105th Church Anniversary And Homecoming

105th church anniversary and homecoming

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Church Anniversary and Homecoming
“You Can Come Home Again”
BETHLEHEM Isaiah 49:19-20
Michael Eaton, Senior Pastor
Associate Ministers
T. D Rushing
Dear Bethlehem Church Family ,
Even the most desolate parts of your abandoned land will soon be crowded with your
people. Your enemies who enslaved you will be far away. The generations born in exile
will return and say, ‘We need more room! It’s crowded here!’ Isaiah 49:19-20 NLT
The Bethlehem Baptist Church family in Pauls Valley are glad to have you back
home this weekend at our 105th Church Anniversary and Homecoming Weekend,
September 22-23, 2007. The theme is, "You Can Come Home Again!”
Isaiah 49:19-20

We had a blessed time on yesterday at the picnic at Wacker Park . It was nice to
meet you. On this morning, I will give you the word from the Lord. Our guest
speaker at 3 o’clock will be Rev. Alvin B. Marshall of the Christland Baptist
Church, Fort Worth, Texas

We are asking all members and former members to give a Church Anniversary
gift of $105.00

We love you here at Bethlehem! Remember when times get tough or you get
tired of the big city, “You Can Come Home Again!”
Truly In Christ,
Pastor Michael Eaton
Dear Bethlehem Family,
Welcome home!
I am happy that you took time out of your busy schedule to be
with us this 105th Homecoming. This is a special weekend

The members of the committee and I would like for you to meet
our new Pastor. We hope that you find comfort in knowing that
we have been praying for your return

We have a rich legacy here at Bethlehem as you are a wonderful
part of it

Just set back and relax and hear a word from the Lord

Your Brother in Christ,
Herman Jackson
Homecoming & Anniversary Chairman
Bethlehem Baptist Church History
Bethlehem Baptist Church was organized in 1902 in a dugout located on the residential lot of the Rev. Elijah
Leopard in the 400 block of North Hickory Street. In 1904, another church from the east side of town
merged its membership with Bethlehem and in 1905 the first church building was completed. Charter mem-
bers of Bethlehem included Rev. & Mrs. Elijah Leopard, Mrs. D.S.A. Burton Davidson, Mr.Clark Curry, Mr

Mose Johnson, Mrs. Jane Johnson, Mr. Nathan Harris, and Mrs. Janie Brown. From 1905 to 1941 the church
expanded and grew under the leadership of Rev. Leopard, Rev. A.L. Davis, Rev. Charlie
Williams, Rev. J.W.Ruff, Rev. L. H. Hervey, Rev. C. H. Kennedy, Rev. H. J.Curtis, Rev. A. Griffin, and
Rev. M. J. Johnson

In 1941, the Rev. D.D. Jones was called as pastor and under his leadership the building committee was
formed with Leon Love as chairman and preparation was begun on the present edifice. Rev. Jones was in-
strumental in organizing
the Baptist Training Union for Bethlehem. In 1947 the Rev. C. M. Franks was called and he served until

In 1952, the Rev. Charles Hill became pastor. Under his leadership the sanctuary was completed and a new
parsonage was built. Rev. Hill was Bethlehem's first full time pastor. He was instrumental in establishing
church records

In 1960, the Rev. D.M. Jackson was called. During his storate we began observing Annual Women's Day
and Annual Youth Day

In 1961, the church called as its leader the Rev. C. W. Whitlow. Under his leadership the Educational Build-
ing was erected

In 1966, the Rev. M.L. Smith began serving as pastor. The Bus Ministry has its origin during his time of

In 1972, the Rev. K.D. Davis was called. During his pastorate, central air conditioning was extended to the
Educational Building

1981, the Rev. R.C. Johnson began serving as pastor. During his pastorate the Bethlehem family would have
a prayer breakfast every 1st Sunday. The annual days were combined and we began celebrating All Auxil-
iary Day, the first black owned daycare was established, two vans were purchased, and improvements made
in the Educational Building and the Sanctuary. Memorial Stained glass windows were added to the Sanctu-
ary. In 1986 a new Baptistery was installed. In 1987 we were blessed to purchase the Dunbar property

In July of 1996, Bethlehem called the Rev. C. R. Leslie Jr. During his pastorate the Children's Church Min-
istry was established

History Continue….

