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Aginsky Consulting Group is an internationally We offer a wide range of consulting services and
recognized, boutique consulting company, headquartered solutions to organizations in various industries. Our core
in Portland, Oregon, focused on providing a range of competence lies in our ability to help small and medium-
management consulting services to small and medium- sized businesses maximize revenue, generate growth
sized companies worldwide. However, we are not and develop a sustainable competitive edge through our
your typical consulting firm providing the same set of individualized solutions

proven techniques and methodologies for success. We
are a constantly growing and evolving team of experts We are experts in such broad categories as:
in every imaginable field who become your partners market and industry global outsourcing;
in your business and help you rediscover your firm’s research/analysis; strategic alliances,
true potential and spot new, previously unimaginable
business strategy, distribution and
opportunities. We can be there with you at every step of
financial and channel partnerships; Aginsky Consulting Group has a large pool of top quality
the way of your organization’s journey, from its inception
marketing planning; cross-cultural professional consultants all over the globe with specific
and early development – by helping you to implement
business process communication and expertise in a plethora of areas. We are only as good as
your ideas and make them a reality; to the latest stages
development; integration; our people, so we are committed to hiring and bringing
of its lifecycle – by bringing newfound opportunities and
assisting you in reinvigorating the enterprise. procurement, investor and client you the best experts in the field. All of our consultants
enterprise resource relations management; hold an MBA degree from the world’s top business
We are unique in many ways, from our international planning and supply business valuations; schools. For each particular project or engagement, we
and highly educated and experienced staff to our chain management; interim venture assemble a team of first class multi-lingual experts in the
approach to problem solving. Business can often seem operational management; given industry, function and geographic area, drawing on
like a game of chess, with grandmasters all around improvements; our global network. Our people are familiar with major
capital fundraising;
making precise and commanding moves with split-second optimization of local corporations and key community leaders and are
calculations. We help to tip the scales in our clients’ equity sales and M&A well-versed in the intricacies of the region’s professional
human resources, activity

favor by originating bold and unprecedented strategies organizational practices and nuances of local business culture

that are unforeseeable by opponents. We then go even structure and
further by actually helping with the implementation of management systems;
our advice and essentially moving the heavy pieces on
the crowded boards of the market towards check-mate Please see the SERVICES section for further details

– the client’s ultimate victory

We are committed to helping our clients make In describing our firm’s goals and objectives, we The consulting industry in Russia/CIS is extremely
distinctive and substantial improvements in their do not retort with the standard cliché lines about high polarized. At one end of the spectrum, there are
performance, identify the breakthrough opportunities ideals and inherently naïve and complex formulas for behemoths like McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, and the
for growth, create a competitive edge and maximize success. Our goals are simple and clear; our objectives rest of the top global consulting companies who typically
their revenue, profitability and shareholder value. are resolute and tangible. We are a well-oiled team of would not deal with projects less than six figures in total
Our consultants do more than just leave a client with expert business consultants and entrepreneurs at heart fees and therefore mainly service Western companies
a book of recommendations. Our consultants work who believe that immense success can be achieved in Russia and only a handful of Russian giants. At the
with the client as partners to take the crucial next through long-term business planning and creative other side of the spectrum, there are local consulting
step in assisting the client’s implementation of those problem-solving, and that by applying both diligently, companies that charge less but are typically unable to
recommendations. This implementation phase is one of consistently and most importantly, valiantly, one can in offer a full range of services at a world-class level and
the key factors that set Aginsky Consulting Group apart turn create incalculable benefits for any organization are often times far less experienced. Aginsky Consulting
from other consulting firms. Without helping the client and the surrounding community. Group is uniquely positioned to bring together the best
implement recommendations, a consulting firm’s job is of both worlds. We focus on small to medium-sized
only half done. Unfortunately, creating such long-lasting organizational companies who cannot afford the likes of top western
rewards does not allow for a clear roadmap towards the consulting companies, yet who wish to receive the same
Furthermore, Aginsky Consulting Group knows how finish line. On the contrary, the path is rather convoluted caliber of expertise from a top-notch international team
to bridge language and cultural barriers - the company and confusing which makes strategic business planning of western educated, well trained, knowledgeable and
can provide all of its services in English and dozens a task of utmost difficulty. This is precisely where our experienced multilingual consultants who can deliver
of other languages to its US and international clients. experience and business acumen is most useful to our high caliber results with a personal touch at a reasonable
We have considerable expertise in key world regions, clients. As company outsiders, we are often able to see cost to the client

especially in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, what the insiders can not, thus enabling us to develop
and a high level of awareness for the specifics and the best possible long-term tactical plan for the client,
peculiarities of local business. Therefore, we are well which is then often altered upon attainment of newfound
positioned to deliver a real value to our clients and to knowledge and information

exceed their expectations

We guarantee
that the value
we bring
to our clients
exceed our fees !
We are committed to our clients in every way and therefore have a wide service offering
to meet their growing needs. We are dedicated to delivering actionable results in a tight-
knit bond with our clients and having a positive impact on the bottom line. We do not
just try to achieve better performance, but strive to achieve ultimate performance, as
benchmarked by the client’s competitors and the demands of the industry. We never settle
for second place. With Aginsky Consulting Group as a partner, you are bound for success

