D43 Template For Partner Profiling Europa

D43 template for partner profiling europa

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D.4.3 - Template for Partner Profiling,
following Ideal-ist Requirements
Grant Agreement number: 231730
Project acronym: PRO-IDEAL
Project title: PROmotion of an ICT Dialogue between Europe and America
Funding Scheme: Support Action
Due date: 01/02/2009
Actual date: 08/03/2010
Document Author/s: MINCyT, INMARK
Version: 1.0
Dissemination level: PU
Status: Final
Template for Partner Profiling
1. INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................................................... 3
2. PARTNER PROFILING TARGETS ..................................................................................................... 5
3. IDEAL-IST PARTNERS SEARCH SERVICE ..................................................................................... 6
4. PARTNERS SEARCH PROCEDURE................................................................................................... 7
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Template for Partner Profiling
1. Introduction
The promotion of potential partners from Latin America into appropriate consortia is
part of the WP4 activities to support the proactive participation of Latin America in
the ICT programme. The objective of Task 4.3 Potential partner profiling, in close
collaboration with Ideal-ist, is to promote partner profiles from the 4 target countries
(Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) through the Ideal-ist database and other
European partners’ networks

Since the project started, Partners Search has been one of the services provided
through the PRO-IDEAL platform as building or join a consortium is one of the most
challenging steps for those who prepare an FP7-ICT proposal for the first time,
particularly from third countries like Latin America where reaching the right partners is
considered a success factor to participate in FP7-ICT projects

Therefore, this report intends to be a guideline for partner profiling following Ideal-ist
requirements to help potential partners to write and submit profiles from Latin
American countries, in particular from those countries in which the PRO-IDEAL
project actively is involved (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay). This tool can be
also useful for ICT NCPs and PRO-IDEAL local coordinators who require some
guidelines to promote LA interested candidates profiles among selected and
experienced teams in Europe

Why Ideal-ist?
Ideal-ist www.ideal-ist.net is the most widespread international ICT partner search
network, with more than 60.000 contacts, in line with the international cooperation
strategy of the European Commission and a unique quality labelled partner search tool
to connect newcomers and experienced researchers from Europe and abroad. Since the
beginning of the project, PRO-IDEAL is collaborating with Ideal-ist and its National
Representatives in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico) to promote its
partner search service throughout Latin America, in the events held in the target
countries and through the PRO-IDEAL platform www.pro-ideal.eu

Actually both platforms are interconnected to enhance the synergy: Ideal-ist is
accessible from the PRO-IDEAL site www.pro-ideal.eu/partner_search and PRO-
IDEAL itself is accessible from the Ideal-ist site from its "project pages"

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Template for Partner Profiling
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Template for Partner Profiling
Thus, the dissemination and endorsement of the Ideal-ist network by the PRO-IDEAL
project will encourage Latin American ICT potential partners to fill in and submit the
partner profiling template at the Ideal-ist website. The promotion dimension of this
initiative will help researchers and other ICT stakeholders interested in obtaining
funding for their research from the FP7-ICT programme to expand their match
possibilities with counterparts from Europe and other regions

2. Partner profiling targets
Partner profiling through Ideal-ist targets people at all levels of expertise in FP7-ICT
Programme; from those who are thinking on the possibility of participating in the FP7-
ICT calls to those who have a proposal idea and need urgently to find counterparts as
partners and coordinators to build a consortium. The point is to gain visibility in the
specialized networks and media where the most important researchers and developers
actively participate in. Partners Profiles need to be updated regularly according to the
institution interests and call content and requirements

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Template for Partner Profiling
Ideal-ist network supports Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), Academia, Non-profit
Organisations, larger Companies and public Administration, Newcomers, Research
Organisations and consultancies in:
1. Interpreting the ICT work programme of FP7
2. Submitting project ideas in line with the Challenges & Objectives of FP7
3. Finding the right partners for their project
4. Joining as partners to other proposals
5. Joining on-going projects via competitive calls launched by project coordinators
3. Ideal-ist partners search service
There are three ways of participation in the Ideal-ist network:
 Proactively launching a Partner Search, in those cases when a
partner/proposer already have a project idea and need to complete the
consortium with partners and/or a project co-ordinator. For that, the first step
is to create a member ID and fill up the profile at www.ideal-

 Proactively launching a take-up action for a competitive call, in those cases
where partners look for additional partners in a running IP or NoE project. For
that, the first step is to create a member ID and fill up the profile at

 Subscribing to the ideal-ist mailing lists to be informed of any opportunity
arising to join a forming consortium in different areas of interest. Potential
partners have to check their compliance with the partner profiles sought and
filling in an Expression of Interest to apply. This is useful if partners are
newcomers who need to identify forming consortia in order to take part in
international ICT calls www.ideal-ist.net/partner-search/newsletter_subscribe