In April of 2000, Bethlehem called the Rev. Lee A. Benson. After much prayer, The Lord blessed us in June
of 2003, by sending Rev. Harold Brewer. Under his leadership, God blessed Bethlehem to make tremendous
strides both spiritually and materially

In April of 2007, Bethlehem called the Rev. Michael Eaton. May God bless our church under this man of
God's new leadership

Men who have served the church faithfully as deacons through the years were Clark Curry, Jim Black, Martin
Edwards, Jesse Jones, Charles Miles, Sonny Tyson, Leon Love, Fletcher Willis, Brown Peters, Sampson
James, Leroy Peters, Freeland Cudjoe, L.C. Brown

Present Deacons are: Floyd James, Bill Jones, Al Jackson, Quinen Ross and Park Prince

Those who served as Church Clerk were Sisters D.S.A. Davidson, Bernice Curry Green, Bertha James, Marie
James, Gladys Hill-McCowen, Ozella Peters, Maxine Buckner and present clerk is Jocelyn Rushing

Past Treasurers were Jesse Jones, Leon Love, Fletcher Willis, Jesse Fields, Freeland Cudjoe, Bill Jones, Mar-
tha Peters, and Herman Jackson presently serving is Al

Six young men who were members of Bethlehem have been called into the ministry. They are Rev. Leroy Pe-
ters, Gregory Jones, Harvey Jackson, Charles Dawson, Dwayne Cudjoe, Herman Stevenson and Bruce Ford

Serving as Trustees in the past were Robert Curry, Tom Ross, Clifton Fields, Fred Love, Victor Jackson, Jesse
Fields, Quinen Ross and Theola Jackson. Present Trustees are Isom Davis, Al Jackson, Audrey Jones, and Her-
man Jackson

Music plays a vital part in helping to spread the word of God. Serving Bethlehem as musicians through the
years were Octavia McNeal Todd, B.M. Elsberry, Althea Dorn, Lynn Willis, Velah Ross, Isom Davis, Nancy
Kerr, Lori Ford and Tommie Sampson. Serving at present is Tommie Sampson

Yes, Bethlehem is marching on... we've passed over the roads that led us here. We've pitched our tents on land
near turbulent waters but the leaders who have waited in the camp have caught the gleam of a new day, and
have each in their turn brought us into greater and more secure avenues of success

The Church today with its outstanding leadership and its background of loyal followers, stands as a city that
sets on a hill. We pray to ever hold to those principles of faith and doctrine that has made us useful and inspira-
tional. As proud as we are of our church, we are constantly praying to the Master to keep us humble enough to
be of service

Proclaimers of the Word
1902 1961
Rev. E. Leopard
Rev. C. W. Whitlow
1905 1966
Rev. E, Leopard
Rev. A. L. Davis Rev. M. L. Smith
Rev. Charles Williams
Rev. J. W. Ruff
Rev. L. H. Hervey Rev. K. D. Davis
Rev. C. H. Kennedy
Rev. H. J. Curtis 1981
Rev. A. Griffin
Rev. Roy C. Johnson
Rev. M. J. Johnson
Rev. D. D. Jones Rev. Charles Leslie
Rev. C. M. Franks Rev. Lee. Benson Jr

1952 2004
Rev. Charles Hill
Rev. Harold Brewer
1960 2007
Rev. D. M. Jackson
Rev Michael Eaton
Our Beloved Past Members
Izora Barnett Bertha Graham Minnie Miles Naomi Willis
William Barnett Dora Hamilton Oscar Miles Buster Willis
Loraine Bedford Bertha Harper Ted Peachlyn Fletcher Willis
Beluah Black Maida Hunt Brown Peters Hattie Willis
Jim Black Ellen Jackson C.E. Peters, Sr. Pearly Young
Grace Brown Ivory Jackson Joe Peters
L.C. Brown Bertha James Mary Peters
Lottie Carter Fred James Martha Peters
Beatrice Craig Leola James Jerry Pierce
Freeland Cudjoe Louise James Katherine Pierce
Alvin Curry Lullene James Kevin Pierce
Bernice Curry Mable James L. C. Pierce, Jr

