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IS&T Quarterly Senior Staff Report – for the period 10/1/2009 through 12/31/2009 (Q2 ‘10)
Operational Area
IS&T Policies: Continue to rework policies for IS&T
o Travel /professional development policies
o Mobile/internet policies
o Computer purchases
Worked internally and with IS&T’s customers to orient the new Head of IS&T
Launched the Building a Foundation for IS&T project which will help strengthen
customer relationships and improve IS&T’s ability to focus on successfully delivering
core services to the Institute
Developed and implemented a process to regularly review IS&T’s major projects on a
quarterly basis
Presented IS&T’s experiences implementing both our PM methodology and a PPM
system at the Project Management Institute’s annual North American Symposium
Goals for Next Quarter
Continue to work on Building a Foundation including completion of a Values Survey for
IS&T and beginning to identify a Core Services listing

Develop and implement a quarterly Operational Review process

Work with a cross-directorate team to identify opportunities to strengthen project
execution and develop a plan to follow through on the recommendations
Develop a standard for reporting project financials for all of IS&T’s work
Update the Post Project Review process and promote its use across IS&T
Develop a comprehensive portfolio listing of all of IS&T’s projects that can be shared
across the Institute
Issues and Trends
None reported
Developed 1 pass of the FY11 Budget and conducted a comprehensive review of it by
IS&T Senior Staff
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 1 of 29 March 10, 2010
Implemented a new $100k/FTE/Consulting Approval Process and created new forms and
procedural documentation to support this process
Collaborated with HR to develop monthly position roster reporting that will aid in the
development of the quarterly financial reports

Goals for Next Quarter
Develop the Budget presentation
Quarterly Financial Forecast/Operational Reviews
IS&T Financial Metrics Project
Issues and Trends
None reported
Special Projects
GHPCC: Making progress with funding, design approach and cross-institute teams
o Participated in the business team effort
o Evaluated funding mechanisms and business model
PWC Audit report response: Developed approach and completed initial assessment
o Formed an ad hoc team and develop approach
o Conducted analysis and made initial assessment
o Developing plans and resource requirements
ESD IT Study: Student group study of institute-wide planning report and [email protected] report
o Worked with student teams in providing study approaches
o Provided data and discussed the work with IS&T personnel and students
IS&T Cost Savings: Completed initial phase of analysis on key ideas and began partial
implementation. Communication package on savings is being worked on (Allen is doing
the numbers and then Christine F can package)
o Standardize IS&T staff computers (#166) and purchase desktop instead of laptops
o Evaluate and potentially outsource DCAD (#295)
o Rationalize software licensing portfolio (#199)
o Change Business Model for software charges (#199)
o Lengthen the renewal cycle of IS&T-controlled equipment (#259)
o Outsource some or all of SAP (#287)
IS&T Policies: Continue to rework policies for IS&T on (in light of Jan Sr Staff meeting.

someone should capture this even if I did not work on them)
o Travel /professional development policies
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 2 of 29 March 10, 2010
o Mobile/internet policies
o Computer purchases
IT Policies and MA Reg compliance
o Continued to participate in discussions and evaluation of approaches with Audit
Group and others as needed

IT Governance
o Developed key question list to build framework of future IT Governance for MIT
Goals for Next Quarter
Complete responses to [email protected] TF report
Incorporate ESD study findings into IS&T’s response to Institute reports and future
planning for IS&T

Continue to work on GHPCC project by working in the cross-institute business team
Complete plan and approach for PWC Audit report and working documents
Begin deployment of WDE tools for select areas
Complete and publish Written Information Security Program per MA reg

Continue to provide staff support for IT Governance work
Participate in IS&T planning work via LWG, PG, WOTC, etc

Issues and Trends
None reported
IT Energy Initiative
Installed Xerox trial printers and worked with vendor to implement required
configurations, trained users and set up project wiki
Met weekly with the Walk the Talk Task Force Community subgroup
Participated in IS&T Project Reviews, and Business Planning
Developed a framework for response to the [email protected] Task Force report
Goals for Next Quarter
Continue evaluation of Xerox Print Management limited trial in VP Finance, IS&T &
Facilities, resolve vendor management issues and track usage and performance data
Investigate Intel VPro Power Management software solutions from HP and explore fit
with MIT’s needs
Assist Campus Energy Task force in IAP session for Green Ambassadors. Work with
students exploring IT Energy solutions