CLIENT SERVICES Our service offering can be segmented into the following categories

Please review them below

Strategy Corporate
and Sales
Operations Organization Custom-
Corporate Strategy is undoubtedly the most important Please review our comprehensive toolkit of
factor in long-term sustainable success. By creating a approaches to help clients with specific strategy-related
new strategy or altering the existing one as a result of needs below:
ever-changing market demands, you are taking the first
step to becoming a leader, a winner in your respective Corporate Strategic Creating or enlarging
field, industry, region, and ultimately, in the global business planning the market
marketplace. Business processes Risk analysis and
development avoidance measures
Even with availability of only negligible resources Strategic alliances and Strategic growth
but with the right strategy incredible success can be channel partnerships implementation
attained, whereas the opposite is almost never true
New project Analysis of new market
— even the most bountiful resources can be quickly
undertaking strategic opportunities
squandered away if appropriate strategic steps are not
merit review Capabilities analysis
taken. Therefore, we concentrate on this section of our
service offering more than any other by engaging the Control of subordinate and exploitation
leading experts in business strategy for brainstorming business units Creative Idea Building
sessions for the client’s benefit. Business portfolio Sessions
restructuring Competitive Dynamics
Identification of core and Game Theory
intangible assets for
new growth initiatives
Corporate Marketing
and Sales
Operations Organization Custom-
Finance solutions
Our Corporate Finance practice has evolved over time Our strategic advice on financial issues is particularly
to become one of our core competencies and primary important to clients contemplating significant
areas of expertise. Through initiation and installation transactions. Historically, less than half of acquisitions
of various procedural and physical metrics we can have created value. We aspire to help corporations beat
consistently deliver long-term value to our clients and those odds. We believe our distinctive value as financial
shape value-creating opportunities. Due to our unique advisers helps management teams assess and execute
experience and understanding of capital markets, transactions that make financial sense and enhance
particularly in such emerging economies as those of performance

Eastern Europe, and as a result of our intimate knowledge
of industry structure and far-reaching networks in every Our corporate finance engagements span many
corner of the globe, we can deliver advice on most different categories, including but not limited to some
financial issues from valuations and M&A negotiations to of the following:
financial engineering and risk mitigation

Financial Planning External growth
We believe that corporate finance and major Investor Relations and strategies
transactions must be based on a thorough understanding Support Capital Markets
of the fundamental economics of value creation in an Mergers and diagnostic
industry and on the capital markets’ assessment of Acquisitions Negotiation Support
the specific strategy or transaction. From our vast Valuations Risk Management
experience in a range of industries and geographies, we
Capital Fundraising Investments and
garner insights on how companies create value, and we
Due Diligence Divestitures
leverage our unique combination of strategic, financial,
and transactional expertise in our work with clients. Financial Strategy Alliances and Joint
Financial Engineering Ventures
Real Options and Financial projections
Derivatives Financial and
Debt & Equity Issues transactional hedging
Transaction Strategy Corporate Governance
Post merger
Marketing Operations Organization Custom-
and Sales solutions
Our Marketing and Sales services stem from our Aginsky Consulting Group brings a rich combination
most inherent belief in entrepreneurial leadership and of people and knowledge to provide these kinds of
creative business development techniques. We always services. We are capable of providing a wide range
begin by looking at the “naked” firm, as if it were a and depth of resources to address today’s most critical
young and hungry underdog, regardless of its amassed marketing issues. We invite you to read more about our
resources and assets, without its years of experience various sales and marketing service lines below:
and achievements. We examine the organization
through an ACG prism to gain an understanding of its Marketing Strategy Focus group
founding principles and try to exploit those in creating Creating excess administrations
a future vision for its marketing efforts. By stripping shareholder value Customer loyalty
away the layers of fat and muscle we reveal the firm’s through branding programs
basic survival instinct that can be harnessed and, if Primary and secondary Market share
properly guided and promoted with the help of various market and industry expansion
modern tools, directed at the strongest opponents with research/analysis Distribution channels
sheer resourcefulness and astuteness. Only in such bare
Customer Relationship development
form does it become clear how to best structure the
Management programs Marketing spending
sales efforts exploiting the companies existing strengths
and assets available to it. The greatest results can only Marketing planning efficiency
be achieved through simplicity of principle and a solid Customer mapping and Pricing strategy
vision. field research Sales and Channel
Marketing capability Management
building Global Franchising
Competitive landscape
OPERATIONS Organization Custom-
Once the strategy is created and the necessary At Aginsky Consulting Group you will be able to find
resources are in place, it is time to efficiently and assistance with a wide range of operational issues. For
expeditiously implement the plans in order to achieve a more detailed sample of some of our more demanded
the organizational goals. That is why Aginsky Consulting services, please refer below:
Group is committed to helping our clients achieve world-
class Operations. We develop and define operational Business process Operational
strategies and partner up with our clients in the quest of development improvements
making lasting improvements in their performance. Benchmarking Global Sourcing
Procurement and Lean production
Our consultants are experienced in operations work
purchasing manufacturing
and committed to finding a plethora of unique workable
solutions for clients. They are supported by a group of Enterprise resource Product Development
dedicated specialists and experts around the world. Our planning IT Solutions
work is unbounded - we serve a wide range of industrial, Supply chain
process, and service-oriented companies and can help management
any organization align operations with strategy