Clark Curry Marie James Amy Ross
Elvia Curry Nishie James Harriett Ross
Sonny Curry Sampson James Tom Ross
Zeb Curry Tommie James, Jr. Lemmie Sparks
D.S. Davidson Wanda James Georgia Smith
Elizabeth Davis Polly Jones Nettie Stevenson
Beulah Elsberry Ray Jones Lilly Taylor
Christine Fields Dolly Knowles Emma Jean Watkins
Jesse Fields Aaron Love Stella Whitfield
Patsy Fields Henrietta Love Gloster Wiley
Irene Floyd Ben Love, Sr. Missie Williams
Betty Ford Charlie Miles Naomi Willis
Douglas Ford Donald Ray Miles
Frankie Ford
Pastor Michael Eaton
Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
Pauls Valley Oklahoma
[email protected]
405. 268-0151
Michael Eaton, is a native of Dallas, Texas and the only son of the late Mr. Floyd G. Harper and youngest
of two children of Mrs. Lula M. Thomas of Colorado Springs, Colorado

He is married to Kimberly and they are blessed with two daughters, Kimberly and Christal

His home church, Concord Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, has a membership of over five thousand mem-
bers. The late Dr. E. K. Bailey was his pastor and father in the ministry. The Rev. Bryan L. Carter is now
his pastor and successor of Dr. E. K. Bailey. Pastor Eaton served as the Singles Pastor of the Concord Mis-
sionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas

Pastor Eaton has also worked five years in the Singles Ministry of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship under the
leadership of Dr. Tony Evans. Pastor Eaton served as the Senior Pastor of the Holiday Hills Baptist Church
in Abilene, Texas. He was elected as the Assistant Secretary of the Greater Abilene Minister’s Alliance
where he served until he received his call to Pauls Valley. He also lead a commercial campaign to evangel-
ize in the city of Abilene to save souls who were lost to Christ. He also produced and broadcast a
weekly radio program, “The Hills” which was heard on the ESPN Radio Network and syndicated nation-
ally and internationally in countries such as China, Africa and the United Kingdom through his pod cast
ministry. He has over 18,640 MP3 downloaded messages through his pod cast ministry. His MySpace.com
ministry has over 11661 views and over 4317 friends

Pastor Eaton is author of the books, “How To Became A Good Thing,” “How To Be Blessed As A Chris-
tian Single,” “How To Choose A Worthy Mate,” and Overcoming Fatal Attractions”

Pastor Eaton has been a contributing spiritual columnist in several
Pastor Eaton has been a contributing spiritual columnist in several West Texas Newspapers, State and Na-
tional Newspapers and The Preaching Magazine, a national publication for preachers. He is a
contributing writer for an Exegetical Sunday School Curriculum

Pastor Eaton has studied at Criswell College in Dallas, Texas and Southwestern Theology Seminary in Fort
Worth, Texas

Pastor Eaton is now the proud pastor of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church

This is the best church on this side of heaven

Bethlehem Baptist Church
105th Homecoming & Church Anniversary
Theme: "You Can Come Home Again!”
Isaiah 49:19-20
Bethlehem “Share the Love”
11:00 a.m. Worship Order of Service
September 23, 2007
Call to Worship Minister Bruce Ford
Praise & Worship Church Family
Announcements Sis. Karen Lawrence
Welcome Ushers
Pastoral Remarks Pastor Michael Eaton
Selection Choir
Tithes & Offering Pastor Michael Eaton
Expressions of Praise Bethelmimes
Altar of Prayer Pastor Michael Eaton
Hymn Congregation
A Word From God Pastor Michael Eaton
Invitation Minister Bruce Ford
Benediction Pastor Michael Eaton
Fellowship Immediately Following The Service
Pastor Alvin B. Marshall
Christland Missionary Baptist Church
Fort. Worth, Texas
Pastor Alvin B. Marshall is a native of Delhi, Louisiana. He is the only son born to the parentage of the late
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Carrie May Marshall. He attended Elementary school at Esther Toombs High School
and graduated from Delhi High School in 1974. He attended Southern University where he was a member of
the Southern University Marching Band and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with a
minor in Computer Science. After leaving Southern University he moved to Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as
an employee of the Vought Corporation his first full-time job and later taught in the Dallas Independent
School District for 5 years. He is the father of two children Quincy and Carliss Marshall