Complete World of the Customer Interviews
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 3 of 29 March 10, 2010
Complete Response to [email protected] Task Force Report
Issues and Trends
None reported
IS&T Human Resources
IS&T HR remains focused on fulfilling the staffing needs of the organization in a highly
responsive and timely manner. Throughout quarter IS&T HR was instrumental in
welcoming highly qualified professionals and consultants within all directorates as well
as the new Head of IS&T. In Q2, IS&T brought on board two new hires (one who was an
internal hire from within MIT)

IS&T HR provided supervisors of Support Staff with a Performance Assessment
workshop in December. The workshop was well-attended and allowed supervisors to
review how to review staff. Also, there was constructive discussion and dialogue
regarding calibration and the importance of being consistent with rating staff

IS&T HR worked with MIT HR to encourage enrollment of IS&T staff in the following
programs Institute’s upcoming “Managing For Excellence” training. Two IS&T employees
are currently confirmed to attend the workshop starting in Q3

The topic for the quarterly “Brown Bag” Lunch and Learn series this quarter was “Mentoring and
Coaching”. Leadership staff regards these sessions as ideal for exchanging ideas and advice, and report
that they gain useful information on relevant management topics. Participation and feedback continues
to be very positive

Employee Relations and Performance Management
The IS&T-HR team completed collection of performance assessment forms of all admin staff for the FY09
process. This exercise drove process change and has been incorporated into details of the FY10 process

Beginning this FY, final ratings and signed performance eval forms must be handed in to IS&T-HR prior to
the finalization of salary increases

General Staff Administration
IS&T began work on testing a Central HR project which focuses on providing enhanced service and
communication with the DLC. This project will be co-sponsored by the Head of IS&T along with the VP of

Regional Conference Work
Successful acceptance of proposal to present a workshop on the calibration process IS&T uses during its
Performance Assessment process at the May 2010 CUPA Regional Conference in DC. CUPA is a
professional organization providing leadership within the higher education human resources profession
and the higher education community

Goals for Next Quarter
Support IS&T Support Staff and Supervisors of Support Staff through the FY10
Performance Assessment process

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 4 of 29 March 10, 2010
Preparation, training, and initiation of the Admin Staff Performance Assessment process
in March
Collaborate and work with Central HR Compensation to complete Gardner Group IT
Salary Survey

Partner and support SAIS internal re-org
Issues and Trends
None reported
IS&T Communications
News and Editorial
Worked with PSB to hire, Chris Defrancesco of Alphabetica, the designer for Electronic
News Project

Kicked off project team for Electronic News Redesign Project including outline for
project, timeline, and features list

Held one Editorial Board (e-board) meeting to review status of news articles and future

Published 3 IS&T spotlights and various headline articles related to (MS Office; Windows
7; Cybersecurity; etc.)
IS&T Web Site
Continued cleanup and next phase of IS&T Web Site project including expansion and
training of authors in the Drupal Content Management System
Implemented Google Analytics for measuring the IS&T Web Site in Drupal
Held IS&T Web Site Steering committee meeting on November 18, to talk about phase
2 and 3 of web site improvements and plans for development, maintenance and support
going forward
Collaborated with OIS on developing a better way to stage/share images in the image
directory for use on the IS&T web site

Began review and planning of accessibility code for IS&T site with Stefanie Roberts on
Accessibility team

Continue outreach with areas whose web pages need updating or cleaning up in the
new redesigned site (Accounts, Network, Touchstone, etc.)
Internal Communications
Produced and published three issues of Inside IS&T for October, November, and

Planned for and held All Hands meeting on October 27 – first meeting for new Head of
IS&T (focus on dept roles and responsibilities, observations, future plans)

Conducted Infinite Mile Debrief on award process and ceremony and published results

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 5 of 29 March 10, 2010
Marketing and Outreach
Assisted with communications and presentation for Email/Calendaring Community
Forum held on October 8
Worked with various groups on broadcast communication messages/communication
plans: Microsoft Campus Agreement; Request Tracker Initiative; Windows 7; MS 10.6
(Snow Leopard); Stellar Next Generation; Training; VoIP; etc

