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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean average of 5 number cards?

there are 5 cards: 2,5,7,8,9 one of the cards is removed and the mean average of the remaining 4 cards is 6 what card was removed Here are 5 number cards 2 5 7 8 9 one of the cards is removes and the mean average of the remaining four number cards is 6.

How many numbers are in this printable number card set?

This printable set of number cards contains numbers 0 through 100, and then 100-1000 when counting by 100’s. Note for 2021: I have used these number cards for over 10 years now, and take my advice and go ahead and laminate them. You will be so happy you did! It makes the cards more slick for easier handling, and it also adds to the durability.

How to teach math flashcards to kids?

Hide the flashcards around the house and let your kids look for them. Every time they find one, ask them to shout out the number place the cards in order on the table, and turn a few of them upside down.

How many numbers should my child be able to recognize?

You can start with a few cards at first and add more as your kids grow. It is not expected for preschool students to recognize more than ten numbers before they start kindergarten. But you might be pleasantly surprised how much more children can learn when given the opportunity! print out two sets of the cards and make them into a memory game