Pastor Marshall began his ministerial journey at the historic Mount Olive Baptist Church in Arlington,
Texas under the leadership of Pastor N. L. Robinson in 1983. He served as Associate Pastor from 1983 until
November of 1989 serving as Worship leader. He then became the first full-time Associate Pastor in the his-
tory of Mount Olive serving in the position of Assistant Pastor from December 1989 to August 1992. He was
responsible for the daily administration of church activities. He taught the Adult Vacation Bible School class
for several years. He started the Single’s Men Bible Study Ministry and was its first teacher and of the 35
original members he discipled, 8 of them got married. He started and gave leadership to the Married Couples
Sunday School Class of over 100 participants attended weekly. Pastor Robinson encouraged him to further
his Biblical studies. Therefore, he enrolled at Southern Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas where, in the spring of
1988, he received a diploma in Systematic Theology. He taught Bible Books and Systematic Theology at
Southern Bible Institute in the school semester 1989 – 1990. Motivated by the words from the Bible “my
people perish for lack of knowledge” and the verse in I Timothy 2:15, Pastor Marshall enrolled at Dallas
Theological Seminary in 1990 pursuing the Masters of Theology degree in Pastoral Studies with a concentra-
tion in Urban Ministries. Through many tribulations, troubles, and tests, by God’s Amazing Grace, finished
the degree requirements in 2005. While a student at D. T. S., with the prayer and encouragement of Dr. Eddie
B. Lane, he became the founder and Senior Pastor of Grace Evangelical Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas
from 1994 – 1999

The Lord then called him to the nationally known Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas
under the leadership of Dr. E. K. Bailey in January 2001 and served as Executive Pastor of Church Admini-
stration at Concord. He was responsible for coordinating ministry operations, supervising the human re-
sources functions and the day-to-day operations of the Concord Church. He was in this position from Febru-
ary 1, 2001 until August 2002. He then was asked and accepted the position to serve as the Associate Pastor
of Operations at Concord Baptist Church. He was the staff member responsible for specific operational du-
ties not assigned to the Assistant Pastor. He started serving in this position in September 2002. He has taught
Biblical Doctrines and Theological studies at Concord and is currently teaching Theology Classes in South-
ern Bible Institute, Dallas, Texas during the Fall and Spring Semesters. On October 17, 2004 he was called to
pastor the Christland Missionary Baptist Church where he is convinced and committed to the call of God to
be his bondservant to serve His purposes for this generation. Pastor Marshall has completed almost three
years serving as Senior Pastor/Teacher at Christland, a church centered on Christ to carry out the great com-
mission and the great commandment

Bethlehem Baptist Church
105th Homecoming & Church Anniversary
Theme: "You Can Come Home Again!”
Isaiah 49:19-20
Bethlehem “Share the Love”
September 23, 2007
3:00 p.m. Worship Order of Service
Presentation Sis. Kim Jackson
Devotion Deacons
Welcome Sis. Isom Davis
Response Visiting Church
Expression of Praise Torey Jaskson
Occasion & History Sis. Donya Swindall
Memorial Service (soft music) Young Men/Men of Church
Mrs. Velah Ross
Selection Congregation
“What Bethlehem Means to Me” Sis. Mary Ross
Bro. Darryl Newton
Expressions (2 minutes) Former Members
Offertory Deacons
Pulpit In Charge
Introduction of Speaker Pastor Michael Eaton
Selection Visiting Choir
A Word From God Pastor Alvin B. Marshall
Christland Missionary Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas
Selection Visiting Choir
Recognition of Visitors Pastor Michael Eaton
Invitation Minister Bruce Ford
Remarks Bro. Herman Jackson
Benediction Rev. Alvin B. MArshall
This service is dedicated to the patriots of yesterday; the seasoned citizens of today and
those striving to carry the torch into the future

The Bethlehem Baptist Church family in Pauls Valley are glad to have you back home this weekend at our 105th Church Anniversary and Homecoming Weekend, September 22-23, …

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 105th church anniversary for pilgrim baptist church?

Annual 105th Church Anniversary for Pilgrim Baptist Church is on June 12, 2022. The second Sunday in June is the annual day. Pilgrim has been a strong church for 105 years. The theme is “Trusting God in this Season”.

Why was i asked to preach at this homecoming?

When I was asked to preach at this Homecoming, I was honored because this is a time when you look back at all the fellowship that has happened in this church all the happy times and all the sad times, all the people that have passed through the doors of this church and all those that have passed through the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is free church homecoming?

Today is Homecoming for our church and while this is a great time of fellowship – ...read more We have ’Free Church Homecoming’ - an ecumenical service once a year. This sermon is an encouragement to go and to be the church universal, not just a congregation.

What does see homecoming mean to you?

See Homecoming is a special time for all of us to feel the peace we had when we 1st were saved, it’s a time to rekindle a fire, or a time to re-energize your batteries. My prayer today is that someone today that dose not know the love, joy and peace of the Lord that so many of us in years back have enjoyed,