Worked with OIS to produced updated Data Center brochure to be used during tours for

Published 3 articles to MIT’s Campus News site

Other/Managerial/Professional Development
Collaborated with Special Assistant to orient the new Head of IS&T

Planned for and attended quarterly IT/Libraries Communications Community of Practice
with the Boston Consortium on October 16

Participated in the Data Incident Response Team (DIRT) by preparing and attending
quarterly meeting, reviewing purpose and processes, and transitioning responsibility to
Taeminn Song, Special Projects

Participated on team for review of PWC Audit letter

Began coaching Vogt Fellow (held session monthly – 3 in total)

Participated in IS&T Project Reviews

Prepped and participated in FY11 Budget review process

Enrolled in Video courses to develop skills needed for electronic news site; attended
series of email/marketing workshops run by the PSB; and used Lynda.com tutorials to
explore and learn more about the use of social media in communicating/delivery news

Collaborated with Head of IS&T, Special Assistant and outside consultant on business
plan and core services approach for IS&T

Goals for Next Quarter
News and Editorial
Continue work on Electronic News Redesign Project including review of 1 pass designs
and beginning development of pages in Drupal; collaboration with ISDA for space on
development server; and collaboration with OIS on server to source the pages

Publish 3 IS&T spotlights and various headline articles related to (Data Center Evolution;
TSM release 6.1; next generating wireless; IMAP default quote, etc.)
Interview Andrew Yu and David Foucher to develop article regarding the iPhone
applications project

IS&T Web Site
Continue work to clean up IS&T content outside the look and feel

Host quarterly IS&T Web Site Steering Committee meeting and review next steps and
open issues (including those directly related to News pages and Accessibility Code

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 6 of 29 March 10, 2010
Finalized and published Writers List for authoring/editing responsibilities and triage of
service areas
Internal Communications
Plan for and host the quarterly IS&T All Hands Meeting (February 24); overview of
findings from IS&T Planning Process outreach
Developed 2010 (Q1/Q2) Accomplishment posters for display at the IS&T All Hands
meeting in February
Continued IS&T Winter Beach Party planning and host event on January 20

Marketing and Outreach
Publish key articles to MIT’s Campus News pages (target at least 1 per month or more)

Help with publicity of events for IAP including ATIC Open House, Data Center Tours, etc

Assist in planning for Campus Preview Weekend to be held in early April

Other/Managerial/Professional Development
Get approval and hire contractor for development needed on Electronic News Redesign
Develop list of metrics for measuring communications team work including the web site,
news, broadcast messages, outreach, etc

Implement the use of more RSS feeds and Twitter to push IT news out to the community
by various methods
Play key role in development of IS&T Budget letter and presentation to EVP

Play key role in IS&T planning efforts including summarizing data gathering findings,
developing All Hands presentation to show findings to staff, summarize and post on web
site, plan for core services and vision and planning sessions

Issues and Trends
ISSUE: No funding for development in Drupal for IS&T Web Site and current
development staff only available to maintain CMS as is; built in $10K for web site
development in FY11 budget process
ISSUE: There are still several pages outside of the IS&T site and Drupal. Will need to
work with areas to move all IS&T service pages into our site

ISSUE/CONCERN: Role assigned in Publishing Team to be Web Site Architect is getting
pulled into more writing assignments with the retirement of one of the Tech Writers

May be an issue with resource availability for web site going forward

TREND: More communication moving to online and face-to-face outreach
TREND: Increased use of social media for news and communications
Selected Metrics
We are still developing a list of specific metrics for the communications area of work. Hope to have list for Q3/Q4

Recently implemented Google Analytics to begin collecting data on the IS&T Web Site

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 7 of 29 March 10, 2010
NOTE: Google Analytics will only run on pages currently served out of Drupal. Other IS&T sites running outside of
the CMS will need to be measured independently until we are able to bring them into Drupal

Began collecting sample metrics on pages to show customer usage of certain services (e.g. certificates – to
measure usage during peak times and after updates to online documentation; training calendar)
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 8 of 29 March 10, 2010
Operational Area
Client Support Services
Automatic Call Distribution
Worked with OIS to configure and implement eOn acd for Telephone Help group to make customer
experience more consistent with Computing Help and to streamline help process; this included adding
software to Telephony staff machines, testing configuration, training, adding a report view of telephone
help calls to console for viewing in both the N42 Call Center and E19

Departmental Services
The development and implementation of the new tracking database has improved the tracking and
reporting for the computer deployments through the Desktop Deployment and Maintenance Group

Successfully created and maintained standard MIT Mac, Dell, and VMWare images for use in desktop
deployments and support. Integrated the MIT Dell standard image into the Dell ordering process to allow
for an MIT imaged machine to be shipped from Dell that is ready for deployment

Deployed a FileMaker Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the Deshpande Center. This
system will be used as a model for other CRMs in development

DS successfully supported MIT’s Accreditation Evaluation Committee in partnership with the President’s

Loaner Laptop Program
Successfully coordinated a semester of student loaner laptops, under the new definition of the program;
streamlined both the setting up and recovery/reissue of the laptops, allowing successful absorption of the
program without the people resources previously dedicated. Responses to the new program
implementation have been universally positive, from both faculty and students

MIT Exchange Migration (collaboration between OIS and CSS)
Ongoing outreach: The IS&T Community Forum was held on 10/8/09, and meetings were held with the
Asst. Deans in November as well as Administrative Advisory Council II and Administrative Officers in

Completed migrations included the VP of Finance, Department of Urban Studies, MIT News Office,
Chemical Engineering, Housing, Aerospace Studies, Navy/Army ROTC, Public Service Center and MIT
Campus Police

Successfully implemented the @exchange vs. @mit.edu transition solution

Supported the Exchange Email & Calendaring roll-out through the publication of 80 pages of on-line
policy, educational, and procedural documentation, as well as the delivery of 25 training events,
scheduled at DLC sites and customized to best meet their needs. Overall, 22% of IS&T training (all courses
including Exchange) was delivered off-site at a particular DLC office this past quarter

IS&T is partnering with Prof. Graves (Sloan School), the Baker House executive committee (dormitory) and
the Undergraduate Association, and CopyTech on several student printing experiments ranging from an
analytics freshman seminar project (Graves) to planned deployments of Pharos printing kiosks in Baker
and W20 for the spring semester, to gauge usability and student acceptance of kiosk-based hold-and-
release printing

IS&T is partnering with the Office of the Vice President for Finance on a pilot project to assess the value
and feasibility of a fully managed business printing environment with a per-page rate structure. IS&T
provides project guidance, vendor wrangling, sustainability expertise, and technical leadership to the

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 9 of 29 March 10, 2010
KeyServer project moved from design and implementation to stable server deployment, ready to support
pilot applications during IAP

A new approach to student MATLAB delivery wass documented, tested, and readied for “deployment” for
spring 2010, which will allow and encourage students to directly leverage the MathWorks download
system, eliminating the need for customized MIT installers and local re-delivery of student MATLAB via an
MIT download site, as well as providing improved flexibility, support options, and 64-bit support to MIT

CSS worked with OIS, GovConnection and Procurement to institute changes reflected in the Microsoft
Campus Agreement. All Microsoft Office Professional products under the MSCA are now available
through IS&T at no cost to faculty and staff, and may be installed on all MIT-owned machines

Delivered rich training and documentation in support of new Windows 7 and Microsoft Office releases, in
addition to updating documentation related to the Microsoft Campus Agreement

Student Computing
First full quarter of public Debathena (Athena 10) deployments. Debathena represents not only a new
version of Athena, but also a fundamental re-engineering of many components of Athena. This re-
engineering would not have been possible without significant student effort from SIPB

Refined existing data collection mechanisms and developed new ones to help inform recommendations to
be made by the working group and DUE in Q3 FY2010. As a preview, a summary set of Athena utilization
metrics is included in the metrics section of this report