Some important tips
According to the Ideal-ist network partner search procedure the main functionality
offered to all registered members to the Ideal-ist web portal is the possibility to
create, submit and publish Partner Search Forms, both for regular ICT Calls and own
Competitive Calls

The user needs to register first in the log in box selecting “New Proposer?” Once
registered, the user simply has to log in with his own login and password, click on
‘New Partner Search’ on the Control Panel and complete the following procedure for
issuing a Partner Search form in close contact with his own National Ideal-ist
Representative. The log in and password of a proposer will remain as such for ever:
for any future Partner Searches or Competitive Calls the proposer simply needs to
log in

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Template for Partner Profiling
4. Partners search procedure
To find the right partner for projects, Ideal-ist put in place a proven partner search
(PS) mechanism to find partners for ICT projects in 10 days. All the process is cross-
checked by ICT experts with a long-standing experience in EU Framework Programmes,
named the Quality Team

Source: Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Ideal-ist

5. Ideal-ist Guidelines to Fill the Partner Search Form
Only PS with a Quality Label will be published at the Ideal-ist platform. PS
Form must include the following data:
Basic Information:
 Call Identifier: Options provided by a combo box to all the Calls currently

 Challenge: Only valid options for the chosen Call are given

 Objective: Only valid options for the chosen Call and Challenge are given

 Funding Schemes: Automatically assigned if only one option for the Objective
chosen, otherwise only valid options for that Objective are provided according
to the ICT Workprogramme

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Template for Partner Profiling
 Evaluation Scheme: Automatically assigned if only one option for the
Objective and Funding Scheme chosen, otherwise only valid options are

 Closure Date: Automatically assigned when Call, Objective and Evaluation
Scheme are chosen

Proposal at a Glance:
 Proposal Name: The best option to fill this field out should be an Acronym
followed by its corresponding explanation, giving a first impression of the
aims and objectives of the project

 Subject: Short description of the project (3-4 lines)

Project Description:
 Proposal Outline: Detailed description of the aims and objectives that the
project wants to achieve, always avoiding delicate or confidential information
(3-4 short paragraphs might be enough)

 Keywords: Most representative terms related to the project

Partner Profile Sought:
 Required Skills and Expertise: Short description of the profile(s) needed to
develop the project, or general description and experience of the possible
partner(s) wanted. The
 More specific these profiles are, the more accurate the responses will be

 Description of the Work to be Carried Out by the Partner(s) Sought: Short
description of the work to be assumed by each one of those profiles once they
are involved in the project

 Type of Partner(s) Sought: To be used when specific needs about the type of
partners are fundamental for the consortium: Hospitals, Libraries, specific
types of SME, etc

 Please, tick the box if you are looking for a Coordinator, who would coordinate
your proposal: In case the proposing organization needs another organization
to carry out the coordination of the project once funded

Your Experience in ICT Project Management:
These data will be used for internal statistical purposes only, and will not be public
on the finally published form:
 Have you ever coordinated an ICT Project before? Yes/No
 Have you ever participated in an ICT Project before? Yes/No
Expression of Interest (EoI):
Inform a Colleague about received Expression of Interests (EoI): As all the responses
to the published Partner Search will be managed and stored in the Ideal-ist server,
and granted to the proposer by means of his own secure area, he is given the
possibility to indicate the email address(es) of a colleague or colleagues to receive
the email notifications of every Expression of Interest generated to that Partner
Search. Nevertheless, the Personal Home Page of the proposer should be only
accessible to the registered user, and he should not disclose his access data to
anyone else

Finally, the proposer is asked to expressly accept the Ideal-ist Confidentiality Clause
before being able to save and submit the proposal

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Template for Partner Profiling
The following image shows the form to be filled out in the Ideal-Ist Platform in order
to search for a specific partner

WP4_D4.3_MINCYT_V.1.0 © PRO-IDEAL Page 9 of 11
Template for Partner Profiling
The image below shows an example of the information shown for a given proposal in
the Partner Search Section of Ideal-Ist Platform

WP4_D4.3_MINCYT_V.1.0 © PRO-IDEAL Page 10 of 11
Template for Partner Profiling
The following image shows an example of the view of all Open Partner Searches, in the
PS section of the Ideal-Ist Platform

Additional information about the Ideal-ist Partner Search Mechanism can be found in
the Partner Search Manual for Proposers: http://admin.ideal-ist.net/partner-

WP4_D4.3_MINCYT_V.1.0 © PRO-IDEAL Page 11 of 11

Partner Profile Sought: Required Skills and Expertise: Short description of the profile(s) needed to develop the project, or general description and experience of the possible partner(s) wanted. …

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