have been seeking a home church and have including your website and any
finally decided to get more involved, so they opt-in to receive links to online giving resources,
emails from your church regularly. newcomers have the opportunity
to engage further with your
Use this Welcome Email template for all new emails that church and familiarize themselves
get added to your contact list for the first time. It can inspire with the mobile app you have set
connection with the newcomer and encourage them to up for future giving

eventually become a giver at your church

Welcome emails help all giver
types— gifted, thoughtful, casual,
and reluctant. It also gives a good
first impression of your church’s
online involvement

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Welcome, [NAME]!
Thank you for signing up to stay connected with our church
community. We’re glad you’re here!
Whether it’s your first time visiting [CHURCH NAME] or you’ve been
with us for years, you’re an important member of our family in Christ

You’ll receive weekly newsletters and any important notices we send
out to stay updated on what’s happening here

To get even more involved, check out our website or download our
online church platform [ONLINE GIVING LINK]

In Christ,
New Giver
envelope (First-Time Donations) 2
Use Cases Best for All Giver Types
Whenever a first-time giver donates to your church, it’s Every type of giver wants to
helpful to have an email template specifically catered toward know their gift was received and
expressing your thanks. When people give for the first time, appreciated. Gifted givers take
it’s often a “test” to see how giving works at your church and pride in their generous donations,
how your leaders will respond. so a direct and customized thank
you reaches their hearts in ways
New givers want to know they are giving to a cause that that inspire. Thoughtful givers feel
will put their donation to good use. Saying thank you and the thoughtfulness reciprocated
informing new givers that their gift will help your ministry is when thanks are expressed by
the minimum you want to express to encourage second, third, leaders. Casual givers are more
and ongoing donations. inclined to give again within their
means when they feel included
and honored as part of the greater
church community. And reluctant
givers appreciate that your church
maintains communication with
archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search them for every moment of giving,
even though it may not be an
impressive amount

Thank you!
We’ve received your donation. We are so grateful for your heart of
generosity and your growing faith in our ministry!
For easier ways to give, sign up for online giving:
Mobile App
We can’t wait to see you next time!
The generous soul will be made rich,
And he who waters will also be watered himself

Proverbs 11:25
Christmas & Holiday
envelope Season Letter 3
Use Cases Best for All Giver Types
Spiritual holidays evoke the
Winter holidays generate a sense of abundance, cheer, and
emotions and personal values of
inward contemplation for many. Sending Christmas and
churchgoers. Christmas is a time
winter emails to encourage involvement can greatly enhance
when all types of givers flood the
the giving throughout your church

worship center to enjoy church
with their friends and family. It’s
Since Christmas is one of the times where churches see the
also a time when newcomers
most attendance, promoting the spirit of giving beforehand
experience church for the first
is helpful. Those who feel called to give, those who already
time or hear their once-per-year
give regularly, and individuals who don’t attend your church

frequently now have the chance to express generosity on this
special occasion

Gifted givers are happy to give, as
Christmas is a time for exuberant
generosity. Thoughtful givers tend
to give more during Christmas out
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of the quiet contemplation of their
hearts. Casual givers can sense
that this time is the prominent
Dear [NAME],
season when everyone is called to
give, so they likely offer more than
This Christmas season, we’re blessed to share with our community
usual. Finally, reluctant givers feel
the spirit of celebration. All year long, we’ve dedicated ourselves
motivated to give their rare gift
to growing together in faith and action. Thank you for playing an
out of a sense of obligation and
important role in our fellowship and God’s Kingdom

right-standing with God

At [CHURCH NAME], we believe Christ is the greatest gift to ever have
been given to humanity. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be
reflecting on the Christmas gift during our church services. We hope
you’ll join us to celebrate!
To express your spirit of giving any time, anywhere, we gratefully
accept donations online:
Mobile App
Of course, we look forward to seeing you this Christmas in person
or online at one of our holiday services. We can’t wait to celebrate

In comfort and joy,
envelope Summer Lead-In Letter 4
Use Cases Best for Casual and
When summer is approaching, it’s a great time for your Reluctant Givers
leadership and staff to share upcoming events, special Casual givers tend to give to
fundraisers, announcements, and Bible retreats for your specific opportunities, which
congregation. seasonal emails encourage—
especially when these
When your church knows what events will be happening, opportunities are fun and exciting

they’ll make it a priority to attend. At these events, donations Reluctant givers tend to want
are widely given while the fun and vibrant atmosphere an incentive that benefits them
encourages stronger fellowship for all. in order to find value in giving