Today’s world is more complicated than ever before. Optimization of human Talent Search
There are all sorts of pressures that any Organization must resources Assistance
endure, from informational overload and globalization Organizational Institutional System
to rapid technological advancement and increasingly structure and and Organizational
competitive markets. In such an environment only the management systems Design
nimble and flexible organizations can truly succeed and Cross-cultural Corporate
pave the way for the rest. Therefore organizational communication and Transformation
efficiency and human capital are more important today integration Organizational Change
than ever before and are potentially the primary source Investor and client Processes
of a sustainable competitive advantage. relations management Corporate Governance
In order to build shareholder value, our practice Interim team venture
provides the necessary intellectual capital required to management
bridge the gap between concept and execution. The Motivation
greatest ROI possible can be achieved through savvy and Incentives
investments into human capital resources, which is the Administration
primary catalyst for improving bottom line results

Therefore, greater investments into organizational
improvements of your company will yield proportionately,
much larger cost reductions in required financial capital

It is in accurately choosing which specific investments to
make into the organizational improvement and how to
implement them that we deliver the greatest amount of
value to our clients. Some tasks commonly performed by
our firm in this area are outlined next:
If you did not find what you were looking for in the
other sections of our service offering, do not despair. We
are often engaged to provide Custom-tailored solutions
for our clients. We can help formulate the specific
problem or uncover areas that need improvements and
then find a comprehensive set of possible solutions to
meet the needs of your particular organization

In many cases we are retained to perform such tasks
as those listed below:
Business intelligence Emerging markets entry
Government contracts
a. Product launches
Corporate Security
solutions b. Service launches
World Wide Web c. Facilities outsourcing
solutions d. Labor outsourcing
a. Internet Marketing e. Investments and
b. E-commerce divestitures assistance
c. Online auctions f. Global M&A
NGO development g. Loan assistance
with major financial
Research studies
institutions, such as
Investor searches EBRD, IMF, WORLD

contact us
U.S. contacts international e-mail inquiries
U.S. Main 24-Hour Toll Free Voice/Fax Message Location: Russia General Info: [email protected]
Center: 1-877-WITH-ACG (948-4224) Contact person: James M. Quinn
Address: 30 Buterski Val., # 50, Employment: [email protected]
Moscow, Russia, 127055
Telephone: +7-985-969-7507 Partnerships: [email protected]
Location: U.S.A. (West Coast) E-mail: [email protected]
Contact person: Alexander Aginsky Investments: [email protected]
Address: 513 NW 13th Ave. Location: Ukraine
Suite 204 Contact person: Andrey Zhaglov
Portland, OR 97209 U.S.A. Address: M.Raskovoy, 17, Suite 705
Direct Line: +1-503-546-4049 Kiev, Ukraine, 02002
Mobile: +1-206-356-8777 Telephone: +38-044-496-46-04
E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +38-067-328-68-27
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Brazil
Location: U.S.A. (East Coast) Contact person: Fabiano Grottoli
Contact person: Leonid Mejibovsky Address: R. Sylvio Delduque, 122, # 21,
Address: 35 Pine Brook Circle São Paulo, SP Brazil 02332-040
Penfield, NY, 14526, U.S.A. Telephone: +55-11-7448-4042
Direct Line: 1-585-729-8819 E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
We look forward to discussing your domestic or international consulting requirements

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