Goals for Next Quarter
Implement process for Asset Recovery for IS&T and community
Complete VIP Exchange migrations
Partner with the Office of the President to develop and implement a process to ensure future Institute
wide publications (e.g., Task Force Report) are accessible to the entire MIT population
Co-lead an initiative to define a framework (aka menu of options) for Institute certifications. Partnering
with RACC to leverage the framework to begin developing a certification program around Sponsored
Research Administration
Deliver the next release of Debathena, tracking the public release of Ubuntu “Karmic”
Deliver W20 and Baker House kiosk-based printing pilots with CopyTech and student organizations, and
assess their effectiveness and potential for larger deployments
Pilot and assess application delivery through the new KeyServer infrastructure
Work with OIS to distribute updated Citrix ICA clients for Mac and Windows from IS&T software download
Pilot distribution of a VMware image for business help applications
Complete PCI compliance incident response
Issues and Trends
Web projects are becoming more complex with new user requirements. Many require functionality
beyond what the Athena’s free web hosting environment can provide

With move from IMAP to Exchange saw 21% year to year increase in email related tickets (Oct-Nov. 2008
compared to October to November 2009). Also moved from supporting 3 email clients and 1 calendar
client to supporting 8 email clients and 7 calendar clients

Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 10 of 29 March 10, 2010
Selected Metrics
*Please note that CSS has initiated an effort to refresh and validate our strategic metrics. Although some of the
previously published metrics (FY2009) differ from the current report, the metrics that follow are the accurate
numbers for all quarters reported. CSS expects to have additional metrics for FY2010 Q3 as we continue to
improve our measures throughout the year

CSS maintained high levels of call center performance in Q2, with Client Satisfaction only slightly below its 4.5
goal, and Abandon Rate well below its goal of 10%

Call Center FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ % Remarks
Overall Client Satisfaction 4.55 4.36 4.76 4.58 4.43 -3% -3%
Tickets Created Per Day, average 74 71 55 111 126 14% 72% Q2 new ly includes User Accounts
% Resolved in 1st day 67% 62% 68% 68% 71% 4% 6%
Calls Offered Per Day, average 125 93 79 112 84 -25% -33%
Wait to Answer, average in seconds 44 44 37 50 50 -1% 13%
Call Abandon Rate 11% 9% 6% 7% 6% -11% -43% 10% goal, consistently exceeded
Agent Availability, Average Hours Per Day 37 40 37 40 37 -8% 0%
Repair Center and Telephone Help satisfaction scores show steady improvement over the year and are now
above target for the last two quarters. Telephone Analog and ISDN orders are high from requests to remove
such phones. Telephone Help kept its recent gain in % of tickets resolved in Tier 1, up 15% this year

Repair Center FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Overall Client Satisfaction no data 4.30 4.39 4.58 4.54 -1%
Telephone Help FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Overall Client Satisfaction no data no data 4.02 4.53 4.71 4%
Telephone Repairs 488 458 415 362 298 -18% -39% interaction w ith VoIP rollout
Analog and ISDN orders 2288 1969 2272 1178 1895 61% -17% Mostly removals
VoIP orders 650 1211 1534 378 484 28% -26%
VoIP Help Tickets 371 534 598 507 441 -13% 19%
% VoIP Help Tickets Solved in Tier 1 59% 66% 68% 69% 68% -1% 15%
Ticket Topics are assigned by a largely automated process using keyword matching and hinting. Adding User
Accounts to the pool for the first time greatly increased volume in the Accounts topic and contributed to the
35% increase in Email tickets, otherwise caused by Exchange-related tickets created in the Call Center. The
Backup topic was impacted by the annual cleanup of mostly inactive TSM accounts. Two other lower volume
topics – Security and Services -- showed large % increases related to phishing and malware, and increased use
of our services like wikis.mit. Business tickets are down by nearly half compared to a year ago, and Hardware
tickets down by 22%. In those areas, newer hardware and easier-to-use software have a positive impact on
our clients

Ticket Topics, Estimated from Keywords FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Accounts 116 126 102 214 3054 1327% 2533% User Accounts queue added in Q2