Events and activities give value in
Summer is also a time when church attendance drops. exchange for funds

Families change their weekly routines, kids go to summer
camp, and people go on vacation. While physical attendance Summer is a time of sunshine
isn’t as plentiful during summer, it’s still possible to encourage and socializing. Providing casual
presence and giving from online platforms, which you can and reluctant givers the chance
include in the email. to celebrate and donate to
something like a group fundraiser
encourages generosity seasonally

archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search This way, they don’t feel “forced”
to give, but rather, grateful

Hey, [NAME]!
Summer is coming and we are all ready for a season of fun! At
[CHURCH NAME], we’re gearing up for some of our summer events
and fundraisers. Here are this year’s special activities so far. Save the
Going on vacation? We’ll miss you!
Stay in touch and don’t miss your favorite sermons while you’re away

With our mobile app, you can access live worship, replay past services,
and connect with your church family online

If you want to continue to give while on vacation or spending more
time with family, set up recurring giving. It’s the easiest way to make
sure your tithes and offerings are securely received by your church. Get
the app here [LINK] or give online [LINK]!
Stay safe and we hope to see you at our upcoming events!
In Christ,
envelope Recurring Giving 5
Use Cases Best for Thoughtful
Automatic payments from recurring donations are a huge
blessing to your church. Always send receipts and thank you For the thoughtful giver, recurring
emails for these donations, as they’re essential funds that donation emails give attention
keep your church operating. to their ongoing contributions

Because they likely set up
Email receipts for recurring gifts help notify the giver every recurring gifts based on 1) their
time their donation goes through. This reminds the giver that desire to give, 2) their heart to
your church appreciates each donation they give, even when give back to the church, and 3)
they automate them. Here’s an example of a recurring gift their current income, recurring
receipt email. gift receipts offer them regular
reminders that their giving duty is
being fulfilled. This type of email
also lets all givers know when
their recurring donation settings
are about to expire or need to
be renewed, so they may update
their gift amounts over time

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Thank you for your continued support of the [CHURCH NAME]
ministry! We appreciate your valuable role in advancing the Kingdom
of God at our church

Your recent scheduled gift has been processed successfully. Here is
the receipt for your recurring donation:
With eternal gratitude,
envelope End of Year Donation Recap 6
Use Cases Best for All Giver Types
Does your church have an annual donation newsletter? This Every person who donated to your
is a great way to share how the generosity of your church is church should receive the end-of-
directly impacting the community. year donation letter. Whether they
gave a small, one-time donation or
In your donation recap, you can share how much money established themselves as one of
your church raised for specific causes. When givers see your most generous givers, including
accumulated donation amounts, they feel inspired and all givers in your annual recap email
impressed by the power of their giving. This incentivizes encourages giving in more ways than
people to continue to give. one

But you don’t have to include overall donation fund amounts Reluctant givers may have forgotten
in your newsletter. If you want to keep financial details private, about irregular or one-time donations,
you can share with your congregation what specific actions, so this email reminds them of the
charities, or church ministries were positively impacted by brief but impactful gift they made. It
givers (and how). Here’s an example. may encourage them to give more
next year upon reading about the
good your church is doing. Plus, they
will be grateful your church put in
archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search the effort to acknowledge giving and
selflessly share the progress givers
made possible

Dear [NAME],
Casual givers read this email with
This year, your generous donations helped [CHURCH NAME] serve observation and interest in how they
with a great impact. You grew our children’s ministry. You helped send can give more in the future. They
missionaries to countries in need. You allowed our pastors to start new may even notice which causes they
and more inclusive meetings for those in spiritual recovery. care most deeply about, and aim to
donate to specific fundraisers that are
Above all, your gifts to our ministry helped the church reach more most meaningful

people locally

Thoughtful givers appreciate the
[LIST LOCAL CHARITY GIVING & ORGANIZATIONS] recap as a way of viewing their
intentional donations that reaped
As you enjoy all the memories that have come from this year, meaningful results. The ministries
remember that we at [CHURCH NAME] couldn’t have served without they value create more opportunities
you. You’re an appreciated and necessary part of the body of Christ for them to give again when they can
here, and we honor you for showing up. track and discuss specific changes

