Digital Carbonless Paper Is Designed To Run Applications Jam

Digital carbonless paper is designed to run applications jam

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Digital Carbonless paper is designed to run Applications
jam and contamination-free on the broadest Multipart Forms
range of digital machine platforms, making Variable Data Forms
multi-part forms easy to produce on any Barcoded Forms
type of laser printer or copier. Service Receipts
Repair Order Forms
Digital Carbonless Parking Tickets
Purchase Order Forms
Specifically formulated chemistry creates less downtime and increased productivity
Packing Slips
Quick and easy variable data, numbering and barcoding with digital printing methods
Bank Books
Consistent crisp, dark, legible images through each ply Medical Forms
Thickest, stiffest sheet for best runnability Retail Receipts
Custom sizes available - can be collated and micro perfed Automotive Service Receipts
Nekoosa Bucks available in select cartons of 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" Legal Forms
Print Compatibility: Digital Dry Toner/Laser
800.826.4886 | [email protected]
11.10.20 | M1007
NEKOOSA BUCKS available in each carton listed below

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Parts SKU # Colors Size & Grain M Wgt Sheets/Carton Sets/Carton
2 17118 Canary CF 8.5" x 11" GL 11.0 5000 2500
R/S 17110 White CB 11" x 17" GL 22.0 2500 1250
17120 White CB 8.5" x 11" GL 11.2 5000 1670
3 Canary CFB
STR 17111 11" x 17" GL 22.3 2500 835
Pink CF
17124 Pink CF 8.5" x 11" GL 11.2 5000 1670
3 Canary CFB
REV 50141 11" x 17" GL 22.3 2500 835
White CB
White CB
4 Canary CFB
17122 8.5" x 11" GL 11.1 5000 1250
Goldenrod CF
Goldenrod CF
4 Pink CFB
17126 8.5" x 11" GL 11.1 5000 1250
REV Canary CFB
White CB
GL=Grain Long GS=Grain Short
No, it’s not just magic!
How carbonless Microfilming
Digital Carbonless images reproduce very well on microfilms and on most
really works ... copying equipment. Equipment employing an infrared process or diazo. Where
a translucent original is necessary, will not produce acceptable copies from
carbonless paper

CFB Fan-Out Padding
CB This product is designed for use with Nekoosa Coated Products' Fan-Out Padding
Adhesive to provided fan-apart form sets. A CB sheet in the top position and a CF
sheet in the bottom position are required for proper fan out. This product is designed
to repel the adhesive at the front of the CB and back of the CF sheet. This allows
production forms sets when the stock is fanned at the corners

800.826.4886 | [email protected]
Physical Properties
Basis Weight (Lbs/500-17" x 22") T-410 22 23 22
Basis Weight (g/m2) T-410 83 86 83
Thickness T-411 4.5 mil 4.5 mil 4.5 mil
Brightness (White only) T-452 92 - -
Opacity T-425 88.70% - -
Image Color NCP Test Black - -
Odor NCP Test Very Slight Odor - -
Test methods prefixed with a "T" are established by Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Conditions For Use
Shelf Life* 2 years
*When kept in a copy room condition and properly
resealed in original packing when not in use

Print This Side Of The Sheet Delivers The Print This Way This Collation Loaded With The Arrows (print side)
Top Print Side Up Reverse Up
Top Print Side Down Straight Up
Bottom Print Side Up Straight Down
Bottom Print Side Down Reverse Down
Speed of Image Formation Loading the Equipment
The image of Digital Carbonless paper is immediately legible. The image will Digital Carbonless paper must be printed/copied on the proper side. The
continue to darken over a short period of time and will be most apparent in arrow on the ream label points to the correct print/copy side. Also, the
handwritten forms. Extreme cold temperatures will slow down the speed of print side may be identified after the ream wrapper has been removed
the image formation and conversely, higher temperature will increase the by observing the side ream identification arrows on the end of the ream

reaction time. These arrows point to the print side of the paper. When filling the feed
tray or paper supply bin, face the print side up or down pursuant to the
Pressure Required to Image recommendations of the machine manufacturer. Fan the paper before
Because of the difference in individual requirements, the wide range of placing stock into the feed tray or bin. This process captures air between
pressure exerted by various printers or writing pressure associated with the individual sheets to enable smooth feeding

hand entry, users should conduct test simulating actual usage conditions
for assuring satisfactory performance in specific applications

Pre-collated Digital Carbonless paper is specifically designed for use with
Image Test machines using toner heart fusing systems and delivering sheets into a
Make a small firm mark on the first completed form set. Check each ply receiving tray

for presence of carbonless image. This will indicate whether or not the
Conditioning and Handling
printing/copying is being performed on proper side of the paper

As with most paper grades, Digital Carbonless paper should be acclimated
Press and Ink to copy room conditions before printing. Keep paper stored in original
Digital Carbonless paper may also be printed on wet offset, dry offset and protective packaging until needed. Unused paper should be resealed in the
letterpress equipment. Standard low-tack inks give good performance. If original wrapper and stored in a controlled environment. Handle paper with
utilizing UV offset inks, set UV lamps to lowest setting that will cure the inks. minimal pressure to avoid inadvertently marking or scuffing of the paper

UV light exposure will cause the premature development of the imaging
inks with enough intensity and time of exposure

The information provided herein is correct to the best of Nekoosa's knowledge, however, should not be construed as specifications. No liability for any errors, facts or opinions are accepted. Customers must
satisfy themselves as to the suitability of this product for their application. No responsibility for any loss as a result of any person placing reliance on any material contained herein will be accepted

800.826.4886 | [email protected]

Legal Forms CARBONLESS DESIGNED FOR DIGITAL DRY TONER/LASER PRINTING Digital Carbonless paper is designed to run jam and contamination-free on the broadest production forms sets when the stock is fanned at the corners. 800.826.4886 [email protected] 11.10.20 NEKOOSA.COM

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital carbonless paper?

Digital Carbonless paper is designed to run jam and contamination-free on the broadest range of digital machine platforms, making multi-part forms easy to produce on any type of laser printer or copier. Forgo messy, time consuming ink methods and choose to use Nekoosa’s Identifier™ Inkless Biometric Identification System.

What is a carbonless roll?

Heavy-duty carbonless rolls designed for demanding digital print environments. Carbonless sheets for multi-part forms designed to consistently perform in demanding digital print environments. Carbonless sheets specifically designed and tested for use in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo digital printing press.

Why choose xerox revolution carbonless paper?

Xerox ® Revolution ® Carbonless Papers are good for a wide variety of forms. Create your forms in-house and on-demand with razor-sharp accuracy. Engineered to run cleaner and reduce the risk of contamination. Great for image legibility on multiple part forms.

What are universal carbonless sheets?

Universal carbonless sheets are engineered for long-run offset and quick turn around on-demand digital dry toner/laser printing. Turn to NCR PAPER* Xero/Form® II for the most demanding jobs with a history of proven performance on digital dry toner/laser printing equipment. Printer Compatibility: Digital Dry Toner/Laser