Backup 82 45 74 342 484 42% 490% Acct cancellations, cleanups, etc

Business 893 502 455 699 475 -32% -47%
Email 764 839 707 1317 1032 -22% 35% Exchange, plus User Accounts
Hardware 909 743 604 937 712 -24% -22%
Network 530 556 415 891 624 -30% 18%
OS 287 345 181 300 308 3% 7%
other 111 160 66 228 202 -11% 82%
Printing 165 124 127 152 153 1% -7%
Security 51 186 108 116 121 4% 137% Reports of viruses, phishing, etc

Services 125 302 143 595 279 -53% 123% Increased w iki usage, e.g

Software 741 688 590 1384 808 -42% 9% Certificates issues are here
Telephone 16 14 23 19 16 -16% 0% Call Center tickets only
Web 69 68 50 118 77 -35% 12%
TOTAL 4859 4698 3645 7312 8345 14% 72% More queues starting in Q2
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 11 of 29 March 10, 2010
Adding User Accounts this year nearly doubled Service Desk ticket volume over last year. More than 8300
tickets, or 126 tickets per day, were created by more than 4700 unique IDs in a roughly 3:2 ratio of employees
to students

Client Population, unique Email IDs FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Current Employees 2258
Current Students Note: this classification scheme is new for Q2. 1507
Non-Current Employees It is automatically generated in the ticketing 173
Non-Current Students based on information in the data warehouse 177
Other 631
Total 4746
Training offered 14% more classes and attracted 8% more attendees than a year ago. A third of the training
taken in Q2 was about Exchange. Attendees are pleased with their training, as client satisfaction scores remain

Training FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Classes Offered 70 67 50 89 80 -10% 14%
Seats Filled 417 362 283 454 450 -1% 8%
Avg Seats Filled Per Class 6.0 5.4 5.7 5.1 5.6 10% -6%
Overall Satisfaction with Class 4.8 Survey reimplemented in Q2
Accessibility delivered 39% more Adaptive Technology consultations to the community, and showed the same
increase in student users of the 24x7 lab. Software Usability consultations nearly doubled over last year as

Accessibility/Usability FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
Adaptive Tech. Consultations 59 94 75 96 82 -15% 39%
Accessibility Reviews 45 39 36 42 38 -10% -16%
Student users of 24/7 ATIC Lab 23 23 26 30 32 7% 39%
Adative Technology Devices Loaned 35 51 22 42 38 -10% 9%
Usability Services 18 17 27 38 35 94%
DDM’s Preventative Maintenance visits and Desktop Deployments have surged over last quarter even as DDM
looks to revamp the program later in the year. Declines in MDS metrics across the board are consistent with
recent DLC belt-tightening. DCAD shows sustained gains in the SLA business, while new projects are down
compared to a year ago but rising steadily in the last three cycles. The DS PLUS reporting is new this quarter
and shows a 42% increase over last year in activities related to supporting its 72 client individuals

DDM FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ % DDM Deployments
Preventative Maintenance Visits 187 116 99 82 113 38% -40%
Desktop Deployments 201 191 339 157 266 69% 32%
Deployments in same qtr 3 years before no data no data no data 364 204 -44%
% change in Deployments over 3 yrs before -57% 30%
MDS FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ %
DLCs with Desktop Support SLAs 31 33 33 30 30 0% -3%
Weekly Desktop Support SLA Hours 314 318 312 290 282 -3% -10%
DLCs with Server Support SLAs 5 5 5 4 4 0% -20%
Weekly Server Support SLA Hours 10 10 10 8 8 0% -20%
On-Call Hours Billed (total for quarter) 113.25 102.25 205 216 106 -51% -6%
DS-PLUS FY09 Q2 FY09 Q3 FY09 Q4 FY10 Q1 FY10 Q2 Qtr Δ % FY Δ % DS-Plus tickets generated
Clients in the Program 65 69 70 72 72 0% 11%
DS-PLUS Tickets generated 165 195 180 188 245 30% 48%
New Projects 43 48 15 27 35 30% -19%
Projects already underway 44 41 55 14 61 336% 39%
New SLAs 1 5 4 6 7 17% 600%
SLAs already underway 39 39 43 45 47 4% 21%
Prepared by: D. Fladager Page 12 of 29 March 10, 2010

Planned for and attended quarterly IT/Libraries Communications Community of Practice with the Boston Consortium on October 16. Participated in the Data Incident …

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