So thank you for all of your support, love, and generous donations Gifted givers look forward to an
throughout [YEAR]. We hope the new year brings you many blessings annual donation recap email because
as you continue to seek the heart of God. they are directly involved in more
of your church’s impact than most

We look forward to many more years with you as part of our Significant improvements to the
community and faithful giving team. church are made possible thanks to
gifted givers. Allowing them to see
Sincerely, public appreciation for the projects
and ministries they helped grow
[SIGNATURE] encourages their humble sharing of
abundance evermore

Outreach Letter for
envelope Building and Repairs 7
Use Cases Best for Gifted,
Thoughtful, and Casual
Sometimes, your church might need specific funds for repairs
or physical necessities. When this is the case, using your email Givers
newsletter is a smart way to let your congregation know about
upcoming needs. Gifted givers invest in major
improvements like building
renovations when they see the
potential it will bring to their
church. Thoughtful givers heed to
call to collective changes that will
archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search reap outstanding improvements
they can see. Casual givers
respond best to cause- and
situation-specific charities. This
Dear [NAME], type of email will help the majority
of the donors at your church get
As our church grows, so does the building we meet in. This year, we involved and help fund the vision
will be improving our worship center and focusing on making it as of your next project

accessible and welcoming as possible

You might’ve heard about our fundraiser for important repairs and
renovations. Thanks to the generosity of our church members just like
you, we’ve already raised [DOLLAR AMOUNT] for these improvements!
There is still progress to be made, and we’d love for anyone who wants
to be involved to join us in these efforts

To donate, give conveniently online:
Mobile App
We appreciate every gift toward growing our community! We can’t
wait to see you soon in our upgraded worship center all will enjoy for
years to come

For His Kingdom,
Missionaries & Mission Trip
envelope Donations 8
Use Cases Best for Thoughtful and
Many churches put a great deal of effort into funding missions
Casual Givers
trips and sending missionaries out into the world. If your Many people love to give to
church community believes in missions, much generosity can missions trips, but ongoing
be received from email fundraisers. email outreach is likely to move
thoughtful and casual givers
the most. Thoughtful givers feel
compelled to give to missions
because it helps people put their
faith in action in a meaningful,
archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search resourceful way: by helping
evangelize to those in need

Casual givers respond to mission
trips when there’s a specific goal,
Hey, [NAME]! such as building wells for those
without water or saving single
At [CHURCH NAME], our missionaries follow the call God placed on moms from poverty. Missions
their lives to serve those who cannot find hope. They selflessly work trips emails encourage giving for
hard to spread the Gospel to those in need. We are grateful so many your upcoming ministry and fund
of you are active in helping not only our local outreach, but those who the trip to reach more people

travel far away to share the Good News throughout the world

All of our missions trips happen thanks to our amazing community at
[CHURCH NAME]. You’re an invaluable part of this community!
We’re now taking donations to help send our missionary team this
year to [LOCATIONS]. If you believe in the ministry of global outreach
and wish to contribute, every dollar goes toward supporting this vision

Donate to our missions using one of our online giving methods!
Mobile App
Thank you for being such an amazing part of our church, and for
helping us expand the Kingdom of God both near and far

In Faith,
Community Assistance
envelope Fundraisers 9
Use Cases Best for All Giver Types
Whenever there’s a tragedy in your church community, When there’s an immediate need
unexpected emails that encourage donations can help lighten in the community, all types of
the burden. Customize this email when your community givers can be moved to lend a
needs help— whether it be a natural disaster, financial crisis, hand. Compassion is a driving force
or death of a beloved church elder. in giving, so sending an email to
request impromptu donations for
a specific community assistance
project can greatly help. You don’t
want to send too many of these,
but they can be a life-saver when

archive trash-alt folders reply reply-all share print flag search
Dear [NAME],
We are sending this email to inform the church that [SITUATION]

While we are all supporting each other the best we can at this time,
we ask that if you can give it would be greatly beneficial. We are
working directly with [PERSON OR ORGANIZATION] to relieve this
burden in our community

To make a donation, consider giving online now:
Mobile App
We’ll update everyone and send more information soon. Thank you for
being part of our community in this time of need


Welcome Email 1 Use Cases Best for All Giver Types When a new guest at your church provides their information via a bulletin connect card, online contact form, or prayer request